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10 most unusual elevators in the world


It would seem, well what's so special about an Elevator? Well, Yes, comfortable design to quickly move between floors. Well, Yes, there are interesting panoramic options to be more pleasant to admire the views. Well, Yes, some of them even very fast, you even take pictures they won't have time.

But is modern man who knows about fashion technology such surprise? As it turned out, the elevators can teach us very unexpected surprises.

Today we will talk only about the lifting of this design and will make a tour to various countries, where unbeknownst to many people in the world appeared truly unique specimens.

Meet 10 most amazing elevators on the planet.

10. Chinese Baylong

Such a beautiful name received more than one lift, and a range that is striking in its vastness and openness of the structures. It is not somewhere, and in the nature reserve of Hunan province, where it delivers a large tour group to the top of a cliff. The height of the last is about 360 meters, and on the summit offers magnificent view of the national Park.

Baylong was constructed in 2001 and includes 3 roomy cabins with 2 floors each. In the cabin can stolytsya 50 people, as the load capacity is 3750 kg. Transparent walls and fast speed give tourists a real adrenaline excursion.

9. Skyscraper SkyTower in New Zealand

Of course, we are not interested in itself a luxury high-rise, and hoisting mechanism mounted there. The person feels the fullness of emotions on speed of travel and the time that the bodice is no visible support under the feet, which became possible due to the transparent floor.

Height is 328 meters that force you to utter the affirmation "don't look down". Almost all the way the cockpit is on the outside and then moved inside the room.

But not so much afraid of the climb, as the descent, which is appreciated by avid fans of extreme sports. So here is a free attraction.

8. Berlin the Elevator aquarium, the AquaDom

Want to get aesthetic pleasure – go in the famous Radisson hotel, which was generous for comfort. Located in the heart of Berlin, offering a ride on a cylindrical Elevator inside the aquarium.

The two-storey design of acrylic glass is completely transparent and while you move allows you to enjoy the real water world, full of various flora and fauna. The roominess of the cabin is about 30 people.

So, staying in the hotel, you get an underwater trip several times a day – kids will definitely love it. By the way, the number of storeys of the building are also considerable – 25 sites. Aquarium filled with 900 thousand liters of sea water, which settled more than 1.5 thousand different fish.

7. Lift the lift Elevador de Santa Justa

In the heat of Portugal in addition to local attractions you can assess lift, lift, built up since 1901. Ever since the ancient design has become a local "chip", as it remained the city's only vertical lift.

The top design is the point of selling the snacks as well as an observation deck, a panoramic view of the city. Performed lift in neo-Gothic style, so a selfie will turn out amazing. Its height is 45 meters, and each cabin can accommodate up to 25 people medium build.

6. Vacuum lifter

A godsend for fans of science fiction and futuristic just. Daytona Elevator Corporation decided one of the first to embody the fantasies of utopian works where humanity could travel the distances in glass capsules.

The company's researchers invented the air, and even vacuum design, which operates using a special pump. It creates air pressure which pushes the Elevator in the desired direction.

All cabins are made of special organic glass, and the technology of moving of the capsule helps to do without cables, ropes and other similar communications. This design is still unmatched, which allows the company to remove the cream.

5. Two-story Elevator company OTIS

The Corporation is working on the skyscrapers that have a very high download. Actual steel double Decker elevators that provide the optimum flow of passengers. Design OTIS imply the location of the cabins is strictly above each other, which allows the use of a common (single) linkage.

The entrances to the cabins are located not only with external but also with internal parties at all levels. To manage such machine is hard enough, so not every organisation can afford this luxury.

4. The biggest lift in the business center of Umeda Hankyu Building

Developed Japan boasts the coolest skyscrapers. And in the city of Osaka is a unique business centre with the greatest lifts on the planet (5 StuH).

Each cabin occupies an area of 7 K. meters and safely accommodate 80 people with an average build (capacity is 5250 kg).

The size of one of such cabins can be compared with the standard bedroom of a house. Interestingly, one of the walls of the Elevator were made of bulletproof glass – it is through her open when moving the interesting view of the city.

3. Ship lift Falkirk wheel

Lift is not intended for the movement of people and transport of goods between channels Fort Clyde and Union in Switzerland. Was opened in 2002, becoming unique on the planet rotating ship's hoist.

The difference between the levels of the above channels is 24 meters (about the height of the vosmietazhki). From different sides of the wheel lift installed the deepening of water where you swim to the ships with goods.

After that the wheel turns 180 degrees, conveying the court from one level to another in a few minutes. A truly unique design!

2. The highest outdoor Elevator Hammetschwand

While in Switzerland, try to ride on the outside Elevator that transportorul tourists from the rocky path up to the observation platform of mount Bürgenstock. When they reached the destination, you will be able to contemplate the famous lake Lucerne. You are invited to overcome a height of 153 meters in less than 1 minute. The Elevator was built in 1903 and reconstructed in 1935. I wonder what it was up to bond during the filming of "Goldfinger".

1. Hydraulic Elevator at the Louvre

Concludes our look at technological innovation, established in the world famous Museum. The design extends as if from the floor than striking first arrived tourists. The Elevator takes people to the right level, allowing through a transparent wall to observe the legendary halls of the Louvre. Futuristic mechanism works on the hydraulic actuator and has an open top is really worth to appreciate.

So, unbeknownst to us, technological progress is moving forward by leaps and bounds. I wonder what unique elevators will appear for a couple of decades?

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