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Top 10 girls that look like Barbie dolls


When the girl is extremely cute and adorable, it was said: "Like a doll". Such a comparison flatters any woman. Because, as a rule, all the dolls (if not to take into account pups in the last few days) very beautiful.

The most popularity has made the Barbie doll. For several decades it was called the best-selling toy. Other Barbie dolls have been a "grown-up" appearance. She was beautiful and slender, she had many outfits, husband, child, car and even a pink house.

Not surprisingly, soon Barbie became not only a toy, but a brand and as a pop idol. The girls have a new hobby, they wanted to be like Barbie.

Someone angelic face and slim figure got from nature, but most of torturing yourself with diets, did hair, applied makeup, but no step was not close to the ideal appearance of the pupa.

Most girls just drop this. Was among those that reached their goal. They turned to plastic surgeons, adjusted the face and figure.

How are people dolls now, you can learn from our article. Below are 10 girls that look like Barbie dolls.

10. Valeria Lukyanova (Ukraine)

Valery considered the most popular doll. She doesn't like being compared to Barbie, but suggestions on the "doll" takes. Although, if not for the appearance of Barbie, it is unlikely that the girl would be someone interesting.

Lukyanova claims to have made only one operation for breast augmentation. Few believe the words of beauty. It is too unnatural thin waist. Valeria says that the ideal shape is because of her. She doesn't eat meat, adheres to the raw food diet, and soon generally planning to eat only solar energy and air.

Due to its unusual appearance Valery very successful, she starred in the movies, taking part in photo shoots, also working as a DJ and conducts various seminars.

9. Alina Kovalevskaya (Ukraine)

No one was surprised even one Barbie appeared in Odessa. Alina herself admits that visited the exhibition of ball-jointed dolls, and it made a big impression on her.

The girl immediately increase hair, and bought magnifying lenses for eyes. She learned how to make "doll" makeup. And all the Barbie ready.

Kovalevskaya claims that would never have lain under the knife of a plastic surgeon, and her doll's appearance is a gift of nature. The girl has big eyes, plump lips and small nose.

The latter-day Barbie for some time, even chatted with Valeria Lukyanova, but then their paths diverged, the girls have a very different Outlook on life.

8. Victoria Wilde (Latvia)

Victoria decided on a radical change. She, too, became like a doll. However, detractors joke that "on the Barbie, and the rubber from the sex shop".

Indeed, the girl had too much plastic surgery. She increased the lips, changed the shape of the nose. Hardly anyone looks at her nose, because Victoria did her chest 8 size.

Wilde spent on the new appearance of about 2 million rubles. Money well spent, because now Victoria very often receives a tempting offer.

She works as a model. The girl said that once she was asked to pose for Playboy. Apparently natural modesty did not allow the doll to be decided on a candid photo shoot.

7. Julia VINS (Russia)

As soon not call this beautiful girl! "Barbie in the body of the Hulk", "Barbie with muscles Ken". The fact that the native of Kharkov, involved in powerlifting. The girl began bodybuilding at 15 years old, when she weighed only 48 kilograms. It was heavily bullied at school, she dreamed of becoming strong and confident. Well, this worked out well.

Muscles Yulia envy every first male, but she has the face of an angel. The girl is very similar to the doll. However, such a comparison for Yulia is not a compliment.

6. Lolita Richie (Turkmenistan)

Lolita Richie also claims that he never aspired to be like Barbie. However, she does doll makeup and puts pictures on the social network.

Perhaps in this way, the girl brings attention to his person. The fact that the activities of Lolita is quite specific. She teaches lucid dreaming and recognize the human aura.

Lolita never did plastic surgery doll figure and her face is from nature.

5. Anastasia Rescos (Russia)

Anastasia was born in St. Petersburg, her parents are very rich. The girl has the ability to make any appearance, and she decided to use it.

Rescos decided to become similar to Barbie. The young man from France supported favorite and began to copy Ken the benefit of his parents are not poor, unable to let his son spend. For two lovers spent 309 thousand dollars, that's 15 plastic surgeries.

But before Anastasia was a normal girl. It all started after her meeting with Quentin. Anastasia and her boyfriend is not going to stop there. In the future they plan to correct appearance and to change the names. However, relatives have long call them Barbie and Ken.

4. Anna Aslaug (Estonia)

Another muscular Barbie. Powerlifting Barbie calls herself Anna. That's the only difference from Julia Vince, Anna is unhappy with her results. Apparently, the girl wants to be like Barbie, but she does not succeed.

In 2017, Aslid famous. The girl said that she wants to commit suicide because of their shape. She called herself fat.

Anna don't worry, because in the United States has already released a Barbie doll with normal proportions. Now she can stick cellulite and stretch marks. So to approach the ideal will be much easier.

3. Ekaterina Koba (Belarus)

Did not escape the fate Barbie and Catherine. This girl is a successful model, presenter and blogger. She never did plastic surgeries, but with a doll it is compared because of the slender figure, white hair and sweet face.

The girl willingly shares the secrets of beauty and encourages women to use all the ways to keep your beauty. Koba admits that her own appearance she likes. By the way, the Belarusian Barbie has a son, who is 11 years old.

2. Hannah Gregory (UK)

Hannah considered herself unattractive. The girl was insecure, but when I entered College, everything changed. Someone told her that she looked like Barbie. Hannah took it as a guide to action. She bought a magnifying lens for eyes, learned how to do special makeup.

Now she looks just like Barbie. She has many fans and followers in Instagram. That's just your love Gregory never met. At the meeting people get scared or react inappropriately, but Hannah is not going to change their way. In it she feels comfortable. She hopes to meet her Ken.

1. Angelica Kenova (Russia)

Angelica childhood to be a doll. Her mother was crazy about Barbie and trying to make his daughter a doll. She did it.

The girl is very similar to Barbie, but her happiness is not brought. She's completely dependent and still living with his parents, who allowed her nothing. After a few years the girl will be 30, but she hasn't been in a serious relationship.

As for the exterior, Kenova her very happy. She considers herself perfection. The girl says that she has never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. But if you look at her old photos, you notice that previously, Angelica was not like Barbie.

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