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10 most popular TV shows of the 90s


TV shows of the 90s watched the entire country. On the TV show "Field of miracles" going on the First channel, probably wanted to hit everyone: children, to tell a poem and get a present and adults to be on TV and win a prize.

When there are no androids, no computers, and people gathered with family to watch a favorite show. And you remember what TV show I tried never to miss?! In addition, some program was aired on channels that are badly caught and had to adjust the antenna.

If you forget about the shows that I watched in the past, we will remind you.

10. My family

A talk show that was shown on the ORT channel. It was led by Valery Komissarov, it went from 1996 to 2003. Since the choice of what to watch, were small, had to watch the show.

Children who sat in front of the TV, could frighten the mask, in which the participants of the program was to tell stories in the Studio. It was called "the Mask of revelation", probably due to the fact that the person had to tell the changed voice candid moments from his life. The context of the story, as you may have guessed, was negative.

9. Doll

Transfer out from 1994 to 2002 on NTV channel in the day in the evening. Shot in a satirical spirit, the show touched on many social, political issues. The author shows Viktor Shenderovich.

The idea is not new, in 1994 Vasily Grigoriev bought the right to manufacture in Russia (it is the French equivalent). One release lasted more than 10 minutes, and some (eg, Christmas) reached 30 minutes.

Puppet characters, among whom was Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and others, mainly voiced by the actor Sergei Bezrukov.

8. Carefully, modern!

Comedy show was from 1996 to 1998, it starred the inimitable Dmitry Nagiyev and Sergey Rost. They've been brilliant, and the game was on top. Unencumbered by anything the characters appeared here and there, drinking alcohol, riding trains, shooting movie...

The main feature of the show – two characters always interacted with each other, and played together all the parts. They did it with real talent to amuse the audience. The TV show came out on multiple channels: RTR, CTC, and also on the Sixth.

7. Look

The show came out from 1987 to 2001. Broadcast on ORT. And, as the audience is saying, "Look" has changed the way people on television, because the program was shown live.

Viewers could watch foreign music videos because at that time in Russia didn't show them. With this transmission you can see clips of foreign performers, and popular. This program could be a lot to learn, she encouraged the audience to think.

6. Love at first sight

Romantic talk show, which ran from 1991 to 1999. Was shown on channel RTR. The TV show can be called a legend of the 90s, because it was the only one of its kind. Show watched all and any ages, it was interesting to observe what is happening and for those who choose.

Speaking of rules – in the Studio went out boys and girls unknown to each other, and for a few minutes, the presenter asked them questions. The participant was required to answer them, to interest the opposite sex. When participants know each other, they secretly pressed the buttons with any party, and if the buttons match became a couple.

5. Muzoboz

Music Review – this is an informational program Ivan Demidov, aired February 2, 1991. Broadcast on ORT. Demidov was the Creator of the music program, in addition, he was host.

This music program was starting to exit on the big stage such groups as "high school", "Old Face", "Technology", etc. For unknown musical groups to appear in this television program was an opportunity to "light up". The transfer was at night, so it may not be remembered by those who were at that time still small.

4. Gold Rush

Show for real intellectuals, which was shown on the ORT channel from 1997 to 1998. The author of the TV show and its presenter Leonid Yarmolnik. He, as the devil was separated from the people who participated in the program, a lattice through which he crawled like a spider. His assistant – dwarf, which was wearing a gold cloak with a hood.

Each participant had to correctly answer a question (time was limited). The questions were diverse: about art, culture or science topics. The game is reminiscent of another, which is called the "City".

3. Mask show

Mask show – a humorous Ukrainian telecast, which was published from 1992 to 2006, the author of the show – George Deliev. She told about the adventures that happen with each person regularly.

In the television show told about the evils affecting our lives. Each story is memorable and shows in the style of the sequel. Each character is original, attractive and had charisma. All the characters get into unusual situations.

The TV series was given the comic troupe from Odessa. Sometimes in life there is not very pleasant events and mood by using a good sense of humor, which is present in this television series.

2. Wordsmiths

Wordsmiths is a music talk show which appeared on channel TV-6. Went from 1995 to 1998 show is the most controversial project of the 90s. the Guests of the program has become a popular pop and rock singers, producers, composers, and stars of the Russian show-business. Transfer for creative people who loved her to watch those who were fond of music. Viewers can learn interesting stories about biographies of famous personalities, listen to answer the questions of the musicians (questions were sometimes quite tricky).

1. Gentleman show

A humorous television show. Went from 1991 to 2005, One of the most popular programs of the 90s, distinguished by originality. "The gentleman-show" – the real pearl of Odessa humor. Hosts were Oleg Filimonov and Edward Barber, since 1994 the show has become one Filimonov.

Viewers could cheer yourself up looking at the funny scenes, the jokes – they were understandable to everyone, for it and loved the TV show.

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