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10 Russian famous men who wear makeup


Redness, acne, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep — these problems are inherent not only mere mortals, but also domestic celebrities. But their appearance is not only a working tool, but also an occasion to discuss fans and their peers.

In cases where it is important to some imperfections of appearance was not so obvious, or when they just want to bring your image to perfection, they resort to the help of cosmetics. And here we are talking not only about women but also about the strong half of domestic show-business.

Our time is unique in the fact that men, dyes her hair and placing make up, not only as stage makeup, but also in everyday life, no one is surprised. To stand out, to impress and increase the number of their fans of these artists regularly applied on the face make-up.

Submitted 10 Russian stars men systematically use cosmetics.

10. Igor Sinyak

This popular video blogger from a very early age loved to experiment with his looks.

His desire to look not as all one could cost him his life when Harry first decided to change my hair color a few of his classmates, was severely beaten teenager, and then a future star of the Internet was in the hospital with serious injuries.

But now, because of what it once was jeering peers, brings him great popularity and considerable income, because today Igor Sinyak is one of the most popular beauty bloggers in the Russian segment of YouTube.

This guy is not afraid of bold experiments, there are no restrictions on the use of cosmetics: bright eyeshadow, false eyelashes, blush, lipstick, all this Igor would like to try it myself and tell you to use their many subscribers.

9. Nikita Dzhigurda

This is quite an odious person in the Russian show-business. Despite the fact that Nikita all (especially voice) demonstrates a grotesque version of the alpha male, he did not scruple to use makeup.

First, his famous hair, he wears. Second, in the same way he adds expression to his eyebrows and beard. Also with the help of cosmetics the artist often accentuates the cheekbones and evens skin tone.

8. Valery Leontiev

The artist that year surprised the audience not only for its health and vigor, but a stunning form in which he holds his body and face.

But his remarkable appearance is not only the result of Studio work of plastic surgeons, fitness trainers and stylists. In addition, Valery Leontiev does not allow himself to perform on stage or appear in public without makeup.

On his face there is always concealer, conceal aesthetic defects in appearance, and smooths the complexion, lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush.

7. Shura

This flamboyant entertainer had no qualms about makeup, neither on the stage nor in the everyday reality. It is densely lipstick, emphasizes the cheekbones with blush, tints eyelids, puts on the face of a significant layer of Foundation.

During the peak of popularity of the singer, his appearance shocked, delighted, turned away and no one was left indifferent.

Now his image is like a stage, and everyday, replenished missing in his early youth teeth and men's clothing, additionally, the makeup of the Shura is currently more restrained (compared to previous years).

6. Dima Bilan

The idol of millions of girls and one of the most enviable grooms of Russia also suffers from use of cosmetics. A touch of glamour to his clothes and makeup on face time and again provoked the appearance is uncertain rumors about the sexual preferences of the singer.

However, Dima's addiction to cosmetics does not make in the eyes of his numerous admirers less attractive.

5. Nikolay Baskov

Golden voice of the Russian singer Nikolai Baskov uses to improve the external appearance of all modern possibilities of cosmetics. And concealer, and blush, he also brings eyebrows and painted eyelashes

What can I say, maintaining the image of the main natural country blonde requires a lot of effort!

4. Joseph Kobzon

The legend of Soviet and Russian stage with some of the peculiarities of its appearance, from a certain point of life, was forced to apply makeup.

Because of the sudden baldness, Joseph Davydovich had to wear a wig to restore eyebrows and a pencil to emphasise the line of the eyelids. He has also applied it with a concealer and used lipstick carrot shade.

3. Boris Moiseev

For Boris Moiseev, the use of cosmetics is absolutely justified. He, according to the laws of its genre, has every reason to apply makeup.

After serious health problems, the singer has changed appearance: skin is pale, lips has lost a clear line. So now, it does not appear in public without concealer, blush, lip gloss and eye shadow.

2. Philip

Any of a variety of scenic images of the king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov is striking in its originality and extravagance that is certainly not only a credit to his stylist, but an indicator of good taste of the star itself.

Before each exit to the public, he is working every detail of his appearance. Their huge eyes, that Philip literally permeates the auditorium, he stressed black pencil. Sometimes in order to make the look more expressive singer wears lashes.

1. Sergey Zverev

Not a rating of extravagant local stars will be without outrageous Sergei Zverev. This bright star is impossible anywhere to see without a bright make-up.

Many people know that the stylist for his life, did many plastic surgeries, drastically changed its natural appearance, therefore, it is believed that a thick layer of bright makeup is a way to hide from external eyes the consequences of a succession of surgical interventions.

Anyway make-up has a beneficial effect on the way the stars of Russian show-business, which all have long been accustomed.

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