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10 biggest dams and fascinating world


Dams and levees, the men began to build a very long time. Their main purpose was to protect the settlement from floods and the ability to create water reserves for times of drought.

Over time dams have served to generate electricity. Modern buildings look very powerful and ambitious, when you look at them it becomes clear that they were built for a long time.

Later in the article you can see a list of the 10 biggest and beautiful dams in the world.

10. Dam "Akosombo" (Ghana)

The plant is located in the South-East of Ghana. The main purpose of building this dam was to provide electricity production plants. Filled reservoir in the period from 1962 to 1966.

The idea of creating a hydroelectric plant appeared in 1915, but until the 1940s it was not designed the plan of its construction. To raise the dam began in 1961, today it provides electricity to several countries in West Africa.

Sizes of hydroelectric power "Akosombo" striking size, it has a height of 111 meters, a base width of 366 metres and a length of 660 metres.

9. Dam "Daniel-Johnson" (Canada)

Reservoir "Daniel-Johnson" is one of the largest in the world. It was named in honor of the Prime Minister of Canada, to whom belonged the idea of its creation.

The volume of water the dam is 141.8 km3. Consists of several arches, takes the efforts of the turbines at the base of the buttresses supporting the arches.

From the point of view of the architecture of the dam fits perfectly into the surrounding natural landscape without destroying its harmony. The dam was built in 1959-1970-ies, has a height of 214 meters, the length of 1,314 meters, its construction took 2.2 million m3 of concrete.

8. The Atatürk Dam (Turkey)

Hydroelectric power plant "Ataturk-Baraji" is located on the territory of Turkey, on the Euphrates river. The facility is able to generate 8900 GWh of electricity per year, its height is 169 m, the length is 1820 meters. The construction of the dam began in 1983, and in 1990 she became active.

Below the dam lies an ancient Armenian city will Samsat. In 2018 during the descent of the water of GES scientists have discovered the oldest cave paintings depicting hunting scenes.

7. Dam Fort peck (USA)

Is the dam on the Missouri river, in Montana. Its construction lasted from 1933 to 1940 the height of the building is 76 metres length – 6409 meters. Water supply reservoir, "Fort peck" reached 23.1 km3.

6. Dam Bennett (Canada)

The dam is on a river and peace river in Canada. Named in honor of the 25 th Prime Minister William Bennett. To operate the dam has become since 1968. The flood of the river formed a lake and Williston.

Today the HPP provides electricity to British Columbia, and parts of Vancouver. When creating the reservoir was flooded valleys of the two rivers that for people who have long lived in this territory, became a real tragedy, despite the payment of a monetary compensation.

5. The Dam Of The Itaipu (Brazil)

The dam is one of two the biggest in the world power generation, is located on the Parana river on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The name of the dam is derived from the name of the island, which is located at the mouth of the river.

Work on the design of the buildings was launched in 1971. By 1978, in the natural rocks for the construction of the dam was dug a channel length of 150 meters, to build the dam began in 1979, fill the reservoir in 1982.

Since 1984, the hydroelectric power station started to operate. During the construction of the dam "Itaipu" was destroyed by a large number of rock, was completely wiped off the face of the Earth national Park Guaira.

To date, the length of the dam is 7235 m, width of 400 metres and a height of 196 meters. Hydroelectric power is approximately 85-98 billion kWh per year.

4. The Hoover dam (USA)

The Hoover dam is considered to be a unique hydraulic structure, located on the Colorado river, has a height of 221 meters. Near the dam is Las Vegas.

Named in honor of U.S. President Herbert Hoover, who played a major role in its creation. A project on construction of the dam was made in 1931, she started to operate in 1936.

Today, the dam is not only a source of energy generation, but a monument of architecture. It was built in the art Deco style, with turrets, which are watches, some of them indicate the time of Arizona and other state of Nevada.

3. Dam "Vajont" (Italy)

Arched concrete dam located on the river Vajont in the North of Italy. Building built in 1961, the height of it is 261,6 m, length 190 meters, width 23 meters.

In 1963, this dam accident, which killed about 3,000 people. In the bowl of the reservoir collapsed rock, the landslide has caused an overflow of water through the dam, this event was a disaster for several communities.

2. Dam "Tarbela" (Pakistan)

The dam is located on the Indus river, 50 kilometers from the capital of Pakistan. Is the dam beginning in 1968, became operational in 1977.

It has been estimated that the dam will be used for approximately 50 years, as the main power source of the Indus is water from melting glaciers in the Himalayas, and they carry a large amount of sedimentation

. This fact meant that for some time the reservoir overflows, but the current sedimentation was much lower than originally anticipated, so the dam can be maintained at least until 2060, which is about 85 years.

1. Dam "Three gorges" (China)

The plant is located on the Yangtze river. Today is considered the largest and most powerful dam in the world. The idea of creating a dam in the Three gorges occurred in 1932.

The dam was built a very long time, only in 2016, was opened last element of a hydroelectric power plant.

The building has a length of 2309 meters, a height of 181 meters, it was built of concrete and steel. When his erection was spent 27.2 million m3. HPP has great importance for China's economy, the dam also regulates the water regime of the river on which built, it reduces the number of destructive floods.

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