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10 celebrities who became a hermit after his career


Looking at our celebrities, you wonder, how can a fame and fortune to corrupt and change people, and sometimes just to kill it a healthy personality. But still not worth to take shortcuts, because not all stars are spoiled by popularity and money people.

Some celebrities, "tasted" of the vices and hypocrisy of life, chose to escape in your own little world, becoming hermits or even to retire to a monastery.

Today we'll look at 10 famous people who refused to star fame, career and fans in order to lead a quiet life.

10. Olga Gobzeva

Well-known domestic actress one day went to the mirror and understand what he sees in the reflection unfamiliar to her. It was in 1992, when she was offered the role of the Spanish flu at the theater. That performance was the last in the life of Olga.

Despite a brilliant career and more than 40 films behind him, the woman left St. Elizabeth's, which to this day performs the duties of abbess.

The woman feels the grace and harmony, did not regret about made her decision. She lived an incredible colourful creative life, and now is the time to serve the people faithfully.

9. Yulia Matveeva

Popular Russian singer was in the capital to 15 years of age. In order to achieve fame had to sleep with the "right people", which the star does not hide.

At some point the woman on the way, I got a strange handsome man who offered all kind of contracts in exchange for a soul.

In the period from Matveeva much health deteriorated and she went to the hospital, begging God for healing. After this momentous life period Julia has revised values, and retired to a monastery in the depths of Russia, where for many years was mother Euphrosyne.

Now the woman and all moved to Israel to gain new levels of spirituality.

8. Hayden Christensen

Attractive and talented canadian actor played the iconic role of Skywalker in "Star wars." After roles in Hollywood, he predicted a future of luxury and powerful career breakthrough, however, Hayden surprisingly, rejected such possibilities.

"Having tasted" the glory and bustle of the film industry, the actor bought the farm, away from the hustle of the metropolis, where he moved with his son and civil wife.

Christensen still continues to act, but very rarely, carefully going through the script. Desire to return to the profession of an actor the man left.

7. May Apricots

Remember unusual bright boy, who participated in the first editions of the House-2. Apricots won the hearts of thousands of fans, and even after project completion, he predicted a bright future and a good career in television.

Contrary to expectations, significant offers from Directors and producers has not been received. Without thinking, the boy went with star trek and went to the village Korotiak. There he bought a small old home place and is a farm like a real hermit.

It seems that Apricot does not regret his decision and is quite happy in the lap of nature.

6. Dolores HART

A pretty young actress (only 24 years) did not even have time to taste of fame and popularity. First iconic role she got in the film "Love me" where was lucky enough to kiss Elvis Presley.

And then she announces to family and Hollywood that goes to the monastery. Dolores during this period was engaged, and even signed a lucrative contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer, in which the salary was 5 thousand dollars a week.

However, she decided to leave the monastery of the order of St. Benedict and to find God. 50 years later, mother Dolores has become an abbess and does not regret about the made once mundane solution.

5. Alexander Mikhailov

The actor shook Russian cinema, well played in the film "Formula of love". He expected to have a fabulous career, which further confirmed the role in the movie "Mihailo Lomonosov".

But in a relatively short period Mikhailov suddenly disappeared from the screens. In 1987, he decided to leave his wife out of the theater and move to the suburban hinterland village of Grebnevo.

The actor has decided to sing in the local Church choir, which is conducted by the wife, and rarely appear in unpopular films.

4. Alexei Leonidovich Fomkin

Now, few will remember Alex Fomkina, but once he played Kolya Gerasimov in the cult science fiction film "guest from the future".

Boy Alex was popular, appearing in Jumble and teenage movies, but then in a career lull. The Fomkin went into the army, and after the service got to the theater, where he was fired for absenteeism.

At some point, the guy moved to the village of Anhydrous, where he met future wife. But in a tragic 1996 the apartment where Alex is on fire, and survived all present except him.

3. Jack Nicholson

Smiling and charming actor made a great career and many times has been nominated for an Oscar. In Hollywood, Nicholson was known as the famous ladies ' man, claiming that his bed was visited by more than 2 thousand women.

But the years passed, and the actor was we could become more wisdom. At some point he abandoned acting career and began to establish good relations with numerous heirs. Now Jack lives a hermit and rarely gets into the lens of the paparazzi.

2. Sean Connery

Yes, you read that right, we are talking about Sean, who played the main James bond. For this role the actor received Oscar and charmed thousands of female hearts.

However, fame has not spoiled Connery, and he was ready quite early to abandon it.

And interrupted his meteoric rise – the man moved with his wife to the Bahamas, where he lives in peace and tranquility away from the Hollywood intrigue.

1. Tatyana Agafonova

Famous Russian actress familiar to many Soviet films – more than 60 roles. In addition, the woman played in the theater, was active in leading, teaching at the University.

But Tatiana's soul was restless, and called her home in the village of Salatino, where the actress eventually moved. In just six months of work by the Chairman of the collective farm she lost 50 pounds and feels great.

Of course, in between Agafonov starred in films and even occasionally communicated with the fans, but chose to live away from the bustle of the capital.

When asked about former celebrities, do they regret about his vital decision, it turns out, absolutely not.

Happiness is not in money and fame, and in harmony, peace of mind and the ability to do what you love when you want and where you want.

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