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10 interesting facts about mobile communication


Few would argue with the fact that over the last decade mobile communication has changed the world. Today, many of us are on call day and night with little mobile phones.

Even some twenty years ago a cordless phone was considered almost a luxury item, and now without them we can't imagine our life. Proof of this is the statistic that shows that in developed countries, every citizen have at least two contracts signed with mobile operators.

There is even a special kind of phobia, which is that a person is experiencing panic and fear of risk to remain without a mobile phone.

We present 10 of the most interesting facts about mobile communication.

10. The first mobile phone

The first wireless device, allowing you to make and receive phone calls, it was created by the Soviet engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich I. in 1957. This unit was named LK-1.

His weight was 3 kg and the battery of this phone was enough for 20-30 hours of work.
The device could provide a link due to the interaction with the special ATS, which had the opportunity to connect to city telephone lines.

The result of LK-1 has been improved: the weight and size of the device was greatly reduced. In the enhanced version of the phone size was approximately equal to the size of 2 cigarette packs stacked on top of each other, and its weight was 0.5 kg with battery.

The plans of the developers was to put in place the first Soviet mobile in wide application in the national economy.

9. The number of smartphone lovers

According to statistics, the Russian Federation firmly established in the list of the countries whose citizens prefer to use in their daily lives smartphones. According to these indicators, our country is spared, even Poland and France.

8. Country with no cell service.

Despite the fact that the majority of people actively using mobile phones in the world are still a country where citizens are not able to use not only smartphones, but also TV and email.

We are talking about Tuvan Islands. The population of this state is 250 thousand inhabitants and no one of them is mobile phone.

Until recently, mobile communication was not in North Korea. Moreover, in totalitarian States at the legislative level, citizens were barred from using wireless communication devices.

For violation of this law could get real jail time. At the same time, to punish could not only use mobile phone by appointment, but for wearing it in the pocket.

7. The first smartphone

It argued that the first touchscreen phone was the iPhone 1 created by the world famous company Apple. But in fact a pioneer in this field was the US company IBM.

Its developers since the early 80-ies of the last century tried to create a phone where the usual keypad is replaced by touch. But only by 1992, their dream came true.

And very soon, at the world exhibition of communication technologies, held in Las Vegas, the company unveiled a prototype of the first phone with a touchscreen IBM Simon.

6. Worldwide, there are over 3.3 billion active mobile phones

This is an incredible figure! But still need to keep in mind that every year, 125 million of them go in the scrap. And this is not always the device for some reason failed. Some of them just go out of fashion or tired of their owners.

According to statistics, the greatest need in the daily use of smartphones are experiencing the Korean pupils and students, because each of them on an average day sends about 100 messages.


Having carefully studied the technical documentation on both of these habitual for most of us the device, you would think that the power consumption of the refrigerator is many times greater than a smartphone.

However, here we must note that the refrigerator is limited only to the energy consumption of a home network. And when you use mobile phone energy is needed not only for charging the device itself, but also to service stations, servers, Internet communications, etc.

It turns out that on average, one phone accounts for about 360 kWh a year, while on the refrigerator 320 kWh per year.

4. Voice message

Cattle Jones, the developer of the system voice messages. The idea to create the ability to send voice SMS came to the inventor in the head accidentally. In the words of Jones, this thought came to him during lunch.

Then mobile phones could only be used in big cities, and beyond them to call wasn't real. That is why I had the need for people to send loved ones a voice message, after hearing that person could call back.

3. Mobile communications on aircraft

Fear of the negative impact of mobile phone on-Board electronics of the aircraft is necessary if the device has not been certified.

All licensed vehicles are checked for radiation in threat ranges. Although, you still risk not to be, and during the flight mobile phone is better to hold off or a special mode.

2. Losses of mobile operators

Due to the fact that people across the planet are constantly changing carriers and moving to another tariff plan, the cellular companies incur losses every year the amount of 27 billion dollars.

But in spite of this, ensuring mobile communication is still considered one of the most profitable types of business.

Therefore, competition between operators is high enough that for ordinary users is very useful, because in the fight for customers, the company is constantly forced more and more favorable rates.

1. Coverage

The average mobile communications tower provides coverage of 360 degrees. By the way, antenna towers aimed only at 3 sides of light (in the form of the letter T).

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