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10 stereotypes imposed on cinema


We all watch movies, and thanks to the constantly see on the screen, can not determine what is true and what is imposed stereotype.

For example, young girls think that is enough to be beautiful in order to meet provided the perfect man, and a COP who's doing good work, must be divorced or in the past lost his wife...

Think it's harmless things, but they can create problems in life, because we expect that it will be the same as in the movie.

It is important to identify these stereotypes and to understand that everything in life can be different.

10. Miracles in the shootout

The bullet flies so fast that escape from it was impossible... she drifted for half seconds at a distance of half a kilometre. It's interesting that the sound arrives slower than most bullets. When it hits a target – the person is not moved, and the bullet pierces it immediately. But in movies we often see such pictures when people fly, who then manage to escape and hide from the bullets. In addition, even a huge guy flies from a bullet thrown with a shotgun!

Yet there is a strange manipulation with a gun – if someone wants to extract information from someone, he is holding at gunpoint. And at the crucial moment as the last warning cock. Why it is done – is unclear... it is a gun and so shot the hammer is cocked automatically.

9. Experts in disguise

If you are going to become a professional criminal, all you need is a baseball cap and sunglasses with dark lenses. So the movie tells us. If you keep track of the victim, she doesn't know you and won't suspect a thing, even if you turn around and look. Wonders!

That's just everything in life would be different – most likely, the victim would have felt that she was being watched, eyes concentrated directed energy, and on a subconscious level, we always feel it. Well, the glasses are unlikely to help with the disguise.

8. Last kiss

No happy final scene is difficult to imagine a banal Hollywood film. The events in the movie can be different, but the scene at the end is always the same – happy ending.

Good triumphs over evil, everyone gets their just deserts, and, of course, a kiss... a Man stands with a woman in the middle of the road or on a bridge and they kiss. And let the whole world wait! In life everything is much more prosaic.

7. Magical transformation

Hollywood movies are not presented without beautiful characters. Every film shot is always beautiful, tall actors. Even if the film's protagonist is not a very attractive girl gray mouse, she will be transformed, becoming a real beauty.

Maybe it was the fact that in Hollywood there is simply no ugly Actresses? Or perhaps that each can be transformed beyond recognition with the help of professional make-up artists... Because looking at photos of the paparazzi, many Actresses can never know, and sometimes you realize that your roommate in daily life looks much better.

6. A game that develops into love

Game of love – is a very good thing in the movie, which the movie becomes more interesting. In some movies there are best friends – a man and a woman, they try relationships with different partners, all tell each other and share secrets...

But once they understand that there is no need to look for someone who they truly love is always there, and is the best friend. After unsuccessful attempts to build with someone, romance, friends becoming a couple.

May be another option – friends decide to prank a couple, in the end the game becomes a reality and they fall in love with each other. But if from the beginning the movie characters hate each other, then it is likely that at the end of the movie they will be together.

5. The first killed the most talkative

If we look at the movie, fearing for a character that needs to transmit important information, it means only one thing – kill him, because he can't keep his mouth shut. Information he will give.

As a rule, a secondary character is in a troubled state, he is not thinking over every detail... Can go at night on a dark corner, where he killed, or you leave the door of his house open. The house becomes a trap from which it will not get out... well, you need to be prudent!

4. Maniacs-fetishists

Almost all action-Packed thrillers about maniacs, villains suffer from some mental illness, which appeared after a trauma experienced in childhood. In addition, the maniacs there is no logic – in your house, they keep evidence of their crimes, often in plain sight.

Maybe they are of the opinion that well hidden that is in plain sight? In any case, almost every killer is a psychopath there is a wall in the house, which they glued pictures of their victims. Perhaps they look at them for hours, enjoying their brutality.

3. The amazing properties of the weather

If the film is raining, he will never be weak. Usually it's raining cats and dogs, and the characters close in his house all Windows and doors (by the way, most often the rain is accompanied by strong winds).

If the characters are on the street, they do not have time to hide from the rain and be sure to get wet, and the lightning illuminate all objects in the frame. And if the rain started at night, then pay attention – it will be a full moon.

2. The machine should explode

We have all become accustomed to the fact that once the machine is in a Hollywood movie is going to flip or run into the truck – it will explode and positive character will get out of it at the last moment (and even can fly! But negative characters, no luck – they explode together with the car.)

What makes the character after getting out of the car? He goes on to go about their business as if nothing happened...

1. The bomb can wait

Bombs in the movies always are very informative, they all have a screen with a return timer (maybe it was made for moviegoers? So we can see how many minutes left character... he's on the verge of death).

Strange, why the need for such a screen if no one is planning to watch him? Also, if a character cuts a wire, the timer accelerates, but the bombs are very understanding! If they see that the heroes hug, or asking for forgiveness from each other, they can wait – not to explode. And when all important words should be said, the heroes stop the timer for 3-2 seconds before the explosion, and quietly leave the room.

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