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10 ways to save money, even used by marketers


A couple of decades ago, the word "action" was only one value. Now when a man hears this word, he does not think about the securities, and discounts.

Indeed, promotions and sales are deeply ingrained in the life of modern man. There is nothing surprising here, everyone wants to save money and to buy something at a bargain price.

That's just this desire to save is often used by marketers. Often, the price remains the same, but the word "sale" magical effect on buyers, and the goods are bought.

Then, of course, people understand that the save failed. They criticize themselves, the shop and the experts who came up with such a successful marketing ploy.

If you want to learn how to save, read our article. Below are 10 ways to save money, even used by marketers, and they know a lot about the economy.

10. Always check about specials

Before making a major purchase, find out about all special offers. It does not need to drive around town, just go to the Internet. Now every store has a website or at least a group in a social network.

You can learn what discounts provided by the store, what time is more profitable to make purchases. On the Internet you can learn about the most profitable stocks not only in big things but also for food.

Get in the habit before you go to the store to look at a special application. You learn where is more profitable to buy the product that you are interested in.

You might think that 20, 50, 100 roubles, a negligible amount. They are not worth to waste time. That's only in the end of the month you will be pleasantly surprised that they were able to save a couple of thousand rubles.

9. Do not miss the best sales

If you find out that the store kicks off the best sale, don't miss it. Most clothing stores at the end of the season get rid of that failed to sell.

You can buy a nice dress for a penny. If you worried that it will go out of fashion, prefer classic models. Seasonal and holiday discounts will help you save money. When opening new stores, the buyers usually give gifts and discount cards.

Grocery stores also often satisfied with "happy days" when given discount for certain group of products, for example dairy products or tea. Use every opportunity to save.

8. Exchange unwanted items for a discount or a gift

Now in many stores you receive such a service. You can exchange old thing to new and receive a discount on the product. Similarly, changing books, musical instruments, home appliances and many other things.

Such action is carried out even in the shops of cosmetics and perfumery. You can exchange your old lipstick and even empty perfume bottle discount. Women just can not refuse this offer.

You probably have seen the advertisement of household appliances, where the old TV or a broken plate give a good discount. You can get rid of unnecessary things and save significantly. Of course, the amount of the discount depends on the amount of the purchase.

7. Look for the promo codes

Recently gaining a lot of popularity promotional codes. If you've never used them, it's time to try. Only need to drive into the search the store name and the word "promotion code". Usually the sellers give a discount for the promotional code, just enter it when ordering.

We are talking about major online stores and online schools. Promotional codes can be found on specialized sites, it is better to subscribe to their newsletter. You will always be informed and don't miss the best deals.

6. Exchange your old item to the new surcharge

A very popular trade-in. Again, use it not all buyers. But it is very handy the sellers take used items and give a good discount on a new one.

Most people know that this method can significantly save money when buying a car and even apartment. But now such service is available and in less large purchase: phone, home appliances, jewelry.

However, marketers admit that exchange is not always in favor of the buyer. In most cases the thing of the buyer is assessed below market value, so one should take care.

In some cases, especially when you buy the phone, it is better to sell it "with hands". The catch here is that the buyer are immediately, but to exchange an old phone for a new one right now.

5. Pay for purchases with a Bank card

More and more organizations prefer to transfer wages to Bank cards of employees. Some people are "old" to withdraw money from the card and paying in stores with cash. They believe that the way to save money, because you always see how much money you give, not something that is at the cashless form of payment.

Actually card to pay off much cheaper. Many banks return the cash back when you buy in the shops-partners. Accumulate bonuses or points, then you will be able to pay for their purchases.

4. Unite to purchases in order to accumulate bonuses

Stores often hold such stocks, but to use them does not work. For example, a girl buys boots, she was presented with bonuses that you can use for the next purchase.

It is a pity that they are valid for a short time. She would gladly have bought something else, but usually, bonuses can only be paid part of the purchase. The girl has already spent all the money, the bonuses are burned.

If she had offered her friend to join, each would be able to save money when buying shoes. A similar system operates in many stores. Unite with friends and acquaintances to get the discount and the time to use it.

3. Joint purchase in online stores

Can also be combined when making purchases in online stores. In many of them the principle – the more you order, the more discount and lower the price.

Stock up on groceries, buy clothing and shoes, stationery, books. If you regularly order from the online stores, try to at least save on shipping. Find people who also often order goods from this site and divide the amount of the delivery at all.

2. Register to collect bonuses and discounts

Many stores offer to sign up to the bonuses accumulated. Buyers are afraid of this procedure like the plague. They think that they will spend a lot of time, therefore, refuse to register.

It takes less than 10 minutes, but in the future you will be able to save. Some sellers give bonuses, as well as for every holiday. Thus they attract the attention of buyers. In any case you will benefit.

1. Shop at the right time

You already know that the stores make a big discount in the winter, after the holidays. Large shopping centres are holding a "Black Friday", "Night shopping". Do not miss such activities, you will be able to buy things at a reduced price.

Some stores do offer in the morning, some before closing. Of course, you can do a lot to save when buying products or household chemicals, but as the saying goes: "penny penny gained".

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