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10 museums dedicated solely to mythical creatures


What museums are there in our time! And it is quite usual nature science, historical, art, etc. and not quite standard: for example, in Osaka (Japan) is the Museum of instant noodles; in Zagreb (Croatia) – Museum of divorces; in Kent (England) – Museum of dog collars; in Los Angeles (USA) – Museum of death the; in Curice (Germany) – Museum of lies, etc.

But for those who love a variety of mythical and mysterious creatures, like vampires, gnomes, fairies or ghosts now also open a lot of exhibitions, museums, galleries and similar institutions. We want to present you 10 of the most famous of them.

10. The national leprechaun Museum (The National Leprechaun Museum) (Dublin, Ireland)

If someone suddenly think that he is not aware of who the leprechauns, just remember it being small in stature, very similar to dwarves, they love gold, and so collect it and hide in secluded places (and to find the leprechaun's gold, according to legend, quite simply, it always indicates the end of the rainbow).

Leprechauns wear green chattaniki and hat-like cylinders. You've probably seen them (or rather, people dressed as these Irish folk characters), if ever, got to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The Irish still love leprechauns and the stories about them, and therefore devoted to these creatures the whole Museum. It opened in 2010 in Dublin and has a very detailed history not only leprechauns, but also the other characters of myths and legends of Ireland.

Many of the exhibits and attractions of this Museum based on optical illusions, allowing visitors to "see the world through the eyes of the leprechaun": for example, sit on a giant chair and a Cup of tea from a giant Cup.

9. Exhibition centre Loch ness (Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition) (Scotland)

But about Nessie, I think, heard everything. It is believed that the first mention of this mysterious monster (prehistoric ichthyosaur?) left won Britain, Roman legionaries, who was discovered on the shores of a Scottish Loch ness Celtic images of local animals, including a very strange "seal" giant size with a long neck and small head.

And already in the sixth century Saint Columba allegedly drove a very similar beast, drown in the lake of the residents of nearby villages. The reports that the Loch ness monster usual creepy (and sometimes more than one!) appeared in the XVIII and in the XIX century, but in the early XX century, the legend of Nessie has blossomed riotous color.

In 1932 the monster seen in the shallows of a miss MacDonald, in 1933 – Chet McKay, swims the lake by boat, Mr. Alexander Shaw, son, family Clement, miss Nora Simpson, etc., etc. but in 1934 a London doctor, Kenneth Wilson first photographed Nessie (and only 60 years later it turned out that the fake).

Since then, the monster trying to detect both local residents and tourists, and serious scientists with special equipment, but the search has not yet led to success. This long and complex history and is dedicated to Exhibition centre Loch ness.

8. Museum of the Man-Moth (The Mothman Museum) (point pleasant, West Virginia, USA)

In the second half of the 1960s, many residents of the town of point pleasant (West Virginia) claimed that they saw a strange flying monster, like a man with huge wings and glowing in the dark red eyes.

What it was: a mass hallucination, a hoax or some kind of strange (alien?) the creature actually took a fancy to the surrounding area point pleasant, it seems, will remain a mystery.

However, since the "Mothman" has become so popular in the US, he's written a book ("Prophecy of the Man-Moth" by John Keel), a film with Richard Gere (2001), dedicated to him a festival, etc.

Well, in point pleasant, of course, there is the Museum of the Man-Moth, which presents the documents about the surveillance monster, a prop from a movie about him, etc in front of the Museum stands a 3-meter statue of this creature.

7. Museum of the fairies (The Fairy Museum) (Sebastopol, CA, USA)

As you know, the Americans do love a variety of monsters, fantastic characters, supernatural beings, etc. (we once again see it and the other museums in our scores). Another Museum that we want to introduce you to dedicated much more cute creatures – fairies. They know in most countries of the world.

Usually it's crumbs the size of a human little finger, often playful or sarcastic. Fairies look like miniature and very beautiful girls possessing magical powers.

And of course in the Museum of the fairies, located in the Californian city of Sebastopol (Sebastopol), you can learn many details about their lives and habits, here are collected the most interesting mention of fairies in the myths and legends of different peoples. In addition, the gift shop at the Museum you will be able to buy "the pixie dust of pixie wings", various "magic" accessories, bells, etc.

