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10 actors of the series "Beverly hills 90210" then & now


In 1990 came the TV series "Beverly hills, 90210". The main characters are twins Brandon and Brenda, who had moved to prestigious area of Los Angeles with his parents.

In Beverly hills, one of the postcodes which is 90210, they found new friends and in the eyes of the audience tried to deal with teen problems with love and friendship.

The thing was 10 years old, he became the first part of the franchise created by Darren Old. The series became a cult classic, the highest rated show of the channel "Fox" , has won many awards.

10. Matt Durning (Daniel Cosgrove)

Daniel played the young lawyer who appears in the 9th and 10th season of the series. He met with one of the main characters, Kelly, and begins Dating her.

This role was Daniel Cosgrove. Before you get into this series, he starred in the soap Opera "All my children", having the role in 1996 after acting in 1998. In the same year goes to the popular series and remains there until its completion.

After "Beverly hills," he starred in many movies (mostly he looked at the role of the second plan), as well as in the television series. Even before this youth show, he got married, now he has 4 children. The eldest was born in 2000, and the youngest in 2009.

9. Clare Arnold (Kathleen Robertson)

Claire was in love with the main character, Brandon, but then she had an affair with David and Steve. It can be seen in 4-7 seasons of the series.

The daughter of the rector was played by Kathleen Robertson, which by 1994, when she came on the set of "Beverly hills", was already a famous actress. By 21 she had already played more than 10 roles, began acting at the age of 10.

Initially, the actress had planned to participate in the 5 series, but was loved by the audience that remained in the seraglio for 4 years.

Now she's 45, she's married to Chris Coles, they have a teenage son, who was born in 2008.

Kathleen has starred. Her latest role – TV series "Northern salvation," about a single father, who moves in with 3 children to his hometown after his wife's death.

8. Valerie Malone (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen)

Tiffany played in the series a childhood friend of Brandon's, replacing one of the main characters, Brand, who left the series in 1994. Before getting into "Beverly hills", she has repeatedly participated in beauty contests, and became "Young Miss America".

Her first major role was in the TV series "Saved by the bell," which Thiessen was able to get in 15 years. She also had small roles in the popular television series "Charles in charge", "Married with children", etc.

After the audience learned the actress as Valerie Malone, she became a star. But further work was accepted by critics cool. However, later, returning to serial television, she was able to regain the love of the audience.

The most famous of its works were "White collar" and "Miracle of Christmas". Now Thyssen 45 years. She is married to Brady Smith and they have two children: 8-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Holt. The life of the actress, her fans can follow in Instagram where she often posts photos of children.

In 2015 she had her own cooking show, "Dinner at Tiffany's." She invites celebrities ensconced in her kitchen, share their recipes and talk about their lives.

7. Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris)

One of the main heroines of the series – serious and businesslike Andrea, editor of the school newspaper. She was in love with Brandon, but he treated her as a friend.

Zuckerman can be seen in the first seasons of the TV series. Interestingly, the actress played a teenager, but during the filming she was about 30 years. By this time, she managed to graduate from Sarah Lawrence College and received a bachelor's degree, and the London Conservatory. In the series her character was pregnant. During this period, and the actress was expecting a baby.

Gabrielle became very popular after starring in "Beverly hills," but soon left it, appearing only in one episode and the finale. She started her talk show "Gabrielle". But it was soon closed because it did not become popular. She later starred in several television projects, known as the youth series.

She is now 58 years old. She is married to a stockbroker Charles Isaacs. They have two daughters, the eldest of whom, Kelsey rose, 25 years old, and the youngest, Molly Elizabeth, 20. In 2013, she became the Vice-President of the actors Guild of the USA, and in 2016 – President.

6. Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering)

Ian's mother believed that her son have a bright future, he will be able to become a movie star. Already at the age of 12 he played his first role. But the real popularity brought him the role of Steve, a cheerful and carefree teenager. In the show, he lasted until 2000, appeared in 292 episodes.

In 2006 he released his short film that he not only shot and produced, but also played in it – "anti-Monday". He won the Audience Choice Award in the same year he was awarded the prize at the festival in Monaco. In

2013 released the movie "sharknado", which received positive reviews from critics. The film-makers decided every year to release a sequel. "The last shark tornado: just in time", 6 in a row, you could see in 2018. But these 5 movies have received a lot of negative reviews.

