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10 entrepreneurs who made a fortune on the hobby


Today, many people dream about how to do what you love and get a financial reward, that is, to turn a hobby into a source of income. Some manage to do it and earn good money at home baking, knitting, embroidery, etc.

In modern conditions to turn a hobby into a source of income much easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago, since we have the ability to easily purchase raw materials required for production of the same pastries.

Also we can apply information technology (to provide outsourcing services, consulting, website development, etc.) have a computer at home almost everyone.

In our article you can find a list of the 10 entrepreneurs who have managed to make a fortune on their hobby.

10. Robert Sarnowski (Softronics)

This man spent his youth working for the Corporation "Rockwell Collins", occupying the post of engineer in the space industry.

Robert Sarnowski was a hobby in his spare time he loved tinkering in the garage. Dealing with the invention of radio, he found himself friends with the same interests, and together they decided to start a business and work for themselves.

The firm was named "Softronics", long time employees have not had a decent office, work was carried out in strange mode, work started around 12 noon and finished late at night.

The company is engaged in the production of high quality receivers, transmitters and other technical equipment, but the reputation she had, so things were tight.

The leader introduced the ISO quality standards, has forced his colleagues to bring himself up, made a good office, and the result was not long in coming. The firm began to fill up with orders, today its annual turnover is more than $ 20 million.

9. Anthony Schweiger (Anthony Beehive)

A young businessman runs a company that earns $ 260,000 a year. He sets an example and instills confidence to those people who have limited opportunities due to severe illness as he suffers from epilepsy and has a mental retardation.

As a young boy, Anthony began to show interest in the life of bees, the parents helped him and bought a hive, which is put on the back patio. After a couple of years, the family business began to flourish, honey production and trade has grown.

Young people are constantly studying, attending various courses and trainings. The products his company has a nice package, they have a website, the firm also produces related products, balms, aromatic candles and other products based on honey.

8. Markus Persson (Mojang)

To programming thirty-two year old Swede started at a very young age. Up to a certain age the young man did not belong to his hobby seriously, he was a freelancer, participated in the Championships on programming, etc., but did not develop his talent.

But once he was lucky, inspired ideas, Marcus has created a video game "Minecraft". The first version was written in a week. It was a smash success among gamers, which allowed the young man to open his business that earned him over four million dollars per year.

7. Tom Sasmar (Broadmoor Baker)

In the US young people moved from South Africa in 1979, and in 1981 he had already opened his own company. The firm was engaged in the optimization and selection of the working space. But Tom didn't like this activity, he wanted something else.

In this period, the young businessman was fond of cakes, once he managed to bake good-quality bread that has prompted the idea to change my occupation. He created the "Broadmoor Baker" which brings revenues of about $ 2 million a year.

6. Angelo Sotira (DeviantArt)

The company "DeviantArt" is a social network for artists, photographers, designers and other artists, she will join at least 14 million authors from all over the world.

The portal was launched in 2000, at that time its Creator, Angelo Sotira was only 19 years old. Ten years later, his project became to bring at least 19 million dollars a year. To date, the company's revenues are growing.

5. Anna Maria Faiola (Bramble Berry)

Being a student Anna-Maria was fond of the soap, at the age of twenty she decided to make a hobby a business. She created the company "Bramble Berry", which brings income of about $ 3 million annually.

The company produces about 2,500 different products. To organize the business the girl helped her determination, education of marketing and the opportunity to advertise through the social network, as its products were interesting promotion concept.

4. Rachel Ray (30 Minute Meals)

The name Rachael ray is known to many in America, as it is the leading private TV show "30 Minute Meals".

TV presenter since childhood, she loved to cook, but it's a hobby have lots of interest was attracted by the unusual concept of her show. It was created for those who are not interested in cooking and do not want to spend in the kitchen more than half an hour.

In addition to this TV show Rachel is even more, she is also the author of books on cooking and market the products. Her income is more than $ 15 million per year.

3. Alan Ellis (Of Oink)

The student from England has created a website for sharing music files and named it "Oink", he also worked as torrents, but was able to survive for only three years, as was closed in court.

The court also wanted to charge the young man more than $ 300,000, it was believed that they are exactly the same amount earned on the project.

2. Joe Maddalena (Profiles in History)

Joe Maddalena was very fond of collecting at the age of 14 he managed to collect baseball cards, celebrity autographs, paintings, numerous issues of the comics.

He then sold his collection and opened the auction "Profiles in History", which deals with sales letters and other correspondence of Hollywood stars, papers of historical value, etc. his fortune is estimated at 2-3 million dollars.

1. David and Wendy Castes (ContemporaryCandles)

A couple from America have turned their hobby into a business in the course of the experiment. They made various types of candles, gave to use them to your friends with a request to fill out a questionnaire.

Friends cheered them, and the family was large-scale to produce hundreds of varieties of candles, coasters, food, etc. the Annual income of their company is one million dollars.

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