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10 Actresses who do not act in bad movies.


The actress is not as simple as many people think. In fact, in the world there are not many artists who can be called lucky, as their filmography is full of only projects, which brought them fame, the love of the audience, numerous awards and prizes in the field of cinema.

Such Actresses-independent Directors and can only appear in films that were not spending their time and energy on filming in the projects, the heroines of which they do not see themselves.

Next, the reader can find a list of the 10 Actresses who do not act in bad films.

10. Marion Cotillard

The French actress is the winner of the award "Oscar" which she received, playing in the movie "Life in pink". The film was released in 2008, the artist managed to embody the image of Edith Piaf.

But the fame and love of the French TV viewers received previously, starring in the trilogy "the Taxi", writer and producer of which was Luc Besson.

Also had a positive impact on her acting career shooting in the movie "a very Long engagement". Since then, the artist literally getting offers to participate in their projects from well-known producers and Directors.

9. Cate Blanchett

The Australian actress is the winner of two awards "Oscar" and the winner of other prestigious awards in the field of cinema. Admiring her acting, the viewer will hardly be able to remember on account of its participation of at least one failed film project.

She played Queen Elizabeth I in the historical drama "Elizabeth", also the actress played in the biographical drama the Aviator paired with Leonardo DiCaprio, which was a resounding success and was nominated for 11 Oscars.

In addition, the actress starred in the trilogy "the Lord of the rings", which was also appreciated by the audience and critics positively. For her acting career celebrity has played in more than forty films and earned a personal star on the "walk of fame" in Hollywood.

8. Natalie Portman

Famous American actress brought her debut role in the film "Leon", where she played opposite Jean Reno, she at the time was only ten years old.

Today she is a winner of numerous prizes and awards, including an Oscar. The viewer can enjoy the game in such a historic, meaningful dramas like "Goya's Ghosts", "Another other Boleyn girl".

It is also worth noting that the actress played a major role in the psychological Thriller "Black Swan," which has received awards and has been positively endorsed by the critics.

7. Emma Stone

The media called the Emma stone one of the most talented Actresses of modern cinema. To date, the star is only 30 years old but she has already earned many honors in the field of cinema.

His first "Oscar" celebrity got in 2016, for participation in the musical romantic Comedy-drama film "La La land". Also the actress played in such significant commercial projects, like "This stupid love," "Birdman" "the Favourite" and many others, all of them had the success with the audience.

6. Tilda Swinton

The British actress has many awards, is not only blockbusters, but also art-house films that are not intended for viewing by the General public.

Celebrity boasts noble origins, the history of its kind has more than 1000 years, the founder of her family was Scottish Lord.

The global recognition she received after starring in the film "Orlando". She also starred in other popular movies ("Beach", "Broken flowers", "only lovers left alive", etc.).

Interesting looks and acting talent of Tilda Swinton make it attractive in the eyes of the producers and writers, she doesn't have long to wait for the invitation to participate in the filming of a particular movie.

5. Meryl Streep

An American actress has three awards "Oscar" and is a winner of numerous other awards. Acting career celebrities began to participate in performances at the theater.

Then the star came on the big screens. Films in which Meryl Streep plays, is always a great success with the public. The most important of her works are "the deer Hunter", "Sophie's Choice", "the Iron lady", "the farther into the forest..." and others.

4. Kathy Bates

Famous American actress and Director is the recipient of numerous awards. She proved to the audience in a variety of roles, it seems that her on the shoulder to play any of the roles. The most significant works of the actress are "misery", "primary colors," "Fried green tomatoes", "Two and a half men" and some others.

3. Penelope Cruz

The Spanish actress starred in more than 50 films, she is the owner of not only the Oscar, but nominated for a Golden globe.

Star starred in such popular and earned the love of the viewer films like "Open your eyes", "Woman on top", "Vanilla sky". Worldwide recognition she received in the second half of the 2000s, participation in the filming of such films as "Bandits", "Elegy", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".

2. Uma Thurman

American actress gained worldwide fame in 1994, playing a major role in the movie "pulp fiction." The actress can be called a master of disguise, her perfectly good images in the movies of different genre from comedies and dramas in the spirit of romanticism to science fiction films.

Many viewers believe the actress Muse of Quentin Tarantino (American producer and Director, one of the most prominent representatives of postmodernism in the cinema). The star has starred in such films of this Director like "Kill bill", playing the Black Mamba in both parts.

1. Kate Winslet

The English actress is the winner of numerous awards. The spectators without end admired her acting paired with Leonardo DiCaprio in a major motion picture James Cameron's "Titanic."

Participation in this project made her a real star, then an actress she began to choose her to star, and the audience can notice that the failure of films on account of the artist are almost there.

Also the celebrity has starred in such films as "Heavenly creation" and "revolutionary Road", "Magic country" and many others. In 2014 she was awarded a star on the "walk of fame" in Hollywood.

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