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10 movie characters who want to be


Movies give the viewer not only emotions, but also often serve as an example of how to behave.

The main characters, if we are talking about the positive characters become a kind of standard of behavior to which many aspire. To be as athletic, smart, charming, daring, or clever, everyone chooses to learn from the protagonist. And who, indeed, is the best teacher?

The theme, to put it mildly, highly subjective, but we'll still try to average and select the 10 movie stars who want to be.

10. Andy Dufresne, "Shawshank redemption"

Wrongly accused of the murder of his wife and her lover, Andy Dufresne, a good half of the film is just a pity. Imprisoned for nothing, is abused by some prisoners, although it is clear that this man does not belong here.

However, in the course of the story, changing not so much the Dufresne how much the audience attitude. You begin to notice that peace, humility and love of peace is not because of weakness, and fear of conflict, but because of tremendous inner strength. This power allows him to survive in a foreign environment and make a brilliant "feint ears", leaving the nose all the skeptics and ill-wishers.

What he can learn? Probably the fact that you should always have a goal and to move systematically to achieve it.

9. Brad Cohen, "Front of the class"

The protagonist of the drama "in Front of the class" young teacher who truly loves his profession, but has problems with employment because of Tourette's syndrome. This disease scares of Directors of most schools, as they do not know how a person with this disorder will be able to teach.

After many unsuccessful interviews and getting rejection again and again, brad Cohen finally gets his chance and uses it to the full. It clearly shows how to live with such an unpleasant disease and not to pay thus attention to the sympathy and understanding of society.

The film, by the way, is based on the true story, so the persistence of the protagonist not fiction writers.

8. Rocky Balboa, "Rocky"

Rocky Balboa is a hero, on which grew several generations of viewers. Millions of children worldwide enrolled in Boxing halls thanks to rocky.

Boxer is a loser who was not a special talent, he becomes the champion though, and partly accidentally, but deservedly so.

His steel character and the will to win can not help but admire and like him dreamed of every boy who watched the film.

7. Tony stark, "Iron man"

This example may seem strange, but only at first glance. Think about it: genius, playboy, millionaire and philanthropist Tony stark most of his life carousing and having fun, until he got captured by the terrorists.

This event, which could break the other in his place, on the contrary, made it stronger, learn to choose the right priorities in life.

With the billions of dollars and enormous influence, he selflessly risks his life for the salvation of the people, and such actions are admirable.

6. Maximus, "Gladiator"

The protagonist of the cult peplum Ridley Scott was the best General of the Roman Empire, as well as a happy father and husband. Suddenly deprived, and the family that was brutally murdered, he becomes Boytsov dog for the amusement of the audience, speaking in the arena of the Colosseum.

His fate does not envy, but admire his courage and generosity, for which he starts to worship the crowd.

5. Indiana, "Indiana Jones"

Smart, brave, charismatic and a damn lucky son of a Professor of archeology along with the rocky Balboa is a hero for several generations of children. Oh, how many boys to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" after watching the film, replied firmly and confidently: "an Archaeologist!"

As time went on, the potential archaeologists became doctors, managers, or anyone else, but the love of the hero is something that has not changed over time.

4. Aragorn, "The Lord Of The Rings"

Aragorn though was a brave and worthy man from the first seconds of appearance in the frame, but throughout the trilogy it was a huge way of development.

From lone-wolf, he turned into a respected leader, which was ready to be not only faithful friends but also the entire army.

Selflessness and willingness to sacrifice bribe, as his incredible skill with a sword, so be it I want (and need) many.

3. Tyler Durden, Fight club

A very controversial character who does not dare. However, he and Durden does not seek someone like that, trying not to be a hypocrite and be yourself.

Be it want it is because of this: the directness and uncompromising distinguish it on the background of modern society.

He can drink, swear and dirty to give a face, but I will do it openly. Without dishonesty, lies and deceit, and is, oddly enough, a lot stands in our time.

2. Harry, "Harry Potter"

Brave, kind, outrageously fair and honest, always ready to help the weak this is all Harry Potter.

He, being only a child, selflessly engage in a duel not only with the experienced Death eaters, but with the very Volan de mort, although this was done, and his friends, who also deserves credit.

Hermione is definitely a role model for millions of girls. In addition to the admiration of Harry and company call a bad, but a natural feeling of envy. We're with you and not wait for your owl from Hogwarts..

1. John McClane, die hard

If, before the release of the first part "die hard" many men are ashamed of his bald head, after the resounding success of the movie began to shave his head on purpose, trying to be like the main character, at least outwardly.

Not everyone can so deftly crawl through ventilation and to shoot the terrorists, so you have to be on the hero's strengths and capabilities.

Seriously, his bravery really knows no bounds, as well as a sense of humor even in the most critical situations.

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