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10 of the most sentimental endings in movies


In this collection assembled films with different subjects, but they all have one thing in common – it's a heartbreaking ending that makes the audience cry and it helps to look at your life with fresh eyes.

If you haven't seen any films from the collection, do not worry that you will be known for their end – they touch "the soul" regardless of whether you watched them already or not.

And it seems that with each watching everything happening on the screen it only gets sadder

10. Dancer in the dark 2000

The film tells the story of a woman named Selma, who works in a factory and lives with his son in a rented apartment. Woman loses eyesight due to his illness, which also affects my son. To avoid being fired – Selma continues to operate, though with each day it gets worse see...

Sometimes naive and good people suffer, Selma, dreamy woman who never wanted to do no harm, is suddenly sentenced to death...

She was accused of being unfair, but no one to carry out a thorough investigation. How could this happen to an innocent woman and why people are so indifferent to the injustice and misfortunes of others?

9. The boy in the striped pyjamas 2008

A story about childhood friendships. The action in the film takes place during the Second world war. The boy's father is commandant of a concentration camp, but Bruno is a naive little boy does not understand what is happening and accidentally makes friends with a Jewish boy named Shmuel, they communicate through the fence.

The consequences of this friendship lead to enormous and unpredictable consequences. Bruno thinks that people outside the fence live a normal life, and one day he falls for her, to be with his friend.

8. One flew over the cuckoo's nest 1975

Randy Patrick McMurphy is faking insanity to avoid jail. He did it – he is taken to a psychiatric clinic. In her charge of cruel sister Mildred Ratched.

The man is surprised, as the patient was OK with everything that happens within these walls, and some came here on their own. He alone decides to organize a rebellion.

The ending tells us that freedom is paramount, even if it can be obtained through death. McMurphy loves freedom and can not put up with oppressive practices, it helps patients regain a sense of dignity...

In the end, the man doing the lobotomy, turning him into a weak human shell, and the Leader, from whose face is narrative, finally frees McMurphy.

7. Braveheart 1995

Film biography. The action of the film begins in 1920 in Scotland. William Wallace before losing her father, who died at the hands of the British.

The boy himself takes his uncle International, in Europe it gives him a good education. William returns home as an adult. He wants to live a peaceful life, have a family.

Fate disposes otherwise, the English killed his bride, and he began a crusade in the struggle for freedom. The main idea of the film – the price of freedom. For her sake, Wallace is willing to go through hell, and the viewer is left to admire his courage and willpower, especially in those moments when he patiently goes through istyazatelstva. Wallace takes a Martyr's death, but to break his spirit impossible.

6. Requiem for a dream2000

We all have our own dream is special, different... Sara Goldfarb wanted to lose weight to star in your favorite TV show in a red dress, her son Harold with his friend Tyrone want to become rich, and Marion is a friend of Harold, wanted to open his own shop, but on the way to his cherished dream, each having obstacles.

Each hero of the movie chooses a non-obvious way to achieve the desired, the dream was never realized, and the lives of all crumble forever.

Harold's hand was amputated due to drug abuse, Sarah treated in a hospital in shock, Tyrone is in jail, and Marion has to prostitute herself to get a dose of cocaine, without which she cannot live.

5. Seven 1995

William Somerset, a detective, decides to retire, but seven days before he dumped the strange thing: sophisticated murder.

He realizes that this murder is likely to be followed by others. William decides to take up the case with his rookie partner mills, joining the team.

At the end of the film, the characters arrive in a desert country, because the maniac promised to show them the hidden body. William looked in the box and found in it the head of the wife of his partner who had been pregnant.

He tries to convince mills to kill the psychopath, because then he will win. Would be better if he goes to jail. But detective, filled with grief, kills the maniac, and be the loser.

4. The mist 2007

The small town is covered in supernatural fog, and people lose touch with the outside world. Several heroes have to fight monsters in the supermarket, hiding in the fog.

Sometimes love makes people do strange things... And when you realize that the world will never be the same, able to kill even his own son, so he did not suffer.

But what if you made a fatal and took the life of someone you love more than anything, and a moment later, salvation comes?

3. Pan's Labyrinth2006

In 1944, Spain. The rebels are fighting with the Nazis in the mountain forests of Northern Navarra. Girl named Ofelia, loves to dream, with his pregnant mother, she moves back in with his stepfather in a military camp.

Ofelia is fascinated by fairy tales, and far from home she finds an abandoned labyrinth... There she meets the Faun, the master of the dungeon, he tells the girl that she is a Princess that went missing from the magic Kingdom and for many centuries looking for her father...

Children's magical imagination can sometimes lead to tragedy. Ophelia dies at the hands of his stepfather.

2. Titanic 1997

Disaster film based on real events that occurred in 1912. Jack and rose – two lovers from different social backgrounds, find each other in their first and last voyage. None of them could think that "Titanic" hitting an iceberg and that the liner will fail.

Rose and Jack are in the Atlantic ocean, and now they face a difficult task – to survive. Rose is still alive, she picked up the rescuers on the boat, and Jack freezes in the water and dies.

He could have saved himself, but chose to sacrifice himself for love, and rose loved through his long life...

1. Mystic river2003

Lucky those who have a favorite childhood friends. The boys grow up together in the rough, dusty streets of Boston, but fate separates them. They didn't even notice how fast time flew.

Already adult men – Jimmy Markum, Sean devine and David Boyle come together when tragedy happens – the daughter of Jimmy Marcum brutally murdered.

The demons of the past make themselves known – all three heroes were tightened in what happened. Their fates are broken. Over one of the boys – Dave, was committed rape by a pedophile, but he managed to escape after imprisonment, but his fate changed a lot.

Almost to the end it is not known who killed Katie, but in the end it becomes clear that the crime was committed by teenagers: the brother in love with a dead girl of a boy and his friend.

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