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10 older celebrities who are not shy to wear short skirts


Every year the fashion trends change, but the skirt as a symbol of femininity is always in fashion. Another thing is that every year this item of clothing becomes shorter and shorter, sometimes Recalling the belt on the body.

Of course, that young girls, not having the wisdom of life and a head on their shoulders, aim their feet to seduce men. But what to say when an adult aunt over 50 shows in a short mini, exposing flabby old skin and not the perfect legs for show? Our celebrities don't seem too worried about his age.

In this review we present 10 of the elderly stars who can't resist the temptation to wear a mini, regardless of age.

10. Donatella Versace

A trendsetter, a leader well-known Versace brand should always stay on top form and be a style icon.

Honestly, Donatella already over 60, but a good refined taste, she can not boast, and restraint in clothes. Her age does not hurt to hide the sagging skin and the imperfection of the figure under loose clothes and extra long styles.

But apparently, Ms. Versace doesn't think so, putting on events vulgar short dresses and skirts mini. Enhances the image of the lady of the neckline and the weird sheer panels on dresses. Taste Versace has long been a subject of discussion among journalists and critics, but looks like the woman are not confused.

9. Ivana Trump

Now the US President is married to a well-groomed and stylish model that knows only in fashionable clothing. But before the wives of the famous oligarch went to Mrs. Ivan, which now passed for 67.

Glamorous socialite does not want to wear clothes according to their age, because now she does not need to maintain the image of "first lady". Here's Ivan and abuse tanning, wearing mini dresses and skirts, did not hesitate not ideal shrivelled legs. Even for her strong image of a sort of a "Barbie age".

8. Julia Roberts

Julia is beautiful in any season, as the true natural beauty does not spoil. Yoga and healthy eating are yielding results – figure 51 year old Julie may envy today's young Actresses.

It is therefore not surprising that Roberts still appears at events in short dresses, and the city wears boldly stylish mini skirt. Still, with such slim toned legs!

7. Larisa Dolina

This celebrity raises a number of contradictions from fashion critics. Someone thinks that the Valley wearing short dresses and skirts are not to face and not by age. Others believe the singer is bold and support her idea to be herself.

The Valley itself doesn't care about the opinion of fans or critics, is not shy about its magnificent forms and boldly wore a revealing dress and short skirts, and even skinny.

Perhaps some of the outfits are tasteful and even nice to sit on the older celebrity, but the other crap on her face. On the other hand, the choice for the Valley.

6. Alla Pugacheva

Diva rightfully takes its place in our review. Oh someone who, as her pants very rare to find, as in long dresses. Alla, the older it gets, the fiercer young.

Plastic surgeons and various SPA treatments for the figure yielding results. Admittedly, the view of Pugacheva in mini-dresses and short skirts are not repellent. Especially in the last months diva prettier and a little pohudeniya with a competent diet.

By the way, now Alla is not only a favorite mini-dresses style "Bat", but also short shorts, mini-skirts and even jeans. The singer does not hesitate to spread the new stylish images on social networks, giving the odds of young fashionistas.

5. Brigitte Macron

In fact, the first lady of France, capital of glamour and fashion, not bothering to flaunt the short dresses and youth mini-skirts. However, Brigitte Makron, it seems, is not going to abide by this archaic rule.

The President's wife feels young and free, which emphasizes its fresh approach to fashion. Brigitte walks in mini skirts and short dresses, boldly exposing miniature slender legs.

Her image pushes, and inspires that even after 50 you can stay young and playful, in fact all systems, in fact, in my head.

4. Zhanna Epple

Famous Russian actress not so long ago celebrated 54 years and, it seems, is not going to grow old. Jeanne kept excellent shape, so feel free to accentuate her slinky dresses, short dresses, shorts and skirts. She wears them not only on social events, but just during shopping or leisure.

Epple recently became a grandmother, but in fact we see that she is still the cheerful, energetic and very attractive woman. By the way, the actress can afford a short skirt, because without plastics and other tweaks manages to stay in top shape.

3. Lolita

It is no secret that pretended to be young Lolita well, that's absolutely without complexes! Singer and then hits the tabloids because of their blatant and vulgar attire, so that usual mini skirt – this is only the beginning in her way.

Critics do not cease discussing the outrageously short and tasteless stage images Milavskaya. The woman believes that any woman at any age has the right to wear what she is comfortable and what they like.

A year ago, Lolita was very thin, so boldly puts slender legs from under short skirts and dresses. Complements the extravagant way deep neckline and provocative high boots.

2. Tina Turner

A legendary performer rock ' n ' roll is not shy about his age, and looks pretty well, so it can afford the habit to wear a short.

Turner prefers mini dresses and skirts, not only as a scenic image. The singer boldly carries similar attributes clothing for social events or just in everyday life, but because she was, for a moment, already 76 years old!

Slender legs and neat figure allow Tina to be a "girl", despite its age, and well these critics!

1. Madonna

Madonna is already quite far over 50, but it is absolutely not going to get old. Early in his career, the singer shocking the audience revealing outfits, so no wonder she is still bravely wearing short dresses and skirts and shorts barely covering the buttocks.

Fortunately, the figure of the pop diva allows her to wear short dresses, of course not in combination with "spiked" bras and vulgar bottomtime. But this is how sees himself a diva.

At the end of it all, everyone is young at heart and has the right to Express himself as he wants. Stars are people just like us. And that critics weave – because it is their personal problem.

Of course, celebrities are role models for young people and unethical outfits clearly do not contribute to the cultural development of the country. But everyone has to make their choice.

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