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10 movies you shouldn't watch with your loved


In the network there are so many different lists of movies recommended to watch with your children, husband or loved one.

However, there is a special category of paintings that have to watch alone. In each of the films is extraordinary destiny and character of the main heroines.

Feminine soul with all its emotions and aspirations can be understood only by women, so for a joint evening with his second half lay up some romantic melodrama or a lyric Comedy, and the movies look alone.

10. Several women2016

The film is set in a small provincial town in the United States. The protagonists of the history of three women who until a certain moment were not familiar with each other.

However, their fates are destined to intertwine in very unusual circumstances

9. The illusion of love2017

This adaptation of the famous French melodramatic novel. In the center of the plot – the life of a sensual and free-spirited woman who, married with the unloved man, still trying to find his dream about another man.

8. Eat pray love2010

The Central character of the film Elizabeth Gilbert. One day this woman came a clear realization of the fact that she lives is absolutely not the life they wanted.

After a difficult divorce with her husband and a breakup with her lover, she decides to travel the world, which she hopes will help her better understand herself.

So, in Italy, Elizabeth understands what real joy of life, India is helping her to find God in the heart, and Indonesia — to feel the harmony in itself.

In addition, the main character in the course of his tour still manages to meet the man she was looking for all my life

7. Watch2002

This film tells about one day in three, on first glance, different women. Their biographies are separated by large time intervals: the first heroine of the famous British writer Virginia Woolf, which is plagued by depression and obsessive thoughts about suicide; second American housewife Laura brown, who lives in Los Angeles in 1951, and dried away from the routine of life; the third is Clarissa Vaughn publishing editor who lives in 2001 in new York and cares for the terminally ill former lover of Richard, the son of Laura brown.

At first glance, these women did not bind, however, more and more delving into the details of their life, you begin to understand what is their similarity.

6. White Oleander2002

The artist Ingrid Magnussen is a single mother. Her daughter in many respects copies the behavior of his mother — beautiful, strong and independent woman. Together they live in their own separate universe.

But, in a moment in the life of Ingrid appears lover Barry Kolker, who after some time away from her. It is hard going through this betrayal, she decides to take revenge on a former lover by poisoning him with poison of white oleander

5. Revenge couture2016

The film is set in 1951 in a small town of Australia. Once it appears a person who brings diversity to the measured life of the citizens. This is Tilly Danej, which many years ago was found guilty in the death of classmate and sent to a correctional boarding school.

And now, after many years of living in Europe where she was studying to be a dressmaker, the woman returns home to care for a senile mother.

Very soon she will demonstrate their professional abilities and receive orders from practically every inhabitant of the town.

However, the true reason for her return — the desire to finally understand what actually happened to the dead boy and who is to blame for the incident

4. The Bridget Jones's Diary2001

The plot of the film is largely a modern adaptation of a famous Jane Austen novel Pride and prejudice, down to the name of one of the main characters, Mark Darcy.

Bridget Jones is an unmarried woman of thirty, who is not very happy with myself.

For Christmas visiting parents, mother is her acquaintance Mark Darcy. However, Darcy failed to impress Bridget, and on the contrary he made a negative impression.

One day Bridget decides to seriously lose weight, quit Smoking and meet a real Prince. To record all your thoughts, victories and failures, the girl starts a diary

3. This whole world2017

The film narrates about love clever and erudite girls who are not able because of illness to leave the house, and her neighbor who tries to help her.

The main character Maddie is 18 and all her life she spent in his house. The girl along with her mother lives in absolute sterility. Her studies, Hobbies, and communication is carried out via the Internet.

And all because Maddie has a rare genetic disease where her body absolutely can not resist infectious agents.

And once, glancing out the window, the girl saw his neighbor Ollie, which then pushed her to escape from home to fulfill his dream and finally see the sea. However, the price of this adventure can become a girl's life

2. Fall in love with me if you dare2003

The film tells about a strange game that is based on the principle of weak — not weak, which is played by two student — Julien and Sophie.

1. The Smile Of The Mona Lisa2003

This is the story of a teacher with radical feminist ideas of Katherine Ann Watson, who broke up with his lover, leaves Los Angeles to get a job as a teacher in a conservative private College for girls in Massachusetts.

A young teacher begins to actively promote among its students the ideas of feminism. She encourages girls to believe in themselves, learn to self-actualize professionally and have the opportunity to provide for themselves.

She also inspires the students that they do not necessarily have to choose the path of housewife and mother.

Such ideas really do not like the conservative to the headmistress of the institution, which the young teacher very soon have problems

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