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10 most incredible coincidences


Lately, more and more people live by the principle: "Everything depends on us, we ourselves build our destiny." The man who can't overcome the circumstances, is considered weak.

Yes, people no longer believe in the intervention of higher powers, randomness, and coincidence. That's just silly to deny something that has always been and will be.

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes fate throws up such surprises, which can not be explained. Coincidence and accidents can be both happy and not. Even if you're a realist, it may happen that your Outlook on life will change. Perhaps it will not happen with you, and with close relatives or friends.

And while nothing extraordinary in your life happens, read our article and you will be able to believe in the impossible. Below are 10 of the most incredible coincidences.

10. Double rescue

This story happened in the USA, in Detroit. Figlok Joseph walked down the street as if it fell the child. The man did not expect such a "gift", so both suffered injuries, but survived.

It turned out that the baby fell out of the window when left unattended. His mother was cooking dinner, and year-old child was alone in the room. A year later the history repeated itself, again, Joseph took place under Windows, where lived the family.

The child again fell on the head of my Savior. Amazing coincidence! A man twice saved the life of the baby, and she never even tried to help him. The third time was not. Probably because Joseph took no chances and changed the route.

9. Bad day

Predictions of astrologers for a long time already nobody believes, but a few centuries ago everything was completely different. At least the king of France, Louis XVI had listened to the views of his personal astrologer. And rightly so, only it is still not saved.

Astrologer predicted the king that the 21st is a bad day for him. No matter what it was a year and a month, Louis followed the prediction, nothing important on this day it was not planned. Unfortunately, this has not saved him.

On 21 June 1791 the king and his wife were arrested, the revolution began. On 21 September, France was declared a Republic.21 January 1793 the king was executed, he was beheaded.

8. Novel prediction

In 1898 he published a new novel by Morgan Robertson "the Abyss". The plot – the fate of the passengers of the liner "Titan". This was the maiden voyage of the ship, and, as you may have guessed, the last. The Titan collided with an iceberg, a lot of them didn. Too few boats were on the liner.

After 30 years this story has actually happened. The legendary "Titanic" sank and took with them many lives. Surprisingly, coincided even numbers. Robertson probably had the gift of foresight. In the book, killed 3 thousand people on a real liner – 2207. The number of boats also differed slightly on the "Titan" they were 24, Titanic — 20.

7. Poker

In this story we are not talking about the card luck, and about an unusual coincidence. In 1858, the player Robert'fallon won $ 600. Upset opponent's shot "lucky", it seemed to him that Robert plays dirty.

Quite strange, but men continued to play. Here only the place of the murdered men, no one wanted to take. Then the players went outside and began to offer to play poker passers-by. One young man agreed. As the initial bet gave him the win Fallon.

Apparently, Robert's place was happy, the guy won about 2 million dollars. However, arrived police asked the young man to give to win Robert his relatives. Then it turned out that the guy who took the place of Fallon, his son.

6. The Story Of Edgar Allan PoE

Like the gift of foresight had not only Morgan Robertson, but Edgar Allan PoE. He once wrote a story about a shipwreck. 4 people survived, they were in the open sea without food and water in a small boat. When people have gone mad from hunger, they decided to eat the cabin boy Richard Parker.

Few years later a similar story happened in reality. Was discovered boat with three passengers – victims of the shipwreck. First there were 4, but hunger forced them to commit a terrible crime. Jung was also named Richard Parker. The most amazing story is that none of these people have not read the story of Edgar Allan PoE.

5. The guardian angel

After this story easy to believe that each person has a guardian angel. Renowned painter Joseph Aigner was born with great talent, but not always able to control their condition.

Occasionally attacked by fits of despair, the artist did not want to live. When he turned 18, he decided to hang himself from the rafters of my parent's house. Suddenly, there was a monk who convinced him not to. 4 years later Joseph again wanted to commit suicide, but the monk managed to prevent the tragedy.

After 8 years, the artist was threatened with the gallows, he became a revolutionary. Cried the monk, Aigner pardoned. When the artist was 68, he has succeeded, the man had shot himself. The monk sent him on his way, he was the funeral of Aigner.

4. An event at the hotel

This story can be considered quite mundane, there is nothing extraordinary. Just a coincidence. Mr. George D. Brison did not have time to check into our room as the receptionist handed him a letter. In the line the recipient was listed: "Mr. Briseno, room 307". George was surprised he did not tell anyone to live in this hotel.

When the man read the letter, I realized that it is addressed to his namesake. Before, the room was shooting another Mr. Brison, this letter is written for him.

3. The same life

Many have heard about the interwoven lives of the twins. Brothers and sisters not only look like each other, they also think and feel the same way. This confirms the incident that occurred in Ohio.

The parents of the twins died, the boys were separated, they were adopted by two different families. Only 40 years later, the men met. It turned out that many facts in their lives are the same. Both brother's name was James, their wives Linda, sons James Allan and James Allen.

Each went through a divorce, but was happily re-married to a woman named Bertha. Even the dog's name they had a two for one — both Pets called That.

2. The same death

This case also came with two twins. In 2002, in Finland the accident occurred. Surprisingly, the stretch of road was quiet, and there's never nothing like this has happened, and that day at once two accidents within an hour.

It turned out that the accident participants were male twins. First killed one, and an hour the second. Police officers were amazed. They have long thought about how this could happen.

1. Bullet wood

This story took place in 1883. Henry Zigland dumped his girlfriend. She could not cope with grief and killed himself. For the life of the girls decided to take revenge on her brother. He came to Henry with a gun and wanted to shoot him, but hit the tree. The man thought that he killed Henry, so it was shot.

After some time, Zigland decided to cut down a tree, it reminded him of the unpleasant events. That's just the problem turned out to be difficult. The tree was huge. Henry didn't think of nothing better than to blow it up. After the explosion, the bullet flew out of the tree trunk, she still reached their goal. The bullet hit the man in the head, he died.

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