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10 movies that make you want to change a life


Sometimes life gives us surprises. But most of all to the visible changes in my life occurred, it is not enough to desire, you should put a lot of effort...

Unfortunately, not everyone has a powerful energy, incredible strength and inspiration of the poet to do something big in life.

Though well-staged movies, not releasing you until the last frame, can be greatly inspired, and say to yourself: "I'm changing my life from this minute!"

These films are designed to help people, to tell them that time does not stand still, and only depends on us what will happen to us next.

Watch these stunning films from the collections and gain inspiration for the accomplishment of great deeds!

10. Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring2003

Drama Director Kim Ki-Duk. No one can disturb the harmony of nature – the first, all the blooms are born, and then fades and dies... Even two monks living in God-forsaken areas (a floating cabin on a mountain lake) have no power to change the course of history.

Upon the occurrence of a certain time of year their soul is charged with energy, causing them to feel inspired, and then that feeling gives way to tragedy.

Monks are people too, and they, like all of us, are unable to escape their desires, passions, sufferings, as if they did not try to tame their desire for cleansing of the spirit.

9. October sky1999

All adults were once children, and, for the most part, they have grown responsible adults that surrounded them and what they taught.

For a boy Homer Hickam's the decisive factor was autumn day in 1957... the news about the launch of the first satellite of the Soviet Union prompted the boy seriously interested in the space. All thoughts of Homer was only the space... and he didn't expect that.

He had an obsession – to create their own rocket for this, he began to prepare a convenient place to collect useful information. His friends liked his idea – they wanted to help and support Homer.

His desire was to know his teacher and father – he's working as a simple miner, he felt his son should also become a miner, and not nonsense, as the teacher predicted a brilliant future... What would you choose boy – the desire of the father or his dream?

8. It's a wonderful life1946

The movie is based on the story by Philip van Doren stern's "the Greatest gift". The main character of the movie is George Bailey, an honest man, loving, caring husband and father, the owner of the credit card companies depressed the problems that fell on his head.

And he could not stand the black strip in his life, decided to take a desperate step – suicide, refusing the greatest gift called life. It is obvious that Philip is in need of a powerful guardian angel, so heaven sent to him Clarence is the only one currently free the angel that can come to the rescue

He is kind, but he has no experience. He even has no wings, Clarence will only get them after I tell Philip to commit a mortal sin... What will come of this?

7. Outlaw2000

Chuck Noland is a pedantic man who is too scrupulous suitable to your business. He works in service delivery, "Federal Express" a senior inspector, and his life is calculated by the minute. In constant pursuit he had no time even for themselves, not to mention the woman he loves...

However, the fate that he had forced Chuck to take another look at his life and time... the Plane in which the flying Chuck, crashed, falling into the ocean.

The engineer was the only survivor, he sees around himself a desert island... How many years the man will spend on it, and will he ever leave him?

6. Apocalypse now1979

In a world of many different people, some of them are very cruel, evil and ruthless, like the hero of this movie – the Colonel, turned into this beast. Any war brings a lot of suffering and taking lives of innocent people.

Soldiers are pawns in the hands of the state, to carry out orders from above. The story plot is based on real events – the Vietnam war, which lasted from 1964 to 1975.

For a long time people were in danger, every second of their life held in fear, but they became even worse when their land stepped ruthless Colonel, who turned the village located along the river Cambodia into a living hell...

Found out about it the higher military authorities, and sent to the area special agent, who was supposed to kill the mad Colonel.

5. Idiots and angels2008

Idiots and angels is a cartoon fantasy, telling us about the fight starved for his soul. This movie comes very rarely, and see him shall every.

The movie was sad and heavy, though, because not everyone is willing to look at his reflection in the mirror. An angel is a selfish, morally empty man who in the morning finds behind her wings.

He wants to hide them, but at the bar, "Bertha", where he decides to spend his time, everyone will know about them and begin to laugh at the ridiculous spikes.

4. Deal1969

Writing a great and partly autobiographical novel, Elia Kazan (American Director) decided to film.

Is old enough and accomplished man Edward Anderson's depression – he doesn't want to talk and someone to see. He began to realize that his whole life is the conflict between his inner ambitions and results manifested in reality, the conflict in which he is all the time.

3. The secret life of Walter Mitty2013

Who among us does not dream? Perhaps the dream affects all, and the hero of this movie is Walter Mitty is no exception. He is part of the team working in the Department of illustrations of Life magazine.

What he does, it's a real routine, but he has the ability to dream, and in his fantasies he is "carried away" very far...

Once he receives the photos sent in by photographer Sean O'connell for the cover of the magazine. But it was discovered that the negatives are missing one frame... Walter goes in search of Sean to get a picture.

2. Into the wild2007

Drama road movie from Sean Penn in the eponymous book by American writer Jon Krakauer. The plot is based on real events.

Christopher McCandless, after graduating College, goes hitchhiking to Alaska, leaving the house with my parents, but before that he left all his property, and 24 thousand dollars, accumulated over years of study, gave in charity.

He dives into the wild, it attracts freedom... Christopher meets along the way with different people who somehow leave their mark. Maybe living in nature, he will find that happiness which couldn't find before?

1. The fountain2006

Of eternal life is the dream of almost everyone... And the hero of this fantastic film directed by Darren Aronofsky – Thomas, too. Thomas kreo – doctor oncologist, is in search of the Tree of Life.

According to legend, the juice obtained from it, guarantees eternal life. In addition, Thomas must save his wife Isabelle, who is sick with a deadly disease – she has a brain tumor.

A man desperately tries to find her a cure, but can her something to help in the human world?

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