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10 ingenious tricks for you and your home


Thanks to the Internet, we can share with other people your ideas. Among them you can find those that will be very useful in everyday life and facilitate our lives. It would seem that we now all have, but sometimes we just don't notice those things that you can do faster and easier. Some of the ideas are suitable for those who are watching their house and wants it smelled nice. For example, to the kitchen was a pleasant smell, enough to fill the sink a handful of cinnamon. In General, read about the ideas, evaluate them, and pick something that will be useful for you.

10. Safe nailing

Of course, we are not hammering nails every day, but this method is worthy to have it in my notes. Hammering nail into the wall, it is necessary to hold hands. All is well, if he is killed quickly and without problems. But what to do if you want to nail a lot of nails, and his hands began to stagger? To use a special device-helper! By the way, this assistant almost everyone is a regular comb.

Nail clip between the teeth of a plastic comb, then calmly nail nails.

9. Way to find a lost thing

Each of us is often faced with the fact that loses some minor details: for example, it may be a nail, fallen shackle, bolt, etc. fallen Lost thing may even spoil the mood, especially if it is urgently needed. Upset we think: "Okay... then there by accident." This point can be accelerated.

Take a nylon pantyhose and put them on the pipe cleaner. So you can quickly and easily find the lost.

8. Cinnamon for the smell in the kitchen

Regularly we spend in the kitchen a lot of time. Breakfast, lunch, cooking, sometimes called close friends to drink tea with cookies. Usually in the kitchen mix different smells, ventilation certainly helps, but what to do in the winter when you can't open the Windows for ventilation? We have to find other ways to drown out unpleasant odors.

Sprinkle cinnamon into the drain hole, and then rinse with hot water. The kitchen will stand the smell.

7. To clean the cat's litter box will be easier

Those who have a favorite pet – a cat, knows how often they go to the bathroom, and furry friends have to constantly clean up. Lucky for those who have a pet goes to the tray, because for convenience, you can make an interesting manipulation.

So you don't have clean hands, constantly loosing the Cup, pull on the tray a garbage bag, and on top of it pour the filler. Cleaning tray you will have quick and easy – you just take the pack, turn it and erase, after changing to a new one.

6. A pleasant smell in the toilet

When landscaping your home we pay special attention to the living room and bedroom, lighting scented candles, winding them.

But we forget that the toilet is also a part of our house, and there, as in the other rooms, should smell good. Firstly, by pleasure, and secondly, everyone who comes to visit you will notice how nice you smell in the toilet.

To the toilet are a nice smell, add a few drops of any essential oil on the inside of the sleeve of toilet paper.

5. The release of free space in the closet

Sometimes it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of my wardrobe – sometimes it hang on hangers things that we are no longer wearable and will never wear. Leave them on hangers or fold and clean – it is one and the same, but the second is better, because the hangers must hang the actual things. So they are faster to get and they are always ready and ironed.

All you need to do is get rid of the unnecessary clothes and to hang on hanger the one you often wear, after her stroking.

4. Trap for mosquitoes

We all know the problem with the mosquitoes that invade our homes for the coming summer. Not worth it to tolerate them, you can make a homemade trap.

You will need: 1 C. yeast, 50 gr. sugar, plastic bottle, 200 ml. of hot water. The point is that carbon dioxide coming from the trap will attract mosquitoes, and they hit him.

Cut on 2 parts of the bottle. Mix in her sugar and water. Add yeast, and put into a bottle the upper part (the neck should not touch the water). Wrap the cardboard design.

3. A visual increase in space

Those who are not very lucky with the volume of his apartment, often get upset because you put all the necessary things, and in such a place is crowded, visually it can oppress. This method, of course, will not help to increase the area, but it certainly will help to visually expand the space.

You need to use in your interior plenty of mirrors, as well as to make the apartment lighter – it can be done with Wallpapers of light tones, using natural light and light curtains. The mirror is always salvation in small apartments.

2. Rubber for door

Some doors with a latch that open and close. It seems that they live by themselves... It's not very convenient. You have to think of something, and in order that the door stayed in place, fit the usual elastic band. For this method, any suitable rubber or other materials.

Just put the rubber band on two of the door handle, twisted it crosswise. The cross is formed right in the middle of clips, and you won't have to worry that the door will open without your will.

1. Pancakes in a bottle

Must be about this method many of you know already, but it will not hurt to remind you. When you want to cook delicious pancakes, the desire may diminish for the reason that you do not want to wash dishes, to form each pancake in the pan...

But there is a great way that will make cooking pancakes quick and easy. After a short time, you can enjoy fragrant pancakes and delight them for his family.

All the ingredients are mixed in a conventional plastic bottle. Ingredients are added in sequence through a funnel into the bottle, then it should be a good tell. Pancakes it is desirable to fry in a nonstick pan.

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