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10 of the most amusing and ironic monuments of Russia


In General, our country has always been famous as a huge amount of talent, and General originality of thinking. And so it is not surprising that over the last 10-15 years (when it became fashionable to set various art objects almost in front of each office, it is not that over large enterprises), practically in every Russian city, a host of most unusual, sometimes strange, sometimes even causing amazement and surprise of monuments and sculptures.

Among them are the monuments of cartoon characters (e.g., the wolf from the cartoon "there once was a dog" – that "right now I sing!", – represents the well-fed happiness in Tomsk; in Voronezh is a monument to the kitten from lizyukov street; Gena the crocodile, Cheburashka and Shapoklyak with rat Lariska delight of residents near Moscow Ramensky, etc.).

There are often monuments to food: in 2015, was removed 10 years stood in Moscow sculpture gently hug the crows and foxes with cheese "Druzhba"; in Mamonovo (Kaliningrad region) there is a monument to Bank of sprat; in Lukhovitsy monument pickled cucumber; in Kursk – Apple, etc.

Just countless sculptures depicting people of different professions: builders, plumbers, janitors and even designers. In addition, in Russia it is possible to find monuments to money: in Tomsk – the "wooden" ruble, Krasnoyarsk – 10-ruble banknote.

All these sculptures and monuments are very different, and some have (hmm...) is very questionable artistic value, but they are there, and obviously soon will appear new and new.

And from all this diversity it is very difficult to choose the most-most (in our case – the most bizarre, funny or really ridiculous), but we still try.

So, let's start?

10. Bald monument to Peter I (Saint Petersburg)

In Russia, it is difficult to find a man who would not know who Peter I. of Course, is the great Russian Tsar-reformer, "open a window to Europe", etc., etc. and we somehow got used that the monuments of Peter – always majestic, even pompous.

Therefore, when facing this interpretation of the image, then feel genuine surprise and even a slight shock, bald Peter with a very small head on a large disproportionate body sits on the throne.

Yeah... But the artist Mikhail Shemyakin, who "sees" argues that all right, and anyway, they say, the face of the bronze Peter is his exact portrait, taken from a wax mask, stored in the Hermitage. This "work" is in the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg (established in 1991).

9. The monument caught the lover (Tomsk)

And in Tomsk since 2001, you can admire the monument to the lover caught "on hot". Agree, before you saw the photo in your head there was a completely different way – luxurious handsome man with a huge bouquet (well, maybe a little scared).

But no, Tomsk lover's fat uncle in the family underwear hanging on the balcony of his sweetheart (Yes, – that is to say, the picture of life). There is also a little tongue-in-cheek inscription: "Who did not will, who was – will not forget."

And, by the way, pants-sail lover annually change: he had worn a bright red and lurid colorful and stylish "military"

Initially, the sculpture was on the building of the Council of trade unions, and now (apparently, the mistress moved) settled on the wall of the Museum of history of Tomsk.

8. A monument to the mosquito (Noyabrsk)

Even more unusual sculpture is in the city of Noyabrsk (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug), is a huge (2.5 m height) of "cyberpunk" mosquito from metal parts. There was this mosquito,"nefashos" in 2006.

Why "nefashos"? Well, first, Noyabrsk is a city of oil industry workers; and secondly, imagine what would happen to a man if it will stick that's the "beast," she's only oil and sucking, and right from the well.

And why is the monument to the mosquito? Who lived in the North (or "just" in Siberia), he knows, will be here to survive, you need to manage to suck it up not only to the fierce frost for six months and almost the same in the long polar darkness, but to a huge number of mosquitoes and midges getting you anywhere and everywhere in the rest of the year.

7. Lovers of dogs (Krasnodar)

But in Krasnodar, thank God, from blood-sucking insects is no problem, and in General – it's warm and cozy. And so the darlings of local residents in 2007 were two bronze dogs, walking under a hand (paw) at the intersection of Red and the World.

These dogs are clearly very happy with life. They dressed in costumes of the early XX century, because created based on the humorous short poems of V. V. Mayakovsky "the Dog's the wilderness," devoted to Krasnodar, which has the following lines: "well It's not the dog's the wilderness, and sobachkina capital".

That's just as ironically pointed out by one of the commentators of this sculpture on the Internet, hinting at a very newdie shapes of dogs, the feeling that the sculptor actually usually casts bells, and this for the monument came from as part.

