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Top 10 dresses from the movies included in the history of fashion


The history of women's outfit in a dress has for hundreds of years. The first dresses appeared in 9-10 centuries of our era, scientists attribute this to widespread dissemination of the Christian religion, which assumed a variety of clothing for men and women.

Since then it's been a while, and people was created a huge number of different styles of dresses. A great designer does not get tired to create new products that managed to flicker in the cinema on the perfect figures of the Actresses. Many of them are unable to leave the viewer indifferent.

In our article, you can learn about what 10 dresses were able to go down in history of fashion.

10. White dress of Marilyn Monroe

In this outfit, the actress starred in the movie "seven year Itch" (1955), it was created by designer William Travilla. This dress went down in history of cinema.

In the film there is a scene that shows soaring up due to the air flow, pleated skirt dress of the main character (Marilyn Monroe). This outfit became the most famous work of the designer, for him, he received the award "Oscar". In 2011, Chicago has installed a statue depicting the actress in her famous white dress, which was later moved to palm springs.

9. Dress grace Kelly from "to Catch a thief"

The audience who watched this film may recall the scene where the Princess of Monaco dressed in a beautiful white strapless gown. The process of filming the movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, it was he who approved of this outfit, as it not only emphasized the exquisite and sophisticated beauty, but also served to drape a diamond necklace on her neck, from which nothing was to distract the gaze.

8. Black dress Audrey Hepburn from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

The film was released in 1961, his calling card was the gorgeous black long dress of the actress playing the main role. The style suited the taste of many people, he is considered a model of good taste and elegance.

Created outfit was a talented designer Hubert de Givenchy. He made the right decision, the dress combines mystery, elegance and simplicity behind the outfit had an unusual neckline. In addition, the way the actress was complemented by long black gloves, necklace, tiara and crystal earrings, cigarette holder, sunglasses.

7. The famous green dress from the movie "gone with the wind"

The film was released in 1939, based on the novel of Margaret Mitchell. Its main character Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) was made 31 dress. Attention is certainly worth every outfit, but especially attractive green dress, sewn from heavy velvet curtains mother Scarlett. The Creator of the masterpiece was Walter Plunkett.

In hard times the main character couldn't refuse from outfits, especially because she had to go visit Rhett Butler in jail, and had put on a dress, it Scarlett was able to get the adorable hat.
All the outfits of the heroine of the film eventually faded, despite careful storage, they needed restoration.

6. Red dress Julia Roberts

Dress the actress Julia Roberts, in which she appeared in the movie "Pretty woman" certainly deserves attention. It was created by costume designer Marilyn Vance.

Main character is a girl of easy virtue named Vivien with the help of this outfit transforms into a beautiful and elegant woman, nothing reminiscent of her previous lifestyle. Red dress with bare shoulders perfectly complement white long gloves.

5. Dress from the film "Scarface"

In the movie 1983 actress Michelle Pfeiffer appears in a slinky, sparkly dress with a deep neckline and open back. The outfit attracted the attention of fashion of those times, he was created by costume designer Patricia Norris.

Nowadays, it also appeals to many, some famous brands producing clothing lines are trying to repeat it. One day in the same dress from the fashion house "Armani" appeared in public well-known singer Rihanna.

4. Dress Kate Winslet from the movie Titanic

Many viewers may recall that the actress, who plays Rose in the movie "Titanic", wore chic outfits, as she was a representative of the nobility, one of these dresses was particularly beautiful.

We're talking about, in which she almost ended up in cold water after falling from the ship. Created outfit was designer Deborah Lynn Scott. The dress was made of red satin, black lace and tulle, it was decorated with many beads, it was pretty heavy. The way the actress was complemented by long gloves of white color and fine precious jewelry.

3. Dress Elizabeth Taylor in the movie "Cat on a hot tin roof"

The film was released in 1987, while on lingerie-inspired clothing is rarely heard. But the film was ahead of its time, and costume designer Edith head decided on a bold experiment, giving the actress Elizabeth Taylor, in a light dress of pale yellow silk and lace on the straps, very similar to the combination. The image of the heroine complements high-heeled. Today, such dresses are at the peak of popularity.

2. Wedding dress from the film "Marie Antoinette"

The film was released in 2006, the main role of the French Princess, and later Queen was played by Kirsten dunst. Viewers may remember that the Princess loved a life of luxury and fine clothes.

Artists and designers have tried to convey her love of bling, creating a gorgeous dress in the Rococo style, in which she danced her first dance with her husband.

1. Wedding dress Kristen Stewart from the movie "Saga: the Twilight. Dawn"

Wedding dress of Bela, whose role was played by the actress Kristen Stewart has made her one of the most romantic, beautiful and elegant bride in the history of cinema. The outfit was created by designer from America Carolina Herrera.

The dress looked very modest, but had a train and cutout back, which was draped with lace. After the film was released, copies of gowns flooded many Bridal salons and Internet stores.

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