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10 foods that can cause cancer


According to statistics from cancer suffer more than half a million people in the world. Cancer is one of the most intractable diseases. The nature of its origin has still not yet been fully determined by scientists.

Drugs and treatments of the disease are still very few, and they are not always effective, but doctors have developed prevention measures that reduce the risk of developing a cancer in the body. Important role in the occurrence of the disease is a daily consumed food, it turns out that some products are very harmful.

Next, the article presents a list of 10 foods that can cause cancer.

10. Mayonnaise and ketchup

Ketchup and mayonnaise are present in the refrigerator for almost everyone, but few people suggests, as far as they are harmful.

The fact that the composition of these products includes a variety of emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, vinegar, preservatives, sugar. These components affect human health, provoking a gradual growth of cancerous tumors.

Most of these types of products Packed in plastic packaging, which is also harmful to the human body.

9. Soda

All carbonated drinks added a lot of sugar or its substitutes (aspartame), which is dangerous for the body not only calcium, but also the development of cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that eating two or more servings per week of soda contributes to the emergence and growth of cancer.

Especially dangerous are these drinks for pregnant women as it can cause birth defects in the unborn child.

8. Alcohol

Numerous studies by specialists who have shown that alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons for the development of Oncology, the first place is the Smoking.

Daily consumption of even one glass of alcoholic drink increases the risk of cancer. Most of them contain ethanol, which is a dangerous carcinogen.

Alcoholic beverages provoke the development of various types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, liver, mouth, colon.

7. Red meat

Not everyone knows that red meat can be harmful to health, but scientists have found that it adversely affects the human body, for example, accelerates the natural aging process, contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Recent studies have shown that daily consumption of meat in the diet may lead to cancer of the colon or rectum, pancreas.

While scientists do not advise to completely abandon this source of protein, but it is strongly recommended to decrease its consumption to a minimum. The researchers also suggest from time to time to adhere to a vegetarian diet.

6. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are often used by those who have diabetes or are on a diet. Studies have shown that the use of them violates the food control over the glucose in the blood.

It is also believed that the most commonly used sweetener is aspartame, which is added in diet drinks, etc. products, the decay turns into a dangerous substance that triggers the development of cancer, namely the growth of cancerous tumors in the brain.

5. GMO

Food produced using biotechnology, have always caused much controversy. Some scientists believe that it is quite safe, while others accuse her that she was the cause of many diseases.

It is known that the first GMO products were put into circulation in 1996. Since then, dramatically increased the number of children born with autism, people with food allergies, autoimmune diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

It is possible that GMO is also relevant to the development of cancer.

4. Chips

Potato chips contain in their composition hazardous ingredients such as carcinogens, it is believed that they provoke the development of cancer.

One of the most dangerous substances in the chips is acrylamide, it is able to accumulate in the body throughout life, so it's important to give crisps to young children, although they are delicious.

In a dangerous carcinogen in this product is present and monosodium glutamate (a flavor enhancer). It produces a failure in the human body, leading to metabolic disorders.

The above components accumulate in the body, leading to obesity, diabetes and cancer.

3. Salmon, farm raised

Salmon, farm raised in a close pen, is dangerous for human consumption. They contain polychlorinated biphenyl, which is a dangerous carcinogen.

The fish grew faster and fatter, feeding her the wrong food, stuffed with mercury and PCBs, in addition, it contains in adverse environmental conditions: water in which salmon live, polluted, because of this, the fish accumulate heavy metals.

The researchers found that such products provokes the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine problems, abnormalities in fetal development in pregnant women.

People often eat this kind of fish, can suffer from memory disorders and be susceptible to cancer.

2. Processed meats

Hot dogs, sausages, and other products of processed meats can contain preservatives, nitrates and other hazardous to health person of substances. Scientists have found that people who daily use them for food products such should know better.

Such products can cause stomach cancer.

1. Diet products

Diet products in the most part absolutely useless to the human body. Many of them contain aspartame, sodium derivatives, and other chemical components which give them an attractive appearance. Also, the dietary products include refined additives to give them flavor.

In addition, despite the promise of low-calorie, these products may contain a higher energy value. The harmful components in the composition of dietary food can cause a wide range of diseases, including cancer.

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