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10 famous men who wear makeup


Looking through the pages on the Internet Willy-nilly, encounter news like "10 girls without makeup".

But worst of all, when caring the Internet offers to see how to look like your favorite male stars without makeup. What? When? When men started wearing makeup in ordinary life? What is happening to this world?

However, this is so – some stars deliberately used makeup in everyday life and can even give you advice on how to choose the right eyeliner. They are not afraid of strange words like "primer" and "concealer", and with the ink and does stick.

Preparation for the big event forces the men to spend hours near the mirror.

Understand, it is unpleasant to hear. Once you start to truly miss the image of a true Slavic hero, which is in the Creek washed the horse saddled and ruddy rescued the damsel from the clutches of the enemy. And now we have the ruddy knights themselves go.

Well, let's get acquainted with 10 celebrity men who know a lot about makeup.

10. Brian Molko

The famous vocalist of the band Placebo, it seems, in the light without makeup does not come out, just like the girl-teenager. It seems that the man likes to dress up and wear make-up, as new images are practiced regardless of the concerts.

Favourite Molko makeup is thickly applied shadows in the style of smoky eyes, by which it is easy to learn.

It's sad that in today's world of paparazzi have to run after the men, hoping to catch them without makeup.

9. Justin Bieber

The singer is known for his eccentric antics and bravado. It would seem that there is in it something masculine, despite the tearful songs and the image of such a dandy.

But make-up artists and stylists obviously over the top with the image of a little boy. On the Internet and then pop up photos where Bieber primp makeup then mascara, then powder, creating an image of an "innocent baby."

Someone even suspects that the image applied the bronzer to impart a glamorous sagasti and styling eyebrows.

Well, let's wait for the singer overtake the righteous anger and he dispersed staff of makeup artists to appear in the natural male form.

8. Jared Leto

Singer and actor famous heartthrob, who captivates fans with charm, beautiful male baritone and innocent blue eyes. Summer realizes that the latter have a magnetic effect on beautiful ladies, so do not scruple to highlight the eyelids with shadow, and lashes mascara.

The guy has mastered the make up professionally and could conduct master classes for fans. In General, the liner helps Jared to make the look more expressive and deep.

Note that the last time the man began to slowly abandon make-up and even grew a brutal beard. Of course, this does not prevent return to the art of face paint for the roles of drag Queen, or Joker.

7. Boy George

The star has a higher level of male makeup, as sad as it sounds. The fight was regularly experimenting with decorative cosmetics, focusing on the present girls ' makeup.

The earliest images were like a horrible tradition of the eighties: a bold eyeliner on the eyelids, vulgar bright shade.

English composer already Mature and grown up, but still can not abandon emphasis on the eyes, masterfully applying strong makeup to create the stage image.

Oh, and we thought the singers should attract talent and voice, not "bright plumage".

6. Billie Joe Armstrong

The singer of Green Day has a vast experience in overlay of high-quality makeup. About thirty years he painted independently, and even before going on stage makes styling or intricate hairstyles.

The man admitted that creating images helps him a famous American makeup artist Katherine von Drachenberg. Together with a woman Billy released a black eyeliner for the brand.

In the case of Armstrong, there is a clear connection between makeup and orientation. The musician does not hide his bisexuality, being married and twice a father.

5. Russell Brand

The former spouse of the famous singer Katy Perry life painted eyes, placing special emphasis on the lower eyelid. Eyeliner, black pencil and shadows become faithful companions of showman. So he was coming (he thought) to the image of a rock star.

Interesting, so I do not know left him, Katie could not compete in terms of good images? Or maybe tips for applying makeup from her husband's fed up?

Still fragile every woman wants to see next to a strong man, but painted husband Brand does not cause at first glance such associations.

4. Steven Tyler

The permanent leader of the rock group Aerosmith have changed a lot of girlfriends, and perhaps they have learned the art bright face paint. Tyler is not only typical of roscrow black eyeliner but also face powder, lipstick and toner. Complements your glaring way by the nail Polish and contrasting strands in the hair.

So imagine how Steven asks another juvenile girlfriend makeup "powder my nose", and then its forgot. Laughter and a sin. But such a talented and brutal man, why do these female characters?

3. Ozzy Osbourne

The image of a real man is closely intertwined with a dense makeup, without which a 69-year-old singer did not appear in public. Makeup and styling matter for him everyday, and without which the ashamed.

Despite the fact that the music and style of performance, Ozzy gave him the nickname "great and terrible", because the singer resembles the real vampire.

2. Marilyn Manson

The leader of our review – a talented singer who completely lost their individuality in the selected scenic image. Without makeup, Manson looks like a normal man, and even cuddly.

Black hair, overuse of white powder and eyeliner, red lipstick lips – it all helps Manson to achieve the desired image of a goth, a vampire.

Thus, the singer introduces the audience with their dark side or alter ego that allows you to perform such strong songs.

1. Johnny Depp

Beautiful by nature man johnny Depp would be enough only to charm, to enchant the hearts of the fans. But the actor decided that male attributes, it is not enough, therefore, applies makeup in everyday life.

Yes, Depp puts on makeup not only for the role of mad pirate Jack Sparrow. For daytime make-up man applies eyeliner, emphasizing the depth of his brown eyes.

To write about such a transformation of our society is not easy, still, a man should remain a man, even if he has a stage persona. Let's see what the new generation will grow, given the legalization of the LGBT community and participation of transgender persons in key events.

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