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10 most unusual wills of celebrities


What characterizes a contemporary celebrity? That's right – the desire to shock the audience and fabulous fees, acquired over the years. If you combine these 2 characteristics, it becomes clear why the star of the will are always so unusual.

Someone is willing to give away earned money or even a competition, someone donates their body to science, while others ask about the most unusual burial practices.

We wish long life full of joy and good events, our stars. But since their wills are interesting and unusual, then let them get acquainted in advance, then to not be "silent shock".

10. Kim Kardashian and makeup for a funeral

One would not even wonder that the socialite and one of the most popular women on the planet sincere obsessed with their appearance. Interestingly, everyday makeup Kim takes up to 2 hours daily. And the business of life women develop a beauty line.

Kardashian has already taken care of the will, despite his youth, writing in it a precise appearance for the funeral. The document describes in detail the hair of the selected color of nail Polish, eye shadow and lipstick. Here's a posthumous make-up for the star celebrity.

The necessity of writing Kim explained as before death to be in bad health and not able to give the necessary orders for makeup.

9. Oprah Winfrey and $30 million for dogs

Fans of the TV show Winfrey remember that the woman is just obsessed with dogs. Perhaps, in some sense telediva their society that prefers human – professional deformation?

It is not surprising that in his premature will Oprah decided to leave 50% of the acquired property beloved pet. You should give credit to the second half of a woman will give to charity.

Imagine what the fullness and comfort will live 4 dogs presenter, because they will share about 30 million dollars!

8. Alexander McQueen and £50 thousand for dogs

A famous designer, like any decent man, a larger share of the acquired bequeaths to charities. Part of the money, of course, will depart and relatives, namely brothers, 3 sisters and plemyashka.

Exactly 50 thousand pounds Alexander, as well as Oprah, bequeathed each of their 3 dogs. In the document, which left McQueen, agreed that his pet shouldn't ever need the rest of your life.

7. Alain Delon and death with a dog in her arms

Once the actor has broken thousands of lovers of female hearts, and now it's time to seriously consider a will as the already considerable age of 83 years.

Delon turned out to be another dog lover in our collection. Several years ago, the actor made a will in which he indicated that he wants to leave this world, holding the hands of beloved shepherd, Lobo.

Of course, if the animal dies before the Alena, he will get a new dog, and will apply to it. But still, if the man dies first, then the vet will have to make the dog an injection to the last time she went near the owner and forever fell asleep.

It is known that for the life of the film was changed to 35 Pets, each of which was buried near the house.

6. Hunter Thompson's ashes shot out of a cannon

As the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. The journalist Thompson in shocking companions goes the famous actor johnny Depp, who may "infect" it with its unusual approach to life.

Hunter decided to make a rather unusual will, which specifies that after cremation his ashes shot from a cannon. Weapons should be properly cooked, and even located at an altitude of 46 metres.

The expenditure on the funeral of writer trusted friend to Depp.

5. Tupac Shakur – mix the ashes with marijuana and smoke

Unfortunately, the greatest hip-hop artist has left our world, and his will was realized the way he wished. The most sold singer in the world in some intuitive way, had a presentiment of death, so the productivity shortly before the event was very high.

After his death friends found out that the artist bequeathed to the track "Black Jesus", in which he asked them to mix the ashes after the cremation of marijuana. And not just mix, but also smoke then...

Maybe it's some kind of brotherly symbolic gesture, but at first glance the idea seems a little peculiar and off-putting. How is it to smoke your friend?

4. Harry Houdini – safe with the description of tricks

The most iconic magician in the history of mankind, sincerely believed that people with supernatural abilities do not exist. That is why he recorded arrangements of their own stunts, and some even published in books for public access.

After the death of Houdini with the help of the will were planning to share all the secrets of a legendary magic. He specified the exact location of the safe in which were kept their descriptions.

However, it turned out that it was the last Houdini act, after all, in the safe there was nothing detected.

3. Charlie Chaplin and millions of the most clever smoker

Famous comedian of the silent genre all his life abused tobacco. He did not want to let his favorite pipe from his hands even for the sake of the frame.

Not surprisingly, in the end, a significant portion of the royalties after his death, he bequeathed fan of tobacco. According to the document, $ 1 million will go to the person who can pipe to produce straight 6 large rings of smoke, and the 7th pass through them.

For more than 40 years, more than one trickster failed to do a trick – power light is not enough or desire to Smoking?

2. Frank Sinatra and a bottle of whiskey in the last journey

Another celebrity who did not think of himself without bad habits. Of course, Sinatra took care of his beloved last wife, bequeathed to her all the acquired money and property.

Interesting, though will left in the coffin to the deceased star had to put a bottle of good whiskey, 10 cents for "emergency calls from the dead" and a lighter.

Of course, the star just with humor reacted to the issue of transition to another world. Yes, and asked the optimistic inscription on the gravestone with a touch of humor: "it gets better".

Fans still bear in the cemetery of the stars cigarettes and alcohol.

1. Marilyn Monroe and all the belongings in one hand

Still not known the reason for the death star. But will the young actress had to leave, and very strange.

Almost all of the property (and even underwear) Monroe bequeathed by the teacher, who taught her the basics of acting. The divas stuff was stored in the garage until his own death in 1982.

After his death, the wife finally was able to get rid of the hated property by offering it at auction for 20 million dollars.

One conclusion – even after the departure to the other world celebrity wants one last time to remind myself of a powerful event and receive a standing ovation, so to speak, posthumously.

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