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10 things you will do different when the second child


Children – this is happiness. Many parents do not stop at one child, and the firstborn son often asks for a sister or brother. But there are those who recall with horror the sleepless nights, first teeth, it is understood that will never be solved on the second child.

This topic is often discussed. There is an opinion "one child is not a child", "grow egoist", but don't rely on other people's arguments. To have a second child or not, only you can decide.

If you're still wondering about this question, know that the second baby will be completely different.

Experience plays a big role, you've been through, you don't have to ask advice from friends or read forums on the Internet. For each question, you will have a ready answer.

Below are 10 things that you are going to do different after the appearance of the second child.

10. Don't want to rush things

Moms (and dads too) who raised two children, recognized that with the first child we trail events. Indeed, parents wait all the time when the child begins to crawl, sit, go, speak ...

With the birth of the second child, you will understand that we need to appreciate every moment and not rush. Children grow up so fast. Only those parents who have already made it through, will completely enjoy every stage of growing up.

Time is so fleeting, you have not noticed how grown up the first child and don't want to with the second was the same.

9. Will appreciate what you have

When the first child, you dreamed of something more. You always thought that you have enough free time, you're not having fun, don't go for the guests not attending events, not enough sleep, not resting.

The fact that parents find it difficult to get used to a new way of life, so instead to enjoy the first achievements of the baby, they bemoan their sad fate. It has already been noted that the time flies very quickly.

With the second child you will start to appreciate every minute. You will be glad that today the baby sleep half an hour longer that you were able to watch a movie or take a shower. You will not perceive the child as a burden, Yes this also happens, even if you love him very much.

8. Easier to relate to the kid mode

The most asked questions on forums moms – sleep mode. Women ask me how to establish a child that was born a week ago.

You already know that some children prefer to sleep during the day and at night awake. You also know that child mode is constantly changing. Such issues you simply will not worry.

Mothers of second children try to live according to their mode. They won't Wake the child or not to give him sleep, hoping that the routine will change. They understand that the regime in the first few months, however. So every step is much easier.

You don't have to watch how many hours the baby slept and how many times eaten at night. You will satisfy the needs of the baby in eating, sleeping and "handles", he will become calmer, and that means you too.

7. Will be able to plan your time

Mothers who have given birth to one child, with horror I think about the second. Now they do not have time, they think that it will be even worse. This is not so.

Mom of two children can do much more. You already know that household chores can be done together with the child, and its sleep is your legal holiday. You got your priorities straight and are not afraid to entrust the child close to to go somewhere.

Besides, you have the advantage of the first child. Usually older brothers and sisters with a happy giggle. If the first child is already independent, it can help you.

If the difference between the children is small, so it will be easier in 1.5 -2 years. Children will spend a lot of time together, to play, to explore the world, and you will be able to do household chores or devote time to their appearance.

6. Will not demand too much

The problem is all the moms that they demand too much from herself, from her husband, from the child. They want the house was in perfect order, to leave time for yourself. They have a dream that my husband was earning a lot of money, gave flowers, did chores and was sitting with the child, despite the fact that it works most of the time.

There are certain requirements to the child. It needs six months to learn to potty in a year to speak sentences, and three to sing songs in English. What kind of happy family?

When you have a second child, you will not have to deal with perfectionism. You will celebrate the achievements of the children and not demand more from them. Relationship with her husband too will get better, especially if you try to understand it.

5. Will spend a little more time

With the first kid you wanted to sit in silence, the best time was when he slept. Chores, TV, social networking, talking on the phone – the majority of mothers regret that too little time spent with the child.

You have a chance to fix it. You will not want to leave the baby to grandma or hire a babysitter to go and have fun. You will not be able to return to work, the child barely a year old. You'll be a pleasure to spend time with your child.

4. Will start to cope better with childhood diseases

The parents of the first child panic even in the most simple situation. They don't know how to help when children have colic or teething. They are afraid of runny nose and indigestion.

You have already savvy. You know, in some cases it is necessary to call the doctor and when to give medicine. You have studied a lot of other ways, for example, during an attack of colic using warm diaper.

The most important thing – you will feel confident, not going to panic over nothing and will be able to help your child.

3. Will pay more attention to their health

If the first child you did not pay much attention to their health, the second will be a little different. You know that child needs a healthy and rested mommy. You will be well nourished, to use every opportunity to relax, find time for sports.

You may have bitter experience. Many women do not pay attention to their health, ignoring problems, and then they require hospital treatment. After childbirth, many health problems are exacerbated.

Moms who are raising two children, will not delay with the visit to the specialist. Because they don't want to leave the kids at dad or grandparents.

2. Be more tolerant and calmer

Mom first child I read a lot of literature on psychology. They think that they know how to raise children. Except the kid on this score has an opinion. He is not interested in psychology, and it behaves absolutely nothing like the kid from the book.

Your first child also jumped on the couch, broken toys, scattered food cat dropped flower pots. You all have experienced, so will be able to adequately get out of this situation.

Surely you have accumulated a whole Arsenal of tricks, you know how to calm the child, what words to choose to be calm and not upset.

1. Will not worry over trifles

When your first child wasn't acting as usual, you started to panic. You worried at the slightest provocation. When the child was crying on a walk or have a scandal in the clinic, you wanted to sink into the ground.

When he slept longer than usual or ate less, did you call the doctor or run to him for advice. Now you know that was worried about every little thing.

With the second child you will feel much more confident and calmer, will be able to enjoy the happiness of motherhood without being distracted by different things.

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