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10 interesting facts from the life of the inimitable Mylene Farmer


Mylene Farmer (real name-Mylène Gautier) was one of the most recognizable French. She's very secretive life, but at work she prefers to be honest, so that its clips are stored, and they want to review again, because each one has different effects.

Despite the fact that the Farmer does not like to talk about yourself, some facts about her life all the same known. Let's learn them together.

10. Real name – Mylène Gautier

The real name of the singer is Mylene Jeanne Gautier. The surname she inherited from her father, but as a creative alias Mylene decided to change it.

On the change of name she was inspired by the life of Frances Farmer (American actress, one of the brightest Hollywood stars of the 1940s), and in 1984 was solved-now it will have a new name.

Mylene continued to appear in the passport and other documents as Gautier, but, according to singer, in 2000 she changed the name completely.

9. Visited disabled children at the hospital

There is a quality called kindness. When a person helps others – in word or deed, then he becomes happy, feels light.

Kindness, and not deprived singer Mylene Farmer is in the hospital, Garches she visited children with disabilities. Perhaps she was better off staying with them, because at school she was very closed and considered themselves "ugly duckling". She did not communicate with their peers and avoided people.

Every Sunday Farmer came to the hospital to meet with children with disabilities.

8. Engaged in equestrian sport

At the age of 12 Mylene Farmer started riding. After she studied for 5 years by closely associating with the horses, she had a great desire to become an instructor or a vet – someone, if only to link their lives with these beautiful animals.

According to some sources, they told that at the age of 17, Mylene took courses in Saumur (riding school in Europe). There she studied at the riding instructor. She wanted to have horses, but sometimes life can turn to an unexpected side – Mylene became a famous singer.

7. Natural hair color dark blonde

From Mylene Farmer real hair color – dark blonde, but she had to change it. The fact that the producer of the singer felt that her color is not suitable for bright image the fucker and asked her to change it. We do not know the details, she liked the idea or not, but the singer repainted in bright red for stage image.

In an interview, Farmer said that her mother by nature red hair, and on her nature, "joked", depriving it of red color. She began to paint in the red yet, for the reason that it emphasizes her natural beauty.

6. The inspiration for Farmer

Mylene Farmer inspired loneliness. In his youth, the singer claimed he did not want to have a family and children. Now the singer is 57 years old, she really was never married and has no children have.

Its main source of inspiration is the solitude, she lives alone, but not quite... she has two wonderful monkey, and 4 cats – the singer loves animals.

Mylene never liked parties, her spare time she was fond of mysticism. The singer calls the three most important for her, inspiring her to write music – it's death, love and loneliness.

5. Mylene didn't graduate

As a senior, she left the school. The girl had a desire to go to drama College, but no one turned her away. Even despite the setbacks, the Farmer did not give up – she still managed to finish courses Cours Florent (private school of dramatic art in Paris), after which she found work and appeared in ads for Ikea and Fiskars.

After that, she starred in the film "Georgina". Someone thinks that the role of the Farmer in this movie is a failure, she thought the same, so a career as an actress was over.

Mylene leaned into the modeling business and worked 23 years. Earnings was very small, but she had to stay. It's interesting that in 2018 the film with her participation which is called "the Country of ghosts."

4. "Recipe for beauty" from the singer

When the singer asked how she manages to look so good, she says she eats very little and does not understand those who finds solace in food. According to her, food is meant in order to survive, so in her diet, find only the products needed by her body.

Her favorite food is sushi, she is a vegetarian and never eats meat. During its growth 169 cm, Mylene weighs only 45 kg. She never indulges in the sweet, the singer loves candy. Not exactly useful, but the singer is not stopping their use.

Also Mylene manage to look so good because of the lack of stress – she prefers the privacy of family life and loves the cold, snow, and hot weather and in the sunshine it feels uncomfortable.

3. Crazy fan

All celebrities have crazy fans, and Mylene Farmer is no exception. This tragedy is not so much the details, in 1991, when Mylene was already known, in a recording Studio, which is called Polydor broke into a crazy fan in love with a singer.

He demanded the Secretary of the singer, threatened with a gun. The Secretary did not surrender to the threats – she did not name address Farmer, then a diehard fan shot her.

The death of the woman touched the singer deeply, but despite the incident, she refused protection.

2. Stage persona and real life

Mylene Farmer in your life a very private person, she doesn't like to meet journalists, to give an interview. As a child she avoided people, and, as an adult, nothing has changed.

Despite the fact that from the first seconds on stage, Mylene takes possession of the love of the audience and their undivided attention, without fear of exposing in public in sexy outfits since childhood, her difficulty in communicating with others.

Once she admitted that she is still hard to overcome his natural shyness.

1. Attention to detail concerts

There is one phrase: "the True beauty inside," the light and the good people are always beautiful.

Mylene Farmer – an open and sincere man, and every clip highlights its beauty coming from the inside. In the clips you can see her stunning realism, but it seems that all movements are left to chance.

Indeed, his concerts, the singer applies with full responsibility – the audience can enjoy not only great music, but also watch interesting performances, sets and vivid lighting effects.

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