6. Monument Yashkino cat (Yoshkar-Ola)

Well, what Russian people do not use at least some of it is a harmless expletive "Holy cow!"? And you know that the residents of Yoshkar-Ola abbreviated call their city "Joschka"? That's why they once decided to make "Joskin cat" a symbol of the city and a real tourist brand.

The notorious cat now appears on many Souvenirs, has a cafe named after himself, etc., and since June 2011 personally "welcomed" by the local citizens and guests of the city, imposingly lounging on the bench (and one with his paw) next to the main building of Mari state University. And next to Goscinnym cat – the newspaper "the Naked truth" and lying on her fish bones.

5. Monument Central heating (Samara)

Oh. Mother Russia, a lot of good you are! But with the nice weather in our area most of the year, the situation is, frankly, not very. It is impossible to live without heat is not that in Siberia, but in a much more favourable (in terms of climate) regions.

Here it is, my dear, – the heating (or rather, familiar to all of us the battery-the radiator) – and created a monument in the glorious city of Samara. Since 2005, at the entrance of the oldest in our country Samara GRES "hot" lying on the windowsill above the battery bronze cat (by the way, the sketch for this sculpture the author chose from the photos of citizens sent to specially declared on this occasion).

The monument was erected in honor of the 150th anniversary of the invention (in Russia, in St. Petersburg, 1855) the world's first radiator.

4. "Chocolate fairy" (Cover)

Than famous city of Pokrov in the Vladimir region? And the fact that there is the eponymous confectionery factory that produces very good chocolate.

And now, in 2009, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary activities in our country, the American company Kraft foods (which owns the factory "Cover"), the city was opened the Museum of chocolate, and along with it – and the world's first (as claimed in press) monument to chocolate.

According to the authors, this is not just an abstract chocolate and the "chocolate fairy" in the magical cap that holds a little chocolate "Milka", bringing good luck (of course, it is necessary to RUB).

Idea idea, but in the end, "fairy" looks like (God forgive me!) some drag Queen in heels, some sort of vest and long coat poluraspahnutom.

3. "Permyak salty ears" (Perm)

Another very unusual but, in our opinion, a much more smart and handsome monument is, as you might guess, in the city of Perm.

The fact that (in XV-XVII centuries) the surrounding area of Perm, famous for the salt mines. Heavy sacks of mined salt workers carried on the back, so their head (especially ears) have always been a good "long for salty". Hence, there inoffensive nickname "Permyak salty ears".

Bronze frame with huge ears (which can "try" anyone) and a bronze photographer in front of her appeared on Komsomolsky Prospekt near the hotel "Prikamye" in 2006.

And since a selfie with these "ears" is a favorite pastime as residents of Perm and guests of the city.

2. A monument to the enema (Zheleznovodsk)

Yes there are some mosquito, battery or ears: in the city of Zheleznovodsk, a monument of even the medical enema! (Here it is exactly unique in the world!)

Three little cheerful angel that keep this giant "instrument", the idea of the author of this sculpture symbolize, so to speak, the Trinity of "forces" that are involved in the healing process of the disease: the patient, a nurse and, in fact, medical equipment.

And this bright idea to perpetuate an enema in bronze, came at the head of the former head physician of sanatorium "Mashuk-Akvaterm". Well, what of it? Because patients are of Caucasian mineral waters put thousands of daily enemas!

And here in 2008 we can witness this "work of art". (Oh My God! How to stop laughing? Enema and cherubim and with philosophical overtones!)

1. Monument "the horse egg" (Voronezh)

And finally, an absolute masterpiece and absolute winner of the entire "ten", a monumental "Horse eggs", which appeared in 2007, next to the private hotel "Yar" on the highway "don" near Voronezh.

The locals call this horse-heavies Aryi, and they have repeatedly pleaded with the hotel and the city to clean it from sin.

Well, no, you look at this monstrosity: height 3.5 m, weight – three tons of; instead of a normal horse's tail is stubby stump (like a bulldog); is that it is a horse, not any horse can be seen immediately by a huge, carefully constructed, the genitalia (hmm... by the way, more similar to human than horse).

Yeah... Freud would have collapsed in a swoon with delight at the sight of such vivid illustrations of his theory.

And to top it all – the fire horse somewhere pulled the rail and chews it! Apparently, these sculptors Tikunova wanted to emphasize the power of the strange animal. (Wipe tears of hysteria...)

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