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10 anime series like "Bleach", 2004


The "bleach" anime series about a fifteen-year teenager who has an unusual ability: he can see ghosts.

In this cartoon describes the many fascinating adventures of a boy and the other characters, but it allows you to relax and laugh.

Consider the popular anime TV series that the story and atmosphere somewhat similar to this fascinating story.

10. Naruto 2002-2007

The world described in this series is rather strange, but it is similar to the familiar ordinary human reality. It's like he's frozen in the middle ages, but there are various attributes of modern life: TV, motor boats and so on.

Terrible Nine-tailed Fox terrified the villagers, but then the demon was defeated and imprisoned in the body of a small child. He grew up an outcast and an orphan, but not become embittered and broke, because the people that surrounded him, did not cease to believe in it.

Now boy, Naruto attends the ninja Academy. Once he learns who really is, and the result is that many important events.

9. Naruto: shippuuden 2007-2017

The newcomers, whose life was described in the first anime, "Naruto", with time become more experienced and skillful.

A boy in an orange dress continued to learn from an eccentric and wise young Jirii, Sakura became a Trustee of the new leader of the Village Foliage, healer, Tsunade and expelled Sasuke temporarily merged with Orochimaru.

A small respite ended, and the events again began to turn at breakneck speed began to ascend the old mysteries, to germinate the seeds of long-standing quarrels. Fans of "Naruto" was very pleased with the sequel.

8. One Piece 1999-...

The pirate king, during his reign, had achieved power, fame and untold wealth, decided to hide somewhere in "one piece", a mysterious treasure. When he died, many began to look for this treasure, and the result is a great time of pirates.

Pirates wants to be Luffy: the guy who lives in a small village on the shore. At a young age the boy accidentally tried the "rubber-rubber", devil fruit, and as a result became the owner of an unusual talent.

When Luffy grew up, he decided to leave the country to find the hidden "one piece".

7. Soul eater 2008-2009

Lost in the City Armory is an institution created by God of Death. There are students that can become an animate weapons and equipment, their partners.

Equipment and weapons should act together. The student, who will be the best, be an instrument of God: the Scythe of Death. This anime describes the story of several students.

Turning into pistols Liz and Pat are working with Death, Jr., who is obsessed with symmetry. Turn into any ninja weapon Tsubaki operates in a pair with a Black star, and soul become a scythe – with the Maquis, which is very diligent.

6. Tale of fairy tail 2009-...

"Fairy tail" gained the world fame of the mages Guild mercenaries. Lucy is a young sorceress, who thought that he was in the most wonderful place in the world, but then she met his eccentric "colleagues".

Loki is loving and glamour, Erza – excessive tediousness. Grey is an exhibitionist, happy cat that can fly and talk, and Natsu literally sweeps away everything in its path.

This unusual company is going to experience a lot of adventures and defeat many enemies.

5. Bloody guy 2013

Hell is very much like a big city, which consists of various ghettos. In this "metropolis" dwells evil. All constituencies – boss, always formed their own gangs.

In one district ruled by a vampire who is a vegetarian: a horrible and merciless of Vlad Charlie Staz. He doesn't hunt for beautiful girls to satisfy their blood, sleeps in a coffin. Vlad is sedated otaku, whose interests are main – women's roundness, anime, games and manga.

4. Fun gods 2014

The daughter of a Shinto priest Kusanagi Yui had sex all the time only kenjutsu, family style service in the Church and school. One day seventeen-year-old Yui found a strange sword, which quickly brought her into a large, but empty school.

Then came the master of Zeus, who explained to the girl what was going on. It turned out that the young celestials don't want to be associated with the people, their aspirations and hopes.

These blockheads need to PEREPODGOTOVKI that they ceased to be loosening, and the girl will learn with them. Yui will help them to understand the issues related to love and Humanities.

3. Impulse world 2014

On our planet suddenly opened a portal to another world. From another dimension to Earth quickly rushed indestructible giant monsters. It turned out that the weapon created by men greatly inferior to the technology of the invaders.

The result is a "Frontier": a special organization, where the ongoing study of these technologies. In the anime tells about Osamu Mikumo who interned at "the Border".

2. Wanderers2016

Shimazu is a famous samurai who bravely beating at Sekigahara. He kills Namazu AI of the enemy commander, but he gets a very serious wound.

Samurai crippled, he's bleeding, but he still hides from the battlefield and suddenly finds himself in a strange corridor. There Shimadzu meets with Murasaki, a man with glasses who sends the samurai into a different reality.

1. Indigo children from another world 2013

Indigo children usually miss among ordinary people, but there are more interesting places: for example, the world inhabited by werewolves and vampires, wizards and gods.

These creatures love to play "for fun" and to have fun with gambling and duels. Weak there is no place, but the inhabitants of this world are very happy talented players who are always ready to fight, to find new friends, become stronger or just to have fun and to diversify his life.

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