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10 cool movies, which in 2019 year marks 20 years


Before you watch a film many of us hang out on the Internet, studying various selections, ratings and reviews.

Today we want to relieve you from such worries, take as much as 10 awesome films celebrating their anniversaries. It turns out that in 2019 many of the films performed as many as 20 years, and at first glance did not say.

What to think, in 2000 the quality and plot of the movies was on so many legendary films left to us in legacy.

This blockbuster, and edifying Comedy and philosophical drama. Well, never mind that special effects have not yet been developed at the proper level. But what a game!

We present you a selection of the 10 coolest movies of 1999-2000, which surely will appeal to even the modern audience.

10. American beauty

The story tells about a man with unsatisfied ambition of my father. The hero of the midlife crisis, and then he decides to gamble, fall in love with a friend's daughter.

Drama has been as much as 5 cherished "Oscars", so it is definitely worth a look: dark, but quite witty.

It is noteworthy that the main actor of the film Kevin spacey in the same period, experienced a career decline on the background of the fact that he was accused of sexual assault. Karma? Hints Of The Universe?

9. Mulholland Drive

Master of surealism David Lynch decided to get into the subconscious of the viewer and to draw from the most unexpected injuries and sometimes nightmares. At the peak of the talent the Director has filmed Mulholland Drive, whose story is very deep and restless sleep.

The film tells about the actress Betty, who had just arrived in Hollywood and found incomprehensible story brunette who has lost her memory. Many films of mass culture are the real sleep of the subconscious, Betty.

The Director is trying to convey through the plot of the darkest and most vile machinations of Hollywood, the accompanying ideas of quality music. The BBC called the film one of the greatest films of the century.

8. Magnolia

Expensive (37 million "green") elegant film about the different malosvyazannye stories in 1 day. The viewer will get as much as 3 hours of pleasure – he can appreciate the fabulous scenery and deeply disclosed the identity of the characters.

Flavored story of something supernatural and so fatal, that in the mind tired after work clerk formed a mosaic.

The film is difficult to understand, nevertheless holds the viewer's attention until the end. No wonder he got so many deserved awards.

7. Being John Malkovich

Creative and a bit disorderly the film Jonze brought him the coveted award "Oscar" for his amazing directing. The author decided to combine the dry realism, a gripping personal drama of the character and flavor that is an explosive mix of beautiful visual picture with stylistic colors.

Screenwriter of the film was also made by Charlie Kaufman, who had the reputation of a love of eccentricity. In the film we learn about the puppeteer who has secret access to the mind of the famous actor.

Removed here the key Hollywood personalities such as Cameron Diaz, John Malkovich, John Cusack and others. The Director took a chance and won, as the film took a lot of awards.

6. The talented Mr. Ripley

The story tells about a man Tome with big ambitions, but a lack of luck. He dreams of a good career, once to get acquainted with one of the richest businessmen in America.

He is ready to test Tom Ripley and instructs him to go to Italy to convince the son-spender to come home. The main character to meet the family of a businessman and lends itself to the charm of living of the rich.

And then so are the cards that Ripley wants to take the place of his employer...Intrigue, drama, charm of the main characters is a great set for a successful film.

5. Ghost dog: way of the samurai

We meet in the shot with a mysterious soldier under the pseudonym "Ghost Dog", which devotes its fate the ancient laws of honor of the Samurai.

The hero faithfully and truly serve the master, who once saved his life. Despite obstacles and evil without thinking about the quality of their lives, the killer is a loner boldly going the way of the Warrior, eliminating enemies of the Lord.

Here only the last does not Shine with generosity and ready to send a true "dog" in an unequal battle with the crime syndicate.

4. The sixth sense

The film with Bruce Willis turned out to be so exciting thanks to the charm and talent of the main actor. The plot is twisted so famously that critics found the film a cultural phenomenon.

In hire it has collected $ 500 million, and was 6 times nominated for Oscar. The main advantage of film is the opportunity to find new clues and nuances, each time revising.

"The sixth sense" is a story of sorrow and pain of loss, difficulties in raising troubled kids, as well as a few powerful fiction and psychiatry.

3. Fight club

I can't believe the film in this year 20 years are executed! The controversial plot, toxic bombastic brutality and sexism against a really interesting philosophy of life.

The film raised the most acute and pressing issues such as rampant consumerism, a split personality, fascism.

Acting of Norton and pitt at the highest level, it determined the success of the picture.

2. Matrix

About this great film you can not argue – memories of Neo and Morpheus will talk for themselves! How was it possible to achieve such crazy special effects in the late 90s?

But what about the game's main actors, complex and profound life story. Yes, the Wachowski brothers did their best, giving your masterpiece a few semantic series.

Not surprisingly, "the Matrix" took 4 Oscars and inspired the audience to consider what "the pill" in life, they are ready to choose.

Science fiction film is passed on the legacy to younger generations. Let's hope that they will be able to appreciate the depth and educative power of creativity Wachowski.

1. The green mile

Powerful completes our list of the film based on the acclaimed creativity of Stephen king. Darabont perfectly adapted work for the screen, and even increased its main actor Tom Hanks.

The film is deeply covers the issue of the struggle between good and evil, and the viewer can seriously think about the value of life.

Interestingly, the king was inspired by a real story – killer case George Steen, who was executed for the murder of 2 girls. Acquitted George was posthumously. Intrigued? If you still have not seen "the Green mile", the more don't delay another minute!

Welcome to our heroes of the day and with nostalgia remember the best episodes. Let's hope that the coming years will give us such masterpieces, which is not ashamed to remember in 20 years.

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