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10 stars with a noticeable appearance defects, which are unable to stop their career


It seems that the external defects and the glory – incompatible, except for maybe rare occasions. But our selection speaks to the contrary – sometimes a visible fault, on the contrary, can become the "calling card" of the actor.

For example, British actor Liam Neeson in his youth was engaged in Boxing, which broke his nose. It did not prevent the actor to gain international fame!

If other skillfully emphasize your flaws, turning them into the highlight, maybe it can do we? Let's learn how the celebrities live, accepting and loving their defects in appearance.

10. Britney Spears (psoriasis)

Psoriasis is a noncommunicable disease that affects the skin. The body appears reddish spots with white cheshujkami. It is not transmitted by human contact, but is inherited.

Have Britney Spears there is a disease. Sometimes the spots disappear, and sometimes the disease reminds himself – the skin is covered with scales. The inflammation is exacerbated when skin injuries, stress or excessive alcohol consumption or Smoking.

She's a pop singer believes that her disease is associated with severe way of life she leads.

9. Denzel Washington (protruding little finger)

Denzel Washington also has a flaw, but it did not prevent him to be one of the best and most successful actors in Hollywood. Because of old basketball injuries he has protruding little finger on his right hand at an angle of 45°.

He did not go to the hospital, so now his pinky is sticking out. It's hard not to notice, but the actor is so stunning that it doesn't matter.

Unless someone will pay attention to his fingers, if Denzel's very good at her profession?

8. Joaquin Phoenix (cleft lip)

Cleft lip is a congenital defect of the facial region, when the upper lip is divided into two parts. Joaquin Phoenix was born with this anomaly.

He has a scar on his upper lip, and some take him for a trail that remained after surgery to fix his defect, but it is not. The scar from the surgery, he has a cleft lip, there is a hidden cleft, as your body has grown to the point that I was able to connect.

Despite this, Joaquin is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, three times nominated for "Oscar", winner of the "Golden globe", etc.

7. Whoopi Goldberg (no eyebrows)

People, viewers, different care, probably, could notice that Whoopi (real name caryn Elaine Johnson) is an American actress, no eyebrows.

How many rumors around them! Some argue that she has a rare disease trichotillomania (in which people are tearing their hair), but the actress herself once shaved them, and when the eyebrows started to grow back, it itched, and looked not very good.

So Whoopi Goldberg shaves them to this day.

6. Daryl Hannah (no phalanx of the index finger)

The American actress Daryl Hannah is missing the tip of the index finger of the left hand. She lost it in the accident which happened to her in childhood.

The girl was visiting her grandmother, playing, (as you know, children are curious) Daryl stuck his finger in the hole in the wall. Unfortunately, to get the finger out and the tip had to be amputated.

Daryl Hannah very cleverly hides her weakness so that he will not notice – she wears a prosthesis.

5. Kate Hudson (protruding ears)

In his youth, the actress Kate Hudson are very complexed because of its large and protruding ears. She had to use ear correctors and wear hair, so as not to draw attention to the ears.

But with age we start to accept ourselves and to love. In his youth, almost all are engaged in self-flagellation and looking for "flaws". And Kate took their ears the way they are, only with time.

Now the actress not only did not hide their "flaw", but can easily show them off by wearing a shorter haircut. From the stars need to take lessons!

4. Natalie Dormer (facial paralysis)

From the charming British actress Natalie Dormer facial paralysis (by the way, Dmitry Nagiyev the same ailment, which became his "calling card" probably all familiar with his signature squint).

She got it due to birth trauma, and hides it for "Hollywood" smile. We can say that Natalie's palsy is not expressed so much, her mouth twisted just slightly. When the actress relaxes your face during these moments you can see the pinched.

But almost no one pays attention to the defect of the actress, because the make-up artists successfully adjust to it.

3. Halle berry (six toes on one foot)

Have always slim and attractive actress Holly Beria on the leg 6 of the fingers. Such defects are easy to fix in the childhood (he is one of 5000 births and the finger is immediately removed) but the parents of the actress did not want to risk it and give the girl the surgery.

The actress did not shy about his flaws, and is free to wear open shoes, even in a public event.

She has many should learn to accept yourself!

2. Paris Hilton (syndrome of "lazy eye")

The American actress, designer, heiress of the family business – outrageous Paris Hilton syndrome, "lazy eye" (or amblyopia, is reduced vision, when one eye is partially or completely involved in the vision process).

If you look to the pictures of Paris, you'll find that she always tries to turn to face the camera on the right side. This is due to the fact that left eye seems much smaller than the right, because his muscles are weak.

1. Forest Whitaker (congenital ptosis of the upper eyelid)

Famous African-American actor forest Whitaker is suffering from congenital ptosis (in this disease the upper or lower eyelid is omitted, this disease occurs in the period of intrauterine development of the embryo).

The problem can be solved with the help of surgery, but the actor is not in a hurry to change your appearance.

Because of a defect in the upper eyelid of the left eye forest is almost always in half-open condition, this view is its highlight.

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