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10 most beautiful Polish Actresses


Know Russian audience with Polish cinema? Very familiar, because the country boasts famous Directors (e.g. the Wachowski brothers) and very talented Actresses, such as Barbara Brylska.

But she's not the only attractive woman plays in the Russian films, so why do other girls always neglected by the domestic fan?

Today we will correct this injustice and introduce you to the most talented and part of a beautiful Polish Actresses, which can be seen in Russian paintings.

10. Eva Shikulska

Actually, this actress starred in Russian films, even more than other Polish colleagues. Being a child she learned the Russian language and spoke it perfectly.

Unusual beauty and great talent of the girl attracted the best Directors of the Russian cinema, such as Averbakh, bloodworms and zarchi. The actress starred in "Declaration of love" where he played the friend of the writer, and "the captivating Star of happiness" pole accustomed role in cute French girls.

Recently Eva can be observed also in the Russian television series with the poetic name of "Azazel", where she played the role of the second plan – the governess. Even in years actress does not lose femininity and refinement, typical of Polish beauty.

9. Beata Tyszkiewicz

Polish actress deservedly associated with such a "Slavic Sophia Loren". Gentle, regular features and full lips, Beata enjoyed great popularity in the Polish and Russian cinema.

The actress married Director Wade, after which starred in 3 films under his guidance. After 5 years of marriage the couple fled, but no worries, because aristocratic maiden surname Tyszkiewicz was off before the girl all the doors. By the way, the daughter of the spouses also later became an actress.

Beata lit up and in the works of other world-class Directors such as Delannoy, Lelouch, Meszaros, etc. For the talent of the journalists called her a real star costume, and staging films.

8. Anna Smoky

A girl with Armenian roots was done in the capital High school drama with your eyes to the world of cinema. Part-time Smoky is a talented writer, so he opened with his poetic theatre Studio.

A versatile woman and still manages to lead a broadcast, charity, holds festivals for the disabled. We remember her for her role as Marysia in the cult film "medicine man."

By the way, bright and attractive Smoky played Marguerite in the Polish adaptation of Bulgakov's masterpiece, perfectly playing the role.

7. Elzbieta Starostecka

A beautiful woman has a multifaceted talent: the great plays on the stage, successfully acted in a great movie, strong voice takes the song.

For his contribution to cinema (the role of Stephanie in the film "the Leper"), the actress received the outstanding award of Złote Grono.

6. Alicja Bobrovskaya

Was born this beautiful actress in Ukraine, namely in Vladimir-Volyn, but was not to glorify the local cinema, to go to Poland. There she revealed its full potential as an actress and TV presenter.

Due to the natural data Alicja became Miss Poland in 1957, and then represented the country at the international Miss universe pageant. There is beauty, proudly received the title of fourth runner-up.

5. Isabella Scorupco

One of the most beautiful Polish girls grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and from childhood showed a bright talent in theatre. First debut film was in 17 years, after which Swedish teenagers fell in love with the girl. Scorupco moreover, the vocal was given, quickly releasing a single and album with gold status.

In 1994 she received a role in the film "tears of Peter" and after her debut in Hollywood, playing "Golden eye", and then another, and the girl, bond (Brosnan). In Scorupco 20202 re-lit in Hollywood, playing with McConaughey in "Power of fire".

And yet beauty can be seen in "Exorcist: the Beginning". Here is luxury portfolio.

4. Karolina Gruszka

An actress since childhood, participated in a television show, and in 2003 he graduated from the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. Since beginning to perform on the stage of the National theatre. The first sweetheart role, Kara played in the series "God's lining" when she was 13 years old. In Russia became famous after the release of the film "Russian revolt".

Talent Grushko appreciated the national Academy of motion picture arts, the woman also received a number of awards. In 2014 he was awarded for his role in the film "Ivan son of Amir". She married a fellow Director Ivan Vyrypaev. To this day, actively removed as in the show, the TV series and movie.

3. Barbara Brylska

Written about this beauty out. The star of "twist of fate" immediately fell in love with the Russian audience for its refined Polish and cold beauty, a sweet accent and style.

In their homeland, Barbara was made famous by the film "Pharaoh". And the first role she played at all in 15 years, gradually increasing my portfolio. Now Brylska filmography over 30 works. Among them the number and controversial role in the film "Anatomy of love".

Barbara is still a classy lady, that name is active on television shows, luxury events in Russia, and also give a secondary role in national cinema.

2. The Field Of Raks

Remember that nurse!!! from the cult TV series "Four tankers and a dog"? Then the domestic magazine has named the actress the most beautiful, the fans could not agree more. The girl immediately got the lead role in the film Goddess "Zosia", for which received a prize at the Moscow film festival.

Interestingly, the full name of the woman Apolonia is a very rare and powerful energy. Maybe that's why the girl was so lucky, because after filming a movie in 1993 RAX implemented in the world of fashion.

1. Magdalena Meltsazh

A woman with such a poetic name has to be written pretty. Good initially, Magdalena graduated from the faculty of journalism and political science, but still found themselves in the world of cinema.

Began career with children's miniseries, where Melzer played the Queen Jadwiga. In 2001, a woman was invited to be the face of fashion brand L'oréal cosmetics. Thanks to the talent of Melzar starred side by side with world-famous actors such as Daniel Auteuil, Vincent Perez, Penelope Cruz and others.

In 2007, Magdalena has got to one of the main roles in the Russian film "Taras Bulba".

Here they are – Polish actress. These girls the nature has bestowed not only unique beauty but also a real talent and charm, making them remembered by the audience worldwide.

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