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Top 10 most hated magazines


There is a perception that most actors are much more willing to agree to play on the stage or in film negative character than the hero without fear and without reproach. And this is understandable, because the role of villain to a greater extent allows the artist to unleash his acting potential and make the role memorable.

In the history of world cinema, there are cases when an actor or actress is so accustomed to the image of the screen the villain that most of the audience when viewing the paintings begin to experience strongly negative emotions towards him, which sometimes extend to the contractor's role.

Undoubtedly, to achieve such a realistic character, you need to have talent and do hard work.

We present 10 of the most hated onscreen villains.

10. Norman Stansfield, Leon

This mired in corruption COP who heads the Department for the fight against drugs. His psychopathic cold-blooded when committing horrible acts, he is able to instill a chilling fear into the hearts of their opponents.

This monster is not simply eliminates the obstacles to his goal, and gets a sophisticated pleasure from the killings. The inhuman cynicism and sadistic — the main allies of Stansfield.

Kill the whole family for a trifling matter. All this puts it on par with the most disgusting negative characters in the history of world cinema.

9. Annie Wilkes, "Misery"

It seems to be a genial 44-year-old woman who lives alone in a remote city settlement house. She had no family, so its main activity is the work of a nurse, and read novels, written by famous writer named Paul Sheldon.

However, her fanatical love of literature is a painful form of and becoming more and more similar to the real obsession.

In order to achieve the undivided possession of their favorite writer, she's willing to do anything to hurt him, so beloved was unable to leave her home, or to kill witnesses who can help Sheldon get away from crazy fans

8. Zorg, "Fifth element"

This does not have any positive qualities (in addition to natural charm of Gary Oldman, who plays the role) of the character, I hate all fans of cult films by Luc Besson.

He puts all the power and resources they have to the land has absorbed an absolute evil, destroying all life.

The combination is incredible composure while committing horrible deeds and spontaneous bouts of anger, makes a charismatic screen villain incredibly repulsive.

7. T-1000, "Terminator 2: judgment day"

Probably many of us, when I watched this legendary film about the rise of the machines, the whole movie had been intensely anticipating this sweet moment when the liquid terminator to turn into a puddle with a metallic tint and not be able to gather a drop.

The performer of the role of the T-1000 was able to recreate on the screen the absolute lack of affect a soulless machine, ready to kill anyone who gets in her way

6. Hans Gruber, die hard

This resourceful Germans possessed a lively mind, strong nerves, good manners and a very ironic attitude towards American pop music.

He was the main on-screen enemy inimitable John McClane, in the performance of Bruce Willis, so could not be the favorite of the audience.

His fanatical ideas and a pathological thirst for violence made in the Gruber one of the most famous, at the same time, passionately hated by fans of the iconic "die hard" Kinologia.

5. Norman Bates, Psycho

The death of his father that Norman has experienced at an early age, became for him an ordeal and has left an indelible imprint on his psyche. He became a loner and could feel safe only in the company of his mother.

When she finally decided to deal with his personal life, Norman, overcome obsessive psychosis, poisoned mother and her lover. At the same time, not finding the strength to come to terms with the death of his mother, dries decides to mummify her body.

Very soon, Norman began to speak with his mother's corpse, moreover, he is clothed, and imitated his feeding. As a result of all this madness, the mummy began to absorb the personality of Bates.

Now he really was on a psychological level to turn into my mother. This phenomenon psychiatrists klassificeret as a split personality. Now poses a great danger to others, because his "mother's" side was distinguished by great cruelty.

4. Agent Smith, The Matrix

Agent Smith is nothing like a computer program or a stand-alone module, the agent is designed to protect the Matrix. His haughty ironic Neo and transcendent self-confidence cause a strong feeling of disgust in most viewers.

3. Darth Vader, Star wars

This is one of the Central characters of the first 6 episodes of "Star wars". This villain became standard screen villain.

Its appearance has become one of the most frequently parodied. What is this the popularity of this scoundrel of cosmic proportions? This question should refer to the millions of fans of the cult space movie epic.

2. John DOE, "Seven"

John DOE decided that he is the conductor of God's will on Earth, a field which he with a devilish sophistication began to implement his evil plan for remaking the world.

DOE has committed several horrific murders, sinners who, in his view, represented each of the 7 vices (Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Wrath).

He even did not spare himself, on the way to the triumph of universal justice, by a kind of suicide for their envy of the protagonist.

1. Joffrey Baratheon, "Game of thrones"

This character had a bad temper, having inherited the worst traits of his parents: he was spoiled, petulant, selfish, cowardly, cruel, deceitful, among other things, he had sadistic tendencies.

He always wanted to be like an official father, but he really lacked kindness and generosity.

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