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10 unexpected things on Board the "Titanic"


The legendary Maritime disaster – the wreck of the Titanic occurred in 1912 in the night from 14 to 15 April. A huge and luxurious ship called unsinkable, but it just seemed so...

A huge and beautiful ship had come to new York, but "Titanic" to the final destination never reached... APR 14, 23:39 he faced the ice block is an iceberg and what happened afterwards is probably known to all. Gradually the plane began to sink (it took 160 minutes due to the fact that he was a huge size) in the Atlantic ocean.

The tragedy took many lives, data on number of deaths rather contradictory, but according to the source, it saved almost all women and children from cabins 1 and 2 classes.

From this collection you will learn about the amazing finds that have been discovered on the legendary "Titanic".

10. Collection of diamonds

It is known that on the Titanic there were people of different classes, among which was a very rich and influential. According to some reports, on Board and found many treasures.

The ship served as a transport of diamonds that cost $ 300 million. In addition, the ship was the untold riches that the passengers were kept in their safes.

Around some things, for example, blue diamond, ancient mummies and the manuscripts of Omar Khayyam (this will be just below) runs a large number of legends concerning the disaster occurred.

9. A suitcase full of perfume

Leather suitcase, in which was found a vial of perfume, found only after 89 years. In the voyage was attended by the head of the perfume company – Adolphe Saalfeld. In his suitcase were the bottles of various and exquisite perfume – among them counted 65 flavors.

And only in 2001 managed to find this interesting discovery. Surprisingly, the scent of the perfume was retained, though time and tragedy was not affected... Now perfumers are trying to uncover the secret of the scents, deciphering their chemical composition.

8. Portrait of Garibaldi with his autograph

Among the passengers of 2nd class on the ship sailed Italian named Emilio Ilario Giuseppe Portaluppi, bringing with him to new York, portrait of a revolutionary and political leader Giuseppe Garibaldi, who left him his autograph.

Fortunately, Emilio miraculously managed to survive that fateful night – staying in the water, he clung to the icy ledge and drifted until then, until rescuers found him and not picked up on the seaworthiness of the ship.

It is a valuable thing – a portrait, sank; and when Emilio was in the United States, wrote a letter to the insurance company and was able to recover $ 3000.

7. Lecture notes

Among the passengers was a theologian Sidney Clarence Stuart Colette. The student was sent from Britain, where he studied in the USA to see his parents who lived in the village of Port Byron.

Stewart was an assistant to the Reverend Mr. Crater for the 2nd class at the time when took place the evening service, which was attended by 100 people (this was shortly before the collision with the iceberg, April 14).

When the liner collided with an iceberg, and the passengers began to sit in the boat, Colette was there to help. The student, fortunately, escaped too, he paid $ 50 for drowning in the ocean abstract 2 annual lectures of the College.

6. Opium

The Titanic was discovered potent drug – opium, he was in four bags. Opium belonged to the American John Jacob Astor IV (he was a businessman, a millionaire and a writer), was the grandson of a wealthy man engaged in real estate and furs for sale. American businessman could not survive in the crash, to land in the United States, he never set foot

It's interesting that opium moved illegally since 7 years before the tragedy, he was a banned substance (it was banned by the U.S. Congress), but the narcotic substance was for medical purposes.

5. Marmalade machine

In the early 1900s it was a popular preparation of marmalade, and people, in order to accurately cut and clean the fruit, used a special apparatus.

27-year-old Edwina of Truth – passenger 2nd class carrying this device in the United States. The girl survived, but left the gumdrop car on the ship, because in the confusion, the screaming and the panic were not to collect things needed as soon as possible to get to the boat. She later demanded for a lost camera from the insurance company compensation.

4. Bagpipes Irish farmer

Passenger 3-class 29-year-old Irish farmer named Eugene Patrick Daly wanted to see new York. It is known that in the way he loved playing for his friends and companions "Lament for Arino".

When there was a collision with an iceberg, Daly jumped into the water, but before you put on your coat, but a life jacket to wear not. He got to one boat, which was upside down. The ship, which bore the name "Carpathia" picked up passenger "Titanic" with this boat.

His loss for a wind musical instrument compensated, Daly received $50. The man said that his coat has always brought him luck, so he decided to jump into the water.

3. The Manuscript Of Omar Khayyam

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – an immortal classic for fans of wise words. One of the passengers of the "Titanic" was a manuscript of quatrains of the famous Iranian philosopher of the XI century.

The manuscript was bound in enamel, in addition, his finish was made of precious stones. Many Newspapers at the time wrote about the fact (according to survivors), what pages of the manuscript of Omar Khayyam during the disaster flew on the water... Because the event that took lives and left a mark in history, often credited with mystical version.

2. The legendary Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville

As already known, on Board the "Titanic" carried a very valuable and expensive things: among them diamonds, as well as real works of art. Along with these expensive cargo was a shiny new car called the Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville (partially disassembled).

The owner of this car and his family were saved by the arrival of the United States he demanded reparation for the sinking car, the insurance company paid him $ 5 000, in addition, the man received another $ 300 for 2 of their dead dogs.

What's interesting: the love scene of rose and Jack in the car in the movie "Titanic" occurred in the layout of the car.

1. The mummy under the bridge

Among the things that are transported in "Titanic," you can find quite exotic – for example, believe that the Egyptian mummy (the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV) was hidden on Board one of the wooden boxes.

In addition, she still kept the amulet, which depicts the Egyptian God – king Osiris. Those who believe in mysticism, believe that it is an ancient mummy brought the ship "Titanic" to the tragedy, others say that the Board had no mummy.

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