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The 10 most successful people with down syndrome


Down syndrome is a disease which is caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Such children may be born in any family. It has nothing to do with their lifestyle or place of residence, but the observed relationship of age of parents and occurrence of sick child: the older expectant mother, the greater the likelihood that her baby will be born with disabilities.

Diagnosis doctors may already in the hospital because these children are characteristic features. Babies are often born with a weak immune system, most of them have mental retardation or moderate, there are a lot of comorbidities.

But, despite the fact that modern doctors do not know how to treat chromosomal abnormalities, children with down syndrome can lead a normal life. This is largely dependent on parents and teachers. They must instill in them the skills needed in everyday life. There are patients who have achieved tremendous success in sports, in art, was able to obtain a higher education.

10. Tim Harris

When Tim was born, to his parents the boy's diagnosis was a real blow. But they made the effort to live a normal life. He grew up among 3 brothers, but my parents never singled out, he, like others, carried out their duties around the house.

In 2004, at the graduation, he was chosen King. He was able to get a higher education at Eastern New Mexico University. The boy studied and worked in different food service establishments, and after graduating from College in 2008 took a job as a waiter. He loves sports, medaled in Paralympic competitions.

Tim dreamed of my own restaurant. Parents are helped to realize his dream. In 2010 he became the General Manager of Tim's Place, which is popularly called "the friendliest restaurant in the world". Also ordered food, all the visitors here to enjoy a round of hugs from the owner and a smile and good mood. It became a popular attraction Albuquerque (new Mexico).

9. Madeline Stuart

She became the world's first professional model suffering from down syndrome. In childhood, like other patients with this diagnosis, the girl was suffering from excess weight.

But Madeline wanted to become a model, so was able to lose 20 pounds. She refused fattening foods, swam in the pool, dancing and physical education.

At age 18 she and her mother went to a fashion show in Brisbane, and then made a firm decision to become a model. On her dream written media. In 2015, mother Madeleine started the company, doing everything possible to secure a modeling contract.

After some time she began to receive offers. She repeatedly appeared on the catwalk of the fashion Week in new York, participated in a photo shoot. Now lives together with her mother in Brisbane.

8. Pablo Pineda

Pablo 44, but by this time he was able to achieve much. That he is special, he learned in 7 years. He studied at the normal school, but was always the outcast. Because of illness, other children avoided him, but he did not despair.

After high school, I was able to go to University, and graduated from it with a bachelor's degree. Got the specialty "psychology and pedagogics". Pablo decided to become a teacher, he was the first European teacher with a similar diagnosis.

In 2009 came the film "I too", which Pinedo has played a major role, for which she won a "Silver shell" and "the Shield of the city" from the mayor.

He now resides in his hometown of Malaga (Spain), runs a charity that helps people with down's syndrome to find work. He lectures, teaches.

7. Jamie Brewer

She was born in California. It is not surprising that she was attracted to cinema and theater. In school she participated in the performances, and in 1999 he graduated from the acting courses.

The first time she appeared on screen in 2011 in "American horror story". After that, she repeatedly offered a small role in the movie. In 2018, she debuted on Broadway, and for this role he received 2 prestigious awards.

Jamie is not only actress but also model, which you could see in 2015 on "new York fashion week". She spends a lot of time fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities.

6. Maria Langova

The girl was born in 1997 in Barnaul. Like other children with a similar diagnosis, she was constantly ill due to weak immune system. The parents decided to strengthen her health and gave it to Maria for a swim.

She immediately captivated everyone with his tenacity, desire to win and cheerfulness. Her coach Sergey Tolkachev decided to send her for the qualifying round of Olimpiadi. Everyone was surprised that silver and bronze were able to win a little girl with down syndrome. It was her first victory of many.

Now other children with similar diagnoses achieve great success, but it was the first in the history of swimming of Russia.

5. Maria Nefedova

She is already 50 years old. Her whole life is proof that children can achieve success in life. Once the obstetrician advised the mother Mary to abandon the child, but she did everything possible to make the girl have adapted to life in society.

Maria went even further. She became assistant teacher of the Fund "downside Up", learned to play the flute and drums, dancing, playing in the "simple-minded Theater".

It is officially employed in Russia. Mary not only leads a full life but also helps other children to believe in themselves.

4. Karen Gaffney

Her whole world knows. This American became the first person with down syndrome that was able to cross the English channel.

Karen was born in 1977, she was a strong dislocation of the hips. The girl's parents all his spare time devoted to her daughter. The girl's father, Jim, was sure to recover, it will help the water. He started to teach her to swim before she began to walk.

Study was given Karen a hard time, but her parents are well prepared already to school she could read and write, to read, and then constantly engaged with a tutor. She was able to finish school, go to College, and then became honorary doctor of the University of Portland.

3. Miguel Tomasin

Now it is called guru of experimental music. Miguel became the leader of the fashionable Argentinian group Reynols. He is a famous drummer. His group has already released 2 albums.

2. Paula Sage

She was born in Scotland. Despite his illness, was able to become an actress, starring in the movie "After life" (2003), where she played the sister of main character, Robert, a woman with down syndrome. For it she received a few awards.

In addition, Paula works as a lawyer and protects the rights of people with the same diagnosis. She plays netball and acting competitions.

1. Stephanie Of Ginza

She also became popular as an actress, having played in 1996 in the film "Duo". It has become a global sensation since she first actress with down syndrome. The film received many awards. But Stephanie did not stop there.

She was able to get a degree at the University of Walter Johnson, doctor of medical Sciences.

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