Now Ziering 54. He lives in Los Angeles, plays sports, rides motorcycles and cars. In 2010, he married a nurse, Erin, Christy Ludwig. In 2011 was born his first daughter, and in 2013 – the second girl.

5. Donna Martin (Tori Spelling)

Donna was one of the main heroines of the series, around which was twisted the whole story. She played the daughter of a famous producer and Director Aaron Spelling, tori. He was the producer of "Beverly hills".

She starred in all 10 seasons of the series, and, interestingly, until the end of season 7 her character remained a virgin. The girl didn't want the role of familiarity, therefore came to audition under a different name. She hoped to play Kelly. However, everyone knew who she was, and gave her the role of Kelly's friend, Donna.

Tori started acting at the age of 8. Then the youth series she had a lot of interesting roles, including in cinema. In addition she has written several books, started a line of jewelry and with her husband opened the hotel.

Now she's 45, she is married to Dean McDermott. They are raising 5 children, the youngest of whom was born in 2017.

4. Dylan McKay (Luke Perry)

One of the main characters of the series, the most difficult, had problems with alcohol and drugs.

He was played by Luke Perry. He was born in a working class family and Housewives. Dreaming of becoming an actor, worked in a company producing door handles and paving.

He had to go 256 auditions before he was able to get his first role. His character lasted until mid season 6, after which the actor left the series. After 3 years he returned, but did not hide that only for money.

After this role Luke had a lot of interesting roles. The last of them – in the film "One day in Hollywood" celebrity. Luke Perry in February 2019 suffered a stroke, and in March of this year, died due to complications. He was only 52 years old.

3. Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth)

Initially it was supposed to be a small part of the spoiled teenage girl, but later it was increased by the producers.

She was played by Jennie Garth. She was born in a large family, with childhood dreams of becoming an actress. In 15 years it was noticed by an agent from Hollywood Randy James, with whom she moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

At 18 she got the lead role in the TV series "Beverly hills". Initially, its role was minor, but due to the fact that Kelly was loved by the audience, it was left to the end of the show. This role made Jenny famous. After it she has starred.

In private life she is also doing well, having survived 2 failed marriages, she married Dave Abrams in 2015. In 2018 he filed for divorce, but in February 2019, it became known that the couple reconciled.

2. Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty)

Shannen childhood dream to become an actress and in 10 years got his first role. After that, the girl was very popular, played in the teen TV series "Little house on the Prairie", and for the participation in the show "Our house" received its first award.

At age 19 she appeared in the episode "Beverly hills" and became one of the most popular Actresses. Shannen said in an interview that's not like her character, modest and calm Brand.

It is too complex. Because of this, she left the series after 4 seasons, unable to work well with colleagues and crew. Later, she has been at the center of scandals. Critics were sure this is a PR campaign, someone was talking about mental disorders actress.

In 1998 she started acting in the TV series "Charmed", but again left it, having declared that has already turned into a teenage soap operas. The media often wrote about her conflicts with colleagues. Doherty later starred in the television series, trying to keep his show, but it was a failure.

In 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shannen started a real fight for his life, and admitted that the disease has changed her. In 2016 she had a mastectomy, but dealing with cancer failed. Then there were courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In 2017 there were reports of remission.

1. Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley)

Jason began acting with 8 years in advertising. After that, he had a few more roles until he got the main role in "Beverly hills", which lasted until 1998. He was not only an actor but also as Executive producer of the show.

Jason came to the casting 4 days before the start of filming of the series, when almost all the actors picked up, but could not find someone for the role of Brandon. Once Speling saw him, immediately took to the show.

He is now 49 years old. In 2005, Jason married makeup artist Naomi Loud, in 2007 they had a daughter, and in 2009 the son. Before the advent of his wife he had a rough life. He participated in the race, in 2002, crashed into a wall at a speed of 180 mph and in critical condition was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, all ended well, he recovered.

Priestley has always been a fan of the band Barenaked Ladies, engaged in their promotion, made a documentary about his journey with this group on tour. In 2014, he published his memoir where he talks about filming "Beverly hills".

In the book he wrote about the nature of Shannen Doherty, calling her arrogant, recalled how she was negligent in the shooting. After the show the actor had a lot of interesting roles, his most recent work is the starring role in the TV series "Private detectives".

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