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10 celebrities who seem rich and successful, but it is not


Looking for a famous actor, musician or athlete, everyone thinks he's gorgeous Villa, garage with a dozen new cars, your own island, private jets and millions on the Bank account. Often all it is, but not always.

Celebrities they're people too and not immune from mistakes. A bad marriage, the money invested properly or trust the wrong people can destroy and drive into debt, so jealous of them does not want.

Today we will talk about the top ten popular personalities that seem successful at first glance.

10. Evander Holyfield

The absolute world champion in several weight categories and one of the best in their sport in the 80's 90-ies during his career earned more than $ 100 million, but in the beginning had serious financial difficulties. Even his house, in which 109 rooms (!), was arrested.

His money has always ruled the mother, who did it quite competently, and after her death, he entrusted it to other relatives who experience was no different. The boxer himself has repeatedly admitted that it is extremely foolish ordered made millions, not counting the money in General and spending on everything.

Now, being "retired", Holyfield has been in business, starred in a TV show and is involved with other projects, so in life it is enough, but to call him fabulously rich as it once was, anymore.

By the way, he has 11 children from several women, which is also an additional (and substantial) expenses.

9. Mike Tyson

Even more famous, award-winning and successful boxer who money treated even worse than the colleagues on shop. An abundance of friends who like to profit at the expense of Tyson and loud litigation all of these are regularly emptied the purse and the account of the athlete.

Rape charges forced him to spend enormous sums on attorneys ' fees, court costs, fines and compensation, so as to maintain the reputation of a successful person was difficult.

Return to the ring after prison allowed him to improve things, or rather to pay off debt, but in General it was not.

Now, when professional Boxing was long gone, Tyson occasionally appeared in films and performing on a talk show, what it is enough for a comfortable life, but if not for the scandals and problems, it would have been much better.

8. Stephen Baldwin

The name Baldwin you may have heard, but the name Stephen you could say nothing. This is not surprising because of the 4 brothers-actors really become famous was only Alec Baldwin, while the rest earned much less popular.

However, because of the name and profession, and by getting into the tabloids, the society had an opinion about its success and viability.

In fact, the younger of Baldwin's entire career has received only the award of the National Council of the critics for the film "usual suspects" in 1995, so the high fees he had never seen, and in 2009, and at all declared bankruptcy.

7. Amanda Bynes

The story of this actress classic example of how to take off fast and painful fall. On TV Amanda debuted as a child in 1996, and in 2002, "grown" to a great movie (she was 16).

The popularity of the first fees, a few Kids Choice awards she was really successful and wealthy until the end of the zero girl are not acquainted with drugs and alcohol. The peak was 2012, when she received 3 years probation for the accident (which was not the first) and was deprived of the driving license.

Racket heavily influenced the face and figure of Amanda, so now you wouldn't recognize her, although she is only 32 years old. However, because of the relative youth she still has a chance to return, especially because with addictions it seems to be done, spending all the money on clinics and lawyers.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Very similar story with Lindsay (she, incidentally, is also only 32), but its popularity and success was more than Amanda bynes.

All the same drugs and alcohol led to the collapse of her career and personal life, messed up looks, emptied the Bank accounts. Now she's trying to return, although in the movie it is not the name.

5. Chris Tucker

The name of this comedian, who became famous thanks to roles in "the Fifth element" and the trilogy "rush Hour", there is an enormous number of spectators, and many people find it successful at the moment.

Actually it is not: having received $ 25 million for the shooting of "rush Hour 3" he became the highest-paid actor (even Jackie Chan got less), but since then starred in 2 films. If we discard the trilogy of police, then he will gain only 10 roles over a 25-year career.

4. Pamela Anderson

Perhaps the main sex symbol of the 90s, Pamela is widely known now, but exclusively for past services. For many years she received no major roles (even on TV), and the image of a sex symbol are long gone (after all, 51 female).

The last significant mention in the media about her was related to the fact that she had an affair with Adil Rami defender France football, which is almost 20 years younger than she.

3. Gary Busey

The actor is the owner of memorable appearance, therefore, with the awareness he had never had any problems, especially after the role in the film "the Story of buddy Holly", for which in 1979 he received a BAFTA and was nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

Unfortunately, in the future, Gary busey is what is called "not gone". Being at the hearing and maintaining the image of a successful actor, he was interrupted by roles in b-movies and never received nominations for awards.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears was very successful (and very rich), a popular teenage boy and a young girl, but with age it got worse.

Alcohol and drug addiction, troubled relationships with men and the extravagant antics brought her only "black" PR, which it learned, even those who pop music is not interested in principle.

Now her name is known around the world, but the last albums listened to few: as a singer she has ceased to be in demand for a very long time.

1. Nicolas Cage

Perhaps the presence of this actor on the list someone may seem strange, but judge for yourself: when was the last time cage starred in a good movie and got a good role?

Unlike most of our other heroes, cage did not sit on the needle and all he is athletic, but to choose the role he doesn't know what over him, a sneer even in Hollywood.

Having talent, brand recognition and financial opportunity to choose a role, he is somehow "enters" into everything.

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