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10 "the nicest kids in the world": what happened to their fate


Oh, these kids! Funny and serious, sincere and Flirty, open and direct. They are all different, but each beautiful in its own way. However, there are in the world, such photos and cinematic children, whose appearance leaves no one indifferent.

They say that the taste and color of comrades there, and that beauty is a very relative concept, so it is very difficult to choose the most beautiful among these young angels, who at such a beautiful age, has already managed to achieve notable successes in modeling or film.

No one knows what will become of their appearance over the years: perhaps one of them will lose the charm of childhood, it is also likely that someone will be able to realize themselves, but in a new way. Now, however, they are touches that delight and fascinate the most beautiful children on the planet.

10. Tilan Blondo

Tilan was born in 2001 in the family of TV presenter and football player. To work in the modeling business, she began at the age of 4 years. This little Charmer has collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier as well as with international modeling Agency IMG Models.

Pictures of 10-year-old Tila made for popular publications such as Vogue, caused a wave of indignation in society. Members of the controversial photo shoot and the management of the magazine was accused of child molestation.

At the moment it is one of the most popular among the child models on the planet.

9. Mackenzie Christine Foy

This beauty was born in 2000 in Los Angeles. And after four years she began a modeling career, working with Garnet Hill, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess Kids.

In 2009, the girl played a role in the TV series happily ever after, and a year later she participated in popular projects, Remember that will and Hawaii 5.0. However, its significant role is considered to be the work of the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

In 2012, McKenzie landed a role in the film adaptation of the book by David Baldacci Wish you well.

8. Kristina Pimenova

This girl was born in Moscow. Christine currently is the most popular model girl in Russia, although its popularity extends far ha the borders of our vast country.

In modeling this lovely creation came only after her mother did a professional photo shoot with her and sent the pictures to a modeling Agency President Kids.

Currently she collaborates with Prada, Burberry, Silvian Heach. The girl also managed to become the face of the company Ferrero.

7. Laney Grace

Without the participation of the young talents now can not get children's clothing collection for H M and GAP. In the business model Laney came as soon as she turned three years and every year her charisma and professional experience increases.

The face of this amazing beauty, thanks largely to the mixture of blood: here the visible and Spanish motifs in combination with the refined beauty of European and Filipino, for example, full lips and snub nose.

Interestingly, Lanea removed in photo shoots not only being alone in the frame, but paired with older models.

6. Elizabeth Hilyard

The fame of this simple, but very beautiful girl from Canada came due to its obvious similarity with the most beautiful young Russian Kristina Pimenova. Of course,

Elizabeth yet the same success in the modeling industry, and her Russian counterpart, however, over the last couple of years she was able to conquer the hearts of many well-known Western photographers.

5. Lily Chi

Due to its unusual appearance, this native of new York city from an Asian background, from an early age began to cooperate with famous brands like Old Navy and Target.

Also, the girl signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models, by the way its representatives have noticed that Lily quite by accident while shopping.

Also Lily Chi is trying to take their first steps in cinema: recently she performed the role of a young ELEKTRA in the Daredevil series Nelflix, as well as the role of Jessica in the film Sunset Park.

4. Ira Brown

Simple girl Ira has become known almost from the cradle. As soon as this angelic creature has learned to walk, she began to show interest in mom's cosmetics.

When she was 2 years old, my parents took her to a model Agency, where a nice photogenic girl immediately noticed.

Fans of Ira called her a living doll and an angel descended from heaven. Her thick lashes and plump rosy cheeks were forced to melt even the most callous hearts.

However, then still nobody suspected that for the sake of popularity daughter, her parents cheated: did her professional make-up, tinted hair, and even drove to the Solarium.

3. Anna Pavia

This is a lovely 6-year-old creation has subdued all his open smile and bright energy. She began her career in modeling thanks to a happy coincidence.

When Anna was 2. her parents went to a photo Studio to take photos for the family album. Asking the parents of the pretty girls permission, the photographer Vlad Yeliseyev posted pictures of her on social networks. So, soon the girl's parents began to receive offers from well known advertising agencies.

At this point, she actively acted in Russia for children's publications, in commercials and in a big movie.

2. Anastasia Bezrukova

To 10 years this cutie has managed to become one of the most popular children's models in Europe. She collaborated with the following brands: Benetton, Pinko, Moschino, Incanto, and she had the honor of having for the cover of the famous publication of Vogue Bambini.

In 2016 Nastya played her first role in a movie in Karin Anna matison milky way. It girl played the daughter of the main characters. Later the same Director she received the role of the daughter of the protagonist in the film After you.

1. William Franklin Miller

Will was born in 2004 in Devon (UK). This cute guy with 4 years earns as an actor and model.

He has worked with well known companies such as Country Road, Pavement Brands, Sudo and Ratbag. And in 2017, he was even named the most beautiful boy in the world.

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