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10 anomalous zones of Russia


Each country is famous for its unique places that have some inexplicable sacred force. There are anomalous things: some people run away, sparkling heels, and other visits the inspiration and unique ideas. What are these areas and how are they determined?

Today we will be talking about these legendary places in our country. Yes, in Russia and, in particular, on its Northern side, anomalous zones have accumulated a huge amount, and today we'll look at 10 key. Some were places of sacrifice, the other associated with living ghosts and spirits, and in the third people disappear without a trace.

Intrigued? Then let's go.

10. Village Rates

A small village of the Sverdlovsk region is famous for its shopping Baberowski tract, passing through the Asian and European area of the continent. In Rascasse local people have mined gold, so fared quite well.

However, it was rumored that the place has bad reputation at night observed a strange glow, and some even saw evil spirits. Don't know, been justified by such gossip, but one day all the villagers just vanished, and at the local cemetery there are many graves dug.

Residents try not to look at the extinct village, and the tourists feel it, to put it mildly, not myself.

9. Death valley in Kamchatka

The very title already warns that it should at least be avoided. The region, which in the Yakut language poetically sounds like eluu Cherkekh, associate the local with the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

Back in the 50's, the gold miners were told that by a local river and noticed seven boilers, as if made of molten copper. Of them, allegedly, even there were trees.

There were brave men who remained in the boilers for the night, they say, the air is warm. However, the morning was found clear symptoms of radiation exposure.

Scientists explain the occurrence of anomalies: the meteorite has fallen to pieces-fired boilers which retains residual heat, and dose of radiation.

8. Lovozero

Awesome energy zone can be found on the Kola Peninsula. A trip to Lovozero indicate the presence of a kind of "Bermuda triangle" – the region like deforms space and time, and the gravitational field of the planet changed significantly.

Local residents also suggest caution about living your own Yeti. Where in Russia Bigfoot, and how the information can be considered reliable?

7. Ural dolmens

In the region of Upper Pyshma unknown appeared dolmens in height of about 50 cm Initially, their appearance was connected with the activities of charcoal burners a couple of centuries ago, but scientists attribute the stone buildings of more solid age – 3 thousand years BC.

Already in the Urals, there were about 150 of these dolmens, which are durable. Around them people complained about bouts of hallucinations, and someone happened temporary amnesia.

And yet who built these megaliths, stone tile and, more importantly, for what purpose? If it was the place of burial, sacrifices or acupuncture points of our planet?

6. Taganay Park

Near the town of Zlatoust is situated national Park, which has a bad reputation. Scientists and residents noted the increased geoactivity zone, thereby going "fans" of paranormal phenomena, and the unknown.

Someone here manages to see space ships, others arise mirages and hallucinations, and still others communicate with ghosts, and the fourth watch balls of energy or light.

What has not been discovered in this area, ranging from quick changes in the weather and ending with Bigfoot. Whether it is the fruit of human imagination, or Taganai Park really is a concentrate of wonders on our planet?

5. Place Bajovski legends

Domestic writer Bazhov left the tale, which describes exotic places of our country. They are located near Sysert and Polevskoy. Researchers and tourists have chosen these areas due to their mystical glory.

"Pilgrimage" is organized to Markov-stone mountain Duma, and also the Azov-mountain. Latest popular its hidden cave where the hidden treasures. Night on the mountain, the locals say a mysterious glow.

Legend has it, allegedly along the mountain circles pulls the Ghost mass stranding of harbour porpoise. Near Susaki scientists surprise mysterious blue fog.

4. Nevyansk tower

The tower is situated in the area of mountain estates Demidovs and has a specific slope, well, just like leaning. It is surrounded by historical and mystical secrets. Still has a date of construction and name of the author, and its purpose.

The particular mystery is the "sound room" where you can hear even the quietest whisper. I Nevyansk tower located underground labyrinths, which contributed to the mystery of the crossing of silver, after which they were flooded.

3. Molebsky triangle

Unique anomalous zone is located in the tree Molebka and covers an area of 70 square kilometers. Residents say that in 80-m to year there was a meteorite. Expedition with scientists of the RAS were able to get there only in 2003, but found nothing.

However, in the area of "triangle" recorded a strange natural phenomena: auditory hallucinations, strange bright flash, glowing objects. Visitors complain of changes in temperature and headaches, if you are close to Polabskogo triangle.

2. The Dyatlov Pass

One day in 1959 in the area of secret Pass way killed the students, who under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov went on a tour.

The pass received the name of Dyatlov, and also became abnormal place. Still there are different versions of what happened with the guys: whether it was the secret development of the government and can really work otherworldly forces?

1. Arkaim

The Chelyabinsk region is famous for its abnormal places. So, in the southern steppes of the old settlement of Arkaim, which is abandoned for more than 4 thousand years. It is rumored that he burned themselves citizens. The mysterious site was built with a focus on the stars, so, like Stonehenge, had a ring structure.

Those who have been in the local valley, noted the strange balls of fire and glowing objects in the night sky. And do residents believe that the region is endowed with a powerful energy that affects consciousness.

Of course, to travel to a place like this with caution – who knows what consequences for the psyche you can get.

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