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10 items of makeup that we're wasting money


Every woman wants to be beautiful. Most women believe that in the pursuit of beauty, all means are good. This wish to know all the companies involved in the production of cosmetics, not only know, but also shamelessly use.

The beauty industry survives due to the fact that any unnecessary detail is sold as a means without which it is impossible to do.

Indeed, in the purse every woman can find the money, absolutely useless, but bought for big money. Many of them can be replaced with improvised means, and some even have no effect, except psychological impact.

The woman is not interested, she believes the beautiful inscriptions on the boxes and jars and then goes to the store for a "magic remedy".

If you don't want to pay money for useless tools, read our article. Below is a ranking of cosmetics that we're wasting money.

10. Oil blotting sheets for the face

If you read the promises of manufacturers on any matting napkins for the face, want to cry from happiness. At least girls with oily skin have to appreciate this product.

The wipes remove the Shine, it does not spoil the makeup, easy to use. Costs only apply it to face, as the Shine will disappear. Napkin resembles a conventional tracing paper.

With such a function is easy to handle conventional paper napkins or towels, but they will not be visible greasy spots. A good psychological technique, through which women without regret giving your money for a dubious product.

By the way, girls on matting napkins predominantly negative. The "wow effect" to expect just not worth it.

9. Cream for eyelids and eye area

Use eye cream or not is a moot point. Undoubtedly, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and needs moisture. But if you pay attention to the composition of the cream for the eye area and a normal face cream are no fundamental differences to find will not work.

Cream for the skin around the eyes will not be able to cope with bruises or swelling. Better pay attention to your lifestyle: get enough sleep, eat the right food, get more fresh air. And for the skin around the eyes suitable usual day cream unscented.

8. Remedy for stretch marks

Girls buy a cream for stretch marks, hoping that they will help to make the body beautiful. If the skin has already appeared stretch marks, creams powerless. The situation can be corrected only with the help of salon procedures.

To avoid stretch marks, you must moisturize the skin, especially during pregnancy or severe weight loss. But even on moisturizer hope not much worth it. Stretch marks will appear or not depends on the elasticity of the skin.

Some women during pregnancy cosmetics, but the stretch marks still appear. There is another type of women: they do not pay attention to the skin, not moisturize it, but stretching the "avoid them".

7. Lip scrub

No woman will pass by these little cute jars with a delicious aroma. Lip scrub to make your lips soft, exfoliate dead skin particles. Does it need, or is it another marketing ploy?

Delicate skin of the lips does not need too frequent scrubbing. Enough every two weeks to walk normal facial scrub. If you have problems with the skin, it flakes and looks not aesthetically pleasing – it is a reason to visit a doctor.

Also don't forget to moisturize and nourish lips. With this task perfectly cope plain chapstick.

6. Remedy for eyelash growth

A good means for growth of eyelashes are quite expensive, but whether you believe the producers of cosmetic products? First you need to understand that the miracle did not happen. Even the most expensive means of light and short eyelashes will not make lush, long and dark.

Although an expert on the use of funds for the growth of eyelashes. They stimulate the hair follicles, the eyelashes are strengthened, better start to grow.

A similar effect can be obtained when using castor oil or burdock, which are several times cheaper than the advertised funds.

5. Cream with Botox

Manufacturers of creams Botox do not skimp on the promise. Besides, women when they hear the word "Botox", you begin to believe in miracles.

If wrinkles have already appeared, cream can't save you from them. You can adjust the appearance with surgery or other procedures.

To prevent wrinkles, you need every day to moisturize the skin. So buy yourself a good moisturizer, this is enough.

4. Funds from split ends

Now in stores a huge number of hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, balms, masks. Very popular among the girls are the means from split ends. They are usually applied to dry hair and do not wash off.

The use of such tools is, they moisturize the hair, nourish them, can prevent the appearance of split ends. The key word is "prevent". If your hair is already cut, the tool will not help. Only a haircut.

So do not expect that using a spray or oil to restore the beauty of hair. With proper care, these funds do not need. Shampoo, balsam and hair mask is more than enough.

3. A sunscreen with SPF more than 50

Every person tends to think "bigger is better". Such thoughts arise when buying sunscreen. There is no reason to buy the product with SPF more than 50.

Do not think that a product with SPF 100 protects twice as better than SPF 50. Dermatologists suggest to select the sunscreen depending on skin type, the best with SPF 30.

It is important not only to choose but to apply the cream. Save a cream, it is not necessary to do this.

2. Strips of black dots

To get rid of blackheads using strips. Everyone knows who watches television. That's only in the action of these strips is ineffective, moreover, they cause harm.

Black dots owe their existence to the accumulation of bacteria and excess sebum at the base of the hair follicle. Strips can remove surface contamination, but others will remain inside the skin.

Also they are not well affect the state of the skin, hurt her, deprived of the protective layer. Better on this money buy a good cleanser, in the fight with black dots it will be much more efficient.

1. Cellulite cream

Of course, this list includes anti cellulite cream. Women occasionally buy it (usually when getting ready for beach season), use it, see no effect, but the next year again waiting for the miracle of the precious bottles and bubbles.

The maximum that can make cellulite cream is to moisturize the top layer of skin. And to get rid of cellulite have to work hard: proper nutrition, exercise, water, massage.

Much more effective than salon treatments, however, and the price of their respective. So do not expect that the cream will help you cope with this problem.

In combination with massage it can be used. Although this role will suit any moisturizer for the body, which is in the purse of every woman.

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