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10 belief, is able to break your life


If you think that fate is unfair that your friends life is good and only getting better, and if you are in a hole, which does not know how to get out, it's wonderful that you this article, read it through to the end.

Our mistake is that we may be, and take information for a note, but don't use it as a manual to your life. If you try to do it – you will be surprised how your life will change. What you should try?!

All you have to do is to get rid of hardened and old beliefs that don't lead to anything else, except how to crash. They break your life.

10 belief, is able to break your life

10. I am the victim of circumstances

Very often people blame their failures on circumstances, other people and complain about their miserable fate. However, at that time, while the person with the position of the victim losing his time, wasting it incorrectly, the other at this time sought the heights and moving towards achieving desirable.

Nobody around to blame, that you are not satisfied with your life. Only you are responsible for everything that happens to you and for what you feel. When you cease to feel like a victim, and realize that you can achieve anything you want – your life will begin to change.

9. I can change other

We are all human and each of us imperfect. If any traits in the other person seem bad, you don't take them – this does not mean that people do wrong in itself, but someone else, on the contrary, may consider these traits it is positive. If you don't like something in others, you have no right to try to change them.

No matter how you try to change the other – it will not change until he doesn't want to. You just should not be wasting your time and effort. If you don't like someone and you're not ready to accept it for what it is – do not communicate with this person.

8. I can't accept what's happening

Most of the things that surround you, and you do not like, you can easily change.

For example, it is strange, when day after day the man goes to work, which absolutely do not like him, or living with a man she doesn't love. These things can be changed, just not all have the determination and are very affectionate people, who live by the principle: "I feel bad about that, but I'm not going to change anything".

But sometimes we can't affect something, it must be taken as fact. When we cannot change a situation, we have no choice but to adjust their perception. Letting go is always painful, but we can either torture yourself, or to begin to perceive your world differently.

7. The neighbor everything is always better

We always think that "somewhere" and "someone" is better. "If I was so rich" "If I had the power super-hero", "If I was born in America"... to continue indefinitely.

However, the idea that "If..." is quite unhelpful. Besides, we only see a slice of someone's life. Everyone in life is both bad and good.

If you cease to follow the achievements of others, and will do themselves, their development and the improvement of life, then one day, someone will look at you and say: "If I was like him...", "Better" does not exist.

6. People should do what is expected of them

The mistake of many people is that they believe that people should meet their expectations. Unreasonable expectations lead to disappointment, tears, sadness...

If you think your loved one needs all your time hanging out with you, and he prefers to see his friends, is he to blame?

If you stop to expect anything from others, then you will not only create an atmosphere of wisdom, but you will become much easier to live. If you don't like someone's behavior, do not expect that this man will change it for you, just eliminate it from your environment.

5. Life has meaning only when there is a soulmate

Many people believe that, faced with love, they will get rid of all problems and will gain meaning. Nothing of the sort. When there are two not very wise man, their coexistence can only make their lives worse.

If you're feeling bad, you are not satisfied with life, believe me – everything will remain the same, who would you meet along the way.

The other person can make your life bright moments, but he can't make you happy. If you want to do with your life and begin to get happiness from simple things, chances are, if you meet a person with the same energy – light and love, you only amplify your happiness.

4. I need to prove to others his innocence

You believe in the power of the Almighty, and your friend tries to prove you that there is no Almighty does not exist and we can rely only on yourself? And on this ground arises the conflict? On

ery often wrong those who want to impose their righteousness and faith to others. People with the power of suggestion and persuasion, may be able to lure people to their side, but why?

In my opinion, very good when all people are different and their mentality is different. So we can draw knowledge and ideas from different sources and to develop. Let everyone remains at the opinion, what is the point to prove something?

3. For me it is important that you think of me

If you cool for hours in the mirror or think someone will judge your actions when you are free in transport a pregnant woman, you are wrong in this. People forget, everyone thinks about themselves more than anybody else. Even if others condemn you... what does it matter? Because life is yours.

We can't please everybody, so the most important rule is to do with your life what you want. There will always be those who understand us and support, and always we can meet condemnation, rudeness and lack of understanding from others. This is normal, as always everyone.

2. Money will make anyone happy

The question of money always remains open. Some believe that money give freedom and bring happiness, and others that it's just paper, and the most important things money can't buy.

Initially to money people have the wrong attitude – they can come off easily when you're doing what you love, and it's hard when I hate my job.

The level of happiness, of course, does not depend on money. We all have different requests – would make someone happy delicious pie cooked by her grandmother, and someone new home won't be happy... it's not the amount of money, and how much you need for the life you want to lead.

If you have something you want and you have the money, you will feel happy, and if you don't want and feel happy without money, their absence does not affect your status.

1. The past determines the present and the future

Not everyone can boast of its past – most of us in life there were such moments that it would be better not to remember...

For example, someone disgraced in front of a girl at University, and fell in love with, someone not graduated from the Institute, and someone can not find his calling.

Feeling like a loser, remembering their past failures and mistakes, we do not allow to come into our lives to something new.

This does not mean that you are ceasing to feel like a loser, become someone else. But ceasing yourself to feel, you have more chances to achieve something in spite of social, material and professional position. After all, belief can move mountains – remember this.

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