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10 movies that need a remake


Remakes in the cinema has always been a controversial form of creativity, especially if we are talking about good movies that have left their mark in the movies. It at us in Russia can without a twinge of conscience to remove the "rethinking" of the classic Soviet films (which are the new "Caucasian captive" and "Gentlemen of fortune"), and in Hollywood with this a lot more.

If someone just carelessly made a remake of "Leon" by Luc Besson or ruined the original "the Shawshank redemption" or "the Godfather", then this Director would have torn to pieces in the press.

However, along with them there are films that a remake is required due to the fact that the original morally and technically outdated, or great idea was once poorly implemented.

We offer you to remember you 10 films of varying degrees of limitation who need a second wind.

10. Blade1998-2004

Trilogy about a vampire half-blood, who devoted his life to the struggle with the "bloodsuckers", began more than 20 years ago, but even now the first part looks quite cheerful, but graphics is still outdated.

The sequel looks better trikvel even better, but it ruins everything stupid script and frankly slipshod game Wesley snipes. If you now take a sensible Director, to provide him at least a $ 100 million budget (for the modern blockbuster no money), and the main role is to get the star of the first magnitude (e.g., Chadwick of Bosmana), then restarted, there is every chance of success.

The only problem lies in the fact that now is not the time to start another franchise about vampires, but the whole idea more than, right?

9. The 13th warrior1999

In the year of its release, this film became the main cash register fail: when a whopping budget of 160 million dollars, he brought the creators a little more than 60 million However, a historical drama with Antonio Banderas in the lead role not a bad: here is an interesting idea, based on the novel by Michael Crichton "eaters of the dead", great cinematography, decent acting.

If you take all this (except Banderas is too old, alas) and remove the "drag" of the narrative, it is possible to cook up a quality picture. Unfortunately, given the sad fate of the original, no Studio not yet ready to take such a risk.

8. Water world1995

"Water world" is "Mad Max", in which instead of sand the water, and instead of Mel Gibson on the car slices through Kevin costner on a water bike.

Plot: the world after the Apocalypse, which has melted all the glaciers and flooded the land, so the remaining people survive on water and a desperate struggle for resources.

The whole movie uninterrupted action with breaks for humor, which, to be fair, not the best. This and other problems of the picture, wouldn't let her recoup its exorbitant budget of $ 175 million, but the potential is huge.

A remake of "Mad max" was above all praise, lit up even at the "Oscar", and if "Water world" will fall into the right Director's hands, it can get worse.

7. Stargate1994

A science-fiction movie by Roland Emmerich in 1994 marked the beginning of a franchise that after included several TV shows, videogames, movies, etc. the Director wanted to make a trilogy, but despite the commercial success of the first part Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer did not dare to give the green light to the sequel, instead running series on TV.

The remake of "Stargate" is one of the most real, as the rumors about him go a long time, and in the Director's chair once again seated Emmerich. If all goes well, the project has everything in order to "plant" in the universe of Stargate the next generation.

6. Wishmaster1997-2002

Such franchises like "Saw" and "final destination" showed a huge number of sophisticated ways of death, but they were not pioneers in this field. Before they saw the light of "Wishmaster" with Andy Dioffo that in terms of black humor may even give them a head start.

The plot tells the story of the Genie who frees the woman, and the laws of the genre gets the right to 3 wishes. In parallel, gene asks random people what they want, turning their desires against them. Considering the fact that horror films and thrillers in fashion, it's time to reshoot.

5. The lawnmower man1992

In the early ' 90s, when the boom of personal computers, the pros could only dream about VR, which is now available to the average user of a smartphone and cheap glasses from Aliexpress.

Of these fantasies was born "Lawnmower man" story about a scientist who, using a unique serum turns a mentally retarded guy in the Superman, able to penetrate the consciousness of people and the virtual world.

The painting was removed for 10 million dollars, which is enough even for those years, especially given the specifics. Now, when graphics have become hundreds of times better, this movie could play very different colors.

4. The crossroads of the worlds1996

A typical story of the student who is the chosen one and must save not only your world, but several others. The main feature of a great drama that can give odds to some modern blockbusters.

This film can't just reshoot it is possible to make the whole franchise, and nobody much will not be upset if the main character will make the girl to be in trend and follow the modern feminist sentiments.

3. Corporation "Immortality" 1992

The film is based on the novel by Robert Sheckley, and this is his main mistake. Impossible whole story from the book to cram into one movie here we need at least a duologue, and best of the trilogy.

That is, the fact of the narrative was the main reason for the failure of the militants in the 90s, but now with a competent approach, the result can be quite different.

2. Decapitate The Hydra1998

The film introduced the audience with Nick fury, who was white and looked like David Hasselhoff. Of course, now the image of this character is well established for Samuel L. Jackson, so the white actor of the question, but in General to see a remake would be interesting.

Young fury has shown in solo Captain marvel, but this movie could have been done a solo album, the fury, the benefit of the plot of the story is already there, just need to work on.

1. Ghost rider2007-20012

Duologue "Ghost rider" is the most "fresh" in our selection, but we believe that it is time to restart. Original ribbon with Nicolas cage was good, but the world of this character in the comics much more than was shown.

Many would not refuse to look at the adventures of other riders in the service of Satan, who lived, for example, in the Wild West, especially because such a character is flashed in the first part.

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