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10 cool movies which played only two actors


It is believed that the talent of an actor – individual achievement, and its best manifestations are always visible in monologues. That is why many people like movies where the actor holds the audience's attention alone.

However, at the present time very popular and these paintings where attention is focused on two people: it is often really an impressive film make it bright dialogue.

This article presents a list of interesting pictures that involve only two actors.

10. Interview 2006

Pierre is an experienced journalist, characterized by a cynical view of life, which still cannot be called a very lucky. He needs to interview Katya: the actress who plays in various horror movies and soap operas. This job absolutely don't like Pierre, and the girl herself is not thrilled with the prospect of chatting with an unpleasant person.

However, they have to spend in each other's company, an unforgettable evening, playing cat-and-mouse. This is not entirely clear who is the victim and who the hunter.

9. Persona 1966

In this film, revealed a very important issue, relevant to all modern people. Almost any person who's not even special problems in personal and professional life, I feel lonely and realizes that his existence is pointless.

Ms. Vogler, a famous actress who one day decides that he no longer utters a word. The survey revealed that mental health problems women have.

Alma is the nurse who seeks to help the patient: to try to understand, she follows Vogler the shore.

8. Lollipop 2005

Haley's fourteen-year-old girl who communicates on the Internet with an older man. His name is Jeff Cooler, and he is a successful photographer. They meet in a café, and Cooler calls "lolita" to his home to listen to a rare recording of the concert of her favorite band.

The girl have suspicion about the good faith intentions of a new friend, and she agrees to bring the maniac-the pedophile. Home Jeff Haley sees a lot of photos of underage girls, but the photographer claims that this is the only model with which he worked.

7. On the brink of 1997

Charles Morse, a billionaire who travels to Alaska with his wife Mickey, which is the model. Renowned photographer claimed that in those places there is a space perfect for filming. The couple flying in a small plane that crashes into the lake after colliding with birds.

Charles and Mickey survive, but they have yet to face many trials. It's possible that saving quite close, but the husband begins to suspect his wife that she's related to Robert, the photographer.

6. Before sunrise 1995

Jesse, a young American, during the trip, meets Celine, a lovely resident of France. They quickly find something to talk about. The young man begs the girl to disembark with him in Vienna and walk through the city. In the morning, Jesse has to fly to America.

The woman and the man are going to train, spend time together – and between them there is a love so strong that everything else doesn't matter anymore. However, until the morning, there is very little time and young people need to use every opportunity to learn about each other as much as possible, to exchange tenderness, dreams and all their sacred memories.

5. Lover 2002

Dmitry – refined personality, linguist, Professor of the University. He often is not in reality, but in the world of lofty matters. Dmitry lived with his wife for 15 years and all this time she had hidden much from her husband, and he didn't even know existed.

When the wife died, the protagonist accidentally found her secret correspondence with her lover, and it knocked the widower of the rut. He decides to meet his wife's lover and find out all the sudden questions. Ivan, beloved wife of the main character, also there are a lot unspoken.

4. Satisfaction 2010

Alexander was very influential in the city personality, he is a successful businessman and has a complicated character. After work the main character goes to a restaurant with an assistant and friend of Dimitri. However, there are neither friends nor business partners of the men in the restaurant there are no people, which is very surprising Dimitri.

The two characters sit in the company of a large number of alcoholic beverages and the silent waiters. The door closes and the men got all night to find out the relations with each other.

3. Man — Swiss army knife2016

Hank gets on a desert island. He was almost hoping for a miraculous rescue, but then suddenly faced with an unexpected discovery. He has a new friend, whose name is Manny. He is a corpse.

It turns out that Manny is quite multifunctional, and it is very convenient for Hank. He not only survives, but also to re-learn to enjoy life. Hank and Manny begin an epic adventure, which returns the protagonist to his lover.

2. Antichrist 2009

Elderly husband and wife tragically a child dies, and we can say that this is due to them. When their son died, the couple had sex, completely forgetting about the threat window in the room.

After that, the woman begins to literally lose her reason, and her husband, a therapist, takes her husband in an old house in the woods, hoping to bring his beloved to life. But in the end, the life of a couple through violence and absolute madness. Everywhere they begin to see strange characters.

1. Evening Express "sunset limited"2010

White, desperate Professor, tries to commit suicide but he is saved by Black, a former prisoner. After that completely different people begin to talk about the meaning of life and about God.

Black argues that communication with higher forces is quite real, and the White has completely lost faith in them and humanity, he is an atheist. When morning comes, the Professor goes, and his Saviour in tears, turns to God.

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