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Top 10 biggest warships in the world


The Navy of each state is indicative of it's wealth, power and authority. Since the Second world war started the arms race that never ends until now. Almost every Maritime power is trying to outdo the opponent. The emerging two leaders of Russia and the US not hand over their positions. They are the largest warships in the world.
The rating is represented by 10 items based on the length of vessels of different types.

10. Izumo248 m

Open the ten greatest warships the destroyers-the type of helicopter carrier "Izumo". They are designed to track underwater vessels and their destruction. Head of the Japanese destroyer "Izumo" began combat operation in 2015.

On approach, one helicopter carrier "Kaga", which will be adopted in 2017. The length of the first military vessel is 248 meters, and the accommodation of the crew – about 1,000 soldiers. The Japanese are able to transport up to two dozen helicopters. It is the largest warship built by Japan.

9. Orlan251 m

Cruisers project 1144 "Orlan" it's four heavy nuclear missile cruisers belonging to the Russian Navy. Three of them are now at modernization ("Admiral Ushakov", "Admiral Lazarev", "Admiral Nakhimov"). In service with the Russian Navy consists of the cruiser "Peter the Great", the length of which reaches 251 m. the Main goal of the flagship is to destroy carrier-based enemy targets. He has a few hundred missiles and various other ammunition. The capacity of the crew is 1035 people.

8. Wasp257 m

Universal landing ships of type "the Wasp" intended for the landing of American troops, naval forces on foreign soil. Only this type of ships was built eight that are in service since 1989 till today. Length multi-purpose vehicle reaches 257 m. It is capable of transporting up to 40 military aircraft, and is provided for over two thousand crew members.

7. America257 m

Amphibious assault ships of the type "America" is designed for gradual replacement of military ships of the type "Wasp". The mission of the ships remains the same: ensuring landing along with military equipment on unequipped coast of the enemy. Currently adopted by leading ship "America" and another built. On the project carriers of this type have another 11 ships. Length of head "landing" is just over 257 m. a Military vessel has a capacity of approximately 3,000 soldiers of the crew. "America" is designed to transport military equipment larger than "Wasp" and other carriers of the same size. Warships of this type are among the largest universal ships.

6. Charles de Gaulle is261 meters

"Charles de Gaulle" the first nuclear ship and aircraft carrier of the French Navy, which replaced the "Clemenceau". Length flagship reaches 261 metres, it is able to carry up to 40 aviakonstruktor. The accommodation of crew on Board is 1900. The ship is in use since 2001 and participates in military exercises and conflicts. This is the only aircraft carrier and the largest warship of France.

5. Clemenceau265 m

The French carrier "Clemenceau" was considered one of the most powerful warships of France. There were two such vessel "Clemenceau" and "Foch". The first was withdrawn from service in the French Navy, and the second sold to Brazil at the beginning of this century. Now the ship carries the name "San Paulo" and is in service with the Brazilian Navy. The carrier is able to accommodate on the deck 39 of the aircraft. Its length is 265 m. the Ship can accommodate more than 1,300 man crew.

4. Merlin274 m

"Merlin" project 1143 aircraft carriers. It was created only four aircraft carrier: "Kiev", "Minsk", "Novorossiysk", "Baku". The last of the series "Baku" has the greatest length, which is almost 274 m. the vessel has completely passed into the possession of India in 2004, and was renamed "Vikramaditya". Upgraded combat aircraft carrier is currently part of the Indian Navy. On its site, it can carry up to 36 aircrafts and 1300 crew members. "Vikramaditya" is one of the largest warships.

3. Admiral of the fleet Kuznetsov306 m

"Admiral Kuznetsov" one of the largest domestic warships at present. It is designed to protect Maritime borders from possible attacks from other countries and capable of striking a large surface objects. The ship's length is about 306 m. It is part of the Northern fleet and is used with 1991 to present day. "Kuznetsov" can carry up to 40 aircraft and can accommodate up to 2000 people. This is the first and only major carrier in the country.

2. Nimitz332 m

The carriers of the "Nimitz" most large warships that are in service of the United States. Type of us aircraft carriers are designed to engage large surface objects and provide air defense. Military giant able to carry 90 aviasudov at a time, which exceeds many times the ability of other carriers. The maximum length of the massive vessel is more than 332 meters, it can accommodate up to 3,200 people on a single ship, not counting the wing.

Mass combat stocks on Board is about two tons. All carriers of the "Nimitz" there are ten. The cost of one "Nimitz" is about four and a half billion dollars. First the lead ship of the "Nimitz" which is called the type of carriers were produced in 70-ies of the last century. For all time of operation, the ships took part in the wars that took place in Yugoslavia, Iraq and others In the series included: "Nimitz"(1975); "Eisenhower" (1977); "Vinson" (1982); "Roosevelt" (1986); "Lincoln" (1989); "Washington" (1992); "Stennis" (1995); "Truman" (1998); Reagan (2003); "Bush" (2009). The lifetime of each of these courts 50 years.

1. Enterprise337 m

The carrier "enterprise" one of the largest warships in the world. Its length is 342 m. the project was planned 5 aircraft carriers of this type. But due to high financial costs that had gone on the first ship, the project was suspended. The ship was in service with the us Navy from 1961 to 2012. The ammunition ship he reached two and a half thousand tons.

The area of the giant ship was able to accommodate 90 aircraft on its platform, and 5,000 crew members. Warship participated in many military conflicts and came out twenty-five times in the sea. Currently is working on the disposal of an aircraft carrier. To replace him will come the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, the length of which will amount to 337 m. Its construction was completed in 2013. Entry into service is planned in 2016.

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