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10 signs that give provincial


Provincial ... Hearing this word, the inhabitants of the capital with a contemptuous curl, they immediately imagine a village girl or a guy that will do anything to "catch" in the big city. It is believed that the provincials gives the wrong speech, lack of good education, unfashionable clothes.

Here much depends not only from the birthplace of the man, his character and aspirations. Other provincials will handicap the indigenous inhabitants of the capital.

In this article we are not talking about provincials, the inhabitants of small towns. Is this word a different meaning. This is a shortcut for people's views and interests are limited. They can't be free, live with an eye on other people's opinions and always want to look better than it really is.

Below are 10 signs that give provincial.

10. Envy on housing

Provincial betrays the envy of other people real estate. He is jealous of everyone: friends, acquaintances, even my grandmother, a neighbor. Although there is nothing to envy. Each person has his house.

One of us is destined to be born in the capital, another in a small town or even in the village. If you came to the capital, then left home, most likely a parent.

So, most of your new acquaintances – the indigenous inhabitants of the capital, likewise, divides the living space with parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers.

By the way, it often happens that children grow up and want to live separately from parents. They are just as well rent an apartment or take a mortgage. The only difference is that they have a permanent residence here.

Don't waste energy on envy, better to set a goal and achieve it.

9. Select fashion places, clothing, and other items of General admiration

Provincial is committed to always look good. That's just buying clothes, he thinks not about quality, but about what those things are expensive, fashionable and popular.

He's trying to get on all cultural events, not because it's fun, and because it is fashionable, and there you can meet "the right people".

Think about why you want it? Live as you want, without regard to fashion trends and the behavior of their Metropolitan friends. They may also play a role.

With someone much more pleasant to communicate, if it is nothing of itself does not build. By the way, many rich people do not "stick out" your income, they do not stand out from the crowd, they just don't need it.

8. Short memory on his own biography

Hick doesn't like to talk about themselves. Not one question he will not answer honestly, will either laugh it off or come up with some story.

If you recognize yourself, maybe you should change your behavior? No one offers to tell you about myself. Only there's no shame in what you studied middle school in Rome, where he graduated from College and even worked at a local factory. It is important that you have reached now.

Many of the provincials had achieved dizzying success in the capital, but they remember his biography to the smallest detail and are not ashamed to admit it.

7. To believe that somewhere there is a better, but nothing to do

Hicks love to talk on the topic "what is out there better." Usually it is about life in other States. There is a high salary, there is a specialist with secondary education can accumulate in the cottage, there is another level of health and education.

Such conversations are very tiring. Even if you think that not sharing your thoughts with others. If you like another country, go back and start a new life, and not rend the air with empty chatter.

6. A lot of gold: chains, rings, watches

Each provincial the need to show his financial condition. Very often, this happens when the man was poor and then became rich. Yes, the Mirage can be rich from that his thinking has not changed, he still thinks narrowly.

So, a man buys a thick gold chain, watch, rings. Women generally do not know the steps in jewelry. They wear chains, bracelets, rings on all fingers. Although to buy gold, not necessarily to be rich, it is even possible to take a loan.

A countless number of jewelry will not make you a native of the capital, and the surrounding will soon associate you with a sparkling Christmas tree.

5. Proximity to a local "star"

Hick thinks that familiarity with the star gives him an advantage. Although this is often even acquaintance can not be called chance encounter on the landing or at a social event.

The man begins to tell everyone that is familiar with the celebrity. He believes that this fact will elevate it in the eyes of others.

He does not think that residents of the capital to meet a celebrity – not the ultimate dream. They had not once encountered such a situation but they never came to brag about it.

Indeed, to brag there is nothing. It is a strange success, you'll have to it no relation.

4. To despise their native places and not love her

Hick does not like to remember his city and all that it involves. He denies his relatives and friends, he considers them losers. He thinks he escaped from this small town, and it elevates him above the people who stayed there.

Such a man would be ashamed of my parents, relatives. It will be hard to learn the rules of etiquette and try to get rid of everything that reminds him of Home.

People, who think freely, always grateful to my parents, they fondly remember their little town or village. Even after achieving success, they will never be ashamed of your past.

3. To worry about what people think

The only thing that worries provincial – the opinion of other people. Such a person is afraid to do something that will compromise it in the eyes of other people.

For example, provincial has a car, a simple, domestic. So he'll Park a couple of blocks from where I work, and colleagues say that his car-the swallow again had to give in service. "She dented the fender, rode in the bumper ... a Friend brought up ...".

This is just an example, such situations can occur a huge number. And it concerns not only material issues.

2. Don't trust anyone, do everything yourself

Another feature, which gives the provincial. People all trying to do himself, even if he does not have the relevant experience and skills. It does not always work, but he goes ahead. He can't delegate authority to staff, he decides domestic issues.

Yes, only the provincial will take to fix the faucet when it's not in this sense. Nothing that he would have to make repairs in a rented apartment and pay for the repair of the neighbors below after the "flood." If you have this quality, immediately get rid of it.

1. The lack of empathy, and overwhelming selfishness

Hick does not show compassion, does not help people. He holds a special tactic: "to Think only about yourself, you do it only for yourself." He doesn't want to spend their time and energy on strangers, it is better to strive for their goals and achieve it without being distracted by the problems of others.

If you behave this way, think about what you may need help. But nobody will help, because at some point you have ignored the requests of other people.

Help people by deeds, word. All the good you do will come back to you.

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