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10 most unusual in the world of robots


Modern man had the honor to witness the beginning of the era of robots when artificial intelligence can take any form, guise and perform a variety of functions.

What a lot of decades, wrote fiction begins to become reality. The possibilities of modern scientists working on the creation of such miracles and delight, and frighten at the same time: we all remember the danger of the uprising of the machines, which for the two parts of the Terminator has Sarah Connor.

However, despite all the indignation of reactionaries, progress cannot be stopped, now in the press almost every day there are new reports on outstanding inventions, who can diagnose, maintain a social conversation, to perform the role of a pet, and even become a tool for sexual pleasure.

We present 10 most amazing robots on the planet.

10. The robot – eater of flies

Perhaps the purpose of this e-create someone seems too primitive and not worth the invested creation of forces and means. However, this robot is still considered unique in its kind.

The creators of this amusing stuff has given his creation an angel to the current system of charging as power sources, the robot consumes fuel elements derived from ordinary sugar.

But where the robot takes the most glucose? The answer is obvious: the device catches insects and their organic fragments is processed into sugar.

9. Robotron

It's hard to argue with the fact that not all insects are equally beautiful to the human eye, however, this does not mean that they are a unique creation of nature as we are.

The crown of many months of work of European scientists 3-inch robot cockroach infiltrated the community with their natural counterparts, and carefully studying their habits through embedded sensors and cameras. What does it do? For the development of the world science!

The robot moves with small wheels, and is marked on its e-spin enzyme derived from the bodies of live cockroaches, gives him the ability to blend in with the crowd.

8. Robobaby ChouChou

This is indeed an unprecedented invention of Japanese inventors. It combines the elegance of natural beauty and high precision mathematical calculation. This fluttering electronic creation outwardly completely different from real butterflies.

7. Paro Baby Seal robot the seal

The Charter of the overwhelming majority of nursing homes do not allow their residents to have Pets. Now it is a harsh rule can be avoided with the robot-seal Paro Baby Seal, developed specially for the social rehabilitation of the elderly and people with disabilities.

This car looks like a baby seal, however, in contrast to the primitive toy, Baby Seal Paro is able to blink, move his limbs, to rotate the head and make characteristic of the present seal sounds.

It needs regular feed of special nipples in order to replenish energy in the batteries. The owners of these cute electronic Pets also need sometimes to put them to sleep and pursue other activities to care for them.

6. Roboshobo SpotMini

Appearance this animals bears little resemblance to a real dog, because this robot is not provided fur, wagging from the unbridled joy of the tail and even full head.

However, it is a miracle of modern science can perfectly transmit all of the usual habits of four-legged friends: he's smart, knows the terrain and knows how to overcome obstacles, and can also interact with other canines.

5. Robot Einstein

Modern possibilities of robotcontroller so great that allowed to almost resurrect the outstanding physicist albert Einstein! Of course, here we are not talking about cloning mean his robotcope.

The head e of the author of the theory of relativity implanted CCD camera designed for recognition of people, and naturalistic face robot can Express a range of emotions.

4. Smart sex doll Harmony

In this case, in addition to an incredibly realistic appearance, the robot has the ability of facial recognition and storage of data about their owner.

All of these features effectively implements a Harmony in the conversation, creating a full sense of this girl who needed not only for sexual pleasures but also for spiritual conversations.

3. Geminoid DK is the clone of a psychologist

This machine is designed under the individual order in Japan. The robot is a copy of a psychology Professor from Aalborg University in Denmark.

Joint lessons with your new e-clone, allows the Professor only a little more to interest students, but also to study features of interaction between human and artificial intelligence.

2. Chinese robot doctor

With this e-medic was able to successfully pass the exams in med school, and get an official medical license.
Naturally, the robot doctor can not yet be considered as fully-fledged alternatives to the living doctor, but it can become a very effective assistant!

He is able to quickly analyze the main data about a particular patient, process them and give the most accurate versions of the further tactics of medical action.

1. Android Game Sofia

This robot is by far one of the most popular media artificial intelligence. It includes not only human thinking, but also very naturalistic facial expressions.

Sofia, famous for the fact that in a joking manner, promised to destroy all of humanity, to date, travelled over many countries to get citizenship of Saudi Arabia and even be rude to Elon musk.

Currently, this Android is considered the most perfect model of robots capable of even abstract conversations.

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