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10 facts about flowers that will interest you


Flowers had a great influence on the development of a huge number of world cultures. Somewhere they are used just as a decoration, somewhere they are used for rendering the token, but somewhere they are treated as deified object.

Actually, the flower is just the reproductive organs of plants, however, due to the natural aesthetic, characteristic of most people mankind for many centuries of its existence managed to turn them into a cult.

10. White flowers does not happen – in fact, they are colorless

Contrary to popular belief, the white petals are painted white. They just do not have in their structure coloring pigment.

By the way, the black color in the plant world also is not found: the most close to him shades of dark red or dark purple.

9. In Hinduism, flowers are widely used for sacrifices

In one of the most widespread world religions Hinduism, people often use flowers when making a variety of rites and rituals. In addition, they often sacrifice the Hindu deities.

It is believed that the Gods feed on pleasant fragrances, so during this ritual always lit incense and sacrificed to flowers.

According to the views of Hinduism, recently cut flowers is the embodiment of life, interrupted at the peak of its prosperity. Dead flower could then be the result. The fruit would give seeds, thanks to which the continued existence of the species.

Tearing flowers, people interrupt the natural cycle of nature. It kills the plant life in the most beautiful phase. Because of this, plucked the flower is often compared to a young girl who died at the peak of its beauty and power.

For this reason, in cultures where regularly carried out human sacrifices, the most suitable is considered the victim was a young girl who failed to marry and produce offspring.

8. The oldest on the planet, rose has 1000 years, adorns the German town of Hildesheim

At the moment, the famous thousand-year rose is not just a tourist attraction, but also a kind of Shrine, which I give respect, as a witness of the birth and development of the state.

Once Emperor Wilhelm II was given a cross made from the branches of the roses. And the Archduchess Elizabeth of Austria has donated to the Cathedral the costume of the clergyman, which she made with their hands, in gratitude for the fact that her citizens had previously given the germ of the Millennial roses.

7. In Australia dolphins Rhizanthella not dissolved on the surface and under the ground

It's hard to believe a simple man, not having a deep knowledge in botany, but in the world there is a flower that lives on earth. The value of this unusual plant usually does not exceed 8 cm.

Since rhizanthella may not like other plants to absorb solar energy, it receives nutrients and carbon dioxide from a nearby Bush, to which is attached by means of a special fungus. It acts as a kind of conduit through which the flower receives all the necessary substances to maintain normal functioning.

6. People brought some 50,000 roses and their hybrids

The people's love for these flowers knows no measure. They can be present in almost any situation: birthday, wedding, date, concert of your favorite artist etc.

Therefore, the mankind throughout its history, tried to bring as many species of these beautiful plants. So, at the moment, we can enjoy the amazing variety of roses and send them to your loved ones.

5. The world's largest water Lily Victoria Regia is 2 meters in diameter

It is not only the largest water Lily in the world, but also one of the world's most popular greenhouse plants. In addition, the Victoria Regia is the national flower of Guyana and even depicted on the emblem of this country.

4. Scientists have proven that flowers react differently to people depending on how those apply to them

There is a perception that flowers have the ability to carry the thought process and the manifestation of emotional reactions. However, recent scientific data is forced to look at this issue entirely from the other side.

The fact that scientists have proved that all living organisms, including flowers, possess the aura, which helps them to share emotions and information.

Therefore, setting the stage for a houseplant, pay attention not only to the regime of watering and air temperature, but also on the emotional climate in the room.

3. The most expensive flower in the world (Golden Orchid) can be bought for around 5 thousand dollars

The high cost of flower primarily stems from the fact that he begins to blossom only when he turns 15 years.

2. The tallest flower on Earth is called the Amorphophallus titanum and rises above the ground by about 3 meters

This plant has the largest inflorescence in the world, whose height can reach 2.5 m and width 1.5 m.

It is noteworthy that the flower of Amorphophallus titanum exudes a very sharp odor. Also characteristic of this tropical plant is that it begins to smell only when it.

The vast majority of Amorphophallus species are endemic. They grow mostly in disturbed grounds, such as secondary forests, rocks, etc.

The tubers of konjac are often used in traditional Japanese cuisine in the preparation of first courses or in the stew. Also it can make the flour for the noodles and gelatinous mixture, from which subsequently made a special tofu. In addition, this plant is used as raw material for the production of products for people with diabetes.

1. The world's first floral clock was planted in 1720 in Switzerland

The first floral clock appeared in 20-ies of the XVIII century. They invented the preeminent naturalist Carolus Linnaeus. Through careful observation, he found that flowers of different plants bloom and closed always in a certain time, allowing them to compare notes.

However, this natural mechanism has its flaws -the accuracy of these watches is directly dependent on the weather.

Up until now, the most famous flower clock was considered the Japanese and the Swiss. The capital of Russia can also boast of such attractions is the diameter of the clock on Poklonnaya hill is 10 meters.

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