6. Museum zombies from Monroville (The Monroeville Zombies) (Evans city, PA, USA)

If we talk about the most popular nowadays the monsters, then, without doubt, "the top rating" will be a zombie. Now they are literally no escape anywhere: they are in the movies and serials, and (of course!) in computer games.

And even popular book is Jane Austen's "Pride and prejudice" in 2009, survived the adaptation of the American writer, screenwriter and producer Seth Graham-Smith titled "Pride and prejudice and zombies" (which in 2016 made the film).

And began the modern "zombie epidemic" in 1978, after the release of the George Romero movie "dawn of the dead" which was filmed in Monroeville – Mall town of Evans city.

It is here now and is a zombie Museum where you can see the full history of the living dead in popular culture. Here are props from movies and TV shows, replica zombie in full growth, the "reconstruction" of scenes of zombie attacks on people etc. of course, the Museum has a large gift shop.

5. The Museum of mythical monsters (Mythical Monster Museum) (Waxahachie, TX, USA)

But the creators of the other (also American) Museum decided "not to waste", the exhibition devoted to certain mythical beings, and have gathered all the monsters under one roof.

If you want to see and the zombies, and werewolves and vampires and orcs and many other creatures – then you direct road in Waxahachie, Texas.

And if information about these monsters, presented in the Museum are too much, you will impress (or scare), the experienced experts (they are guides, they are also "the hunters of monsters") Daniel Raptus and miles crane is very detailed and will tell you how easier and safer just to kill something or other dangerous beast.

4. The international Museum of cryptozoology (International Cryptozoology Museum) (Portland, USA)

Another "atypical" Museum, located in the United States, the Museum of cryptozoology. Its founder Loren Coleman devoted his institution (as indeed is clear from its name) the most "elusive" creatures in the world.

Here you will find how the well-known Sasquatch, Godzilla, gremlins, a house-elf, Chupacabra, mermaid, giant squid, etc., and mythical creatures, rarely mentioned in books and on television.

By the way, the Museum presents once existed, but of extinct animals, which supposedly is somewhere to meet and so far (pterodactyl, mammoth, sabertooth tiger, etc.), as well as weird photos from the murky silhouettes of some obscure (otherworldly?) beings.

3. The vampire Museum (Le Musee de Vampires) (Paris, France)

Undoubtedly, the most popular immediately after of zombies in modern mass culture can be called vampires. About them also written a number of books, taken more than one hundred films and TV series, TV shows, etc.

And, of course, these very charismatic (thanks to their "cinematic" image) monsters, too, could not remain without its own Museum. A small private school dedicated to vampires (and very reminiscent of their interiors and lighting the crypt) in Paris.

This old mansion is only accessible by appointment, but if you were a real fan of the vampire theme, then it's worth it. There are all things to do with vampires, their life and habits, books, movies, photos, paintings, accessories etc. (and even a mummified cat).

2. The Museum of witchcraft (Museum of Witchcraft) (Boscastle, Cornwall, England)

Well, who-who, and witches-that's exactly worthy of a Museum! Because they believed long before all sorts of "people-moths", Chupacabra and the like "snow people."

And, by the way, feared them too much more, because it is still unclear, is it true there is, for example, a werewolf and a witch in the city is for sure – otherwise why sick neighbor's baby, milk turn sour more quickly than usual, and the hail smote all the harvest of grapes?

They say that in the XIX century in England the greatest number of witches lived in Cornwall (and this was going on the Sabbath of all witches in Britain). And it was "white" witches, and magical assistance to them was attended by people from all surrounding areas.

That's why the witch Museum and opened in most of these places in 1951, and in 1960 he settled in the village of Boscastle (Boscastle). The assurances of the keepers of the Museum of witchcraft, today here collected the biggest collection in the world of magical artifacts.

1. The Museum of ghosts and legends (Prague Ghosts and Legends Museum) (Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague is one of the most mystical cities in Europe: every Cathedral, historic mansion (so that there – almost every building older than 150-200 years!) here not only has any strange or scary stories, but, quite often, can boast its own Ghost.

Deceived this girl and pouring my ghostly tears at the pitiful fate and headless knights, and something agresive monks, and even the Turks who traded in the medieval Prague and have committed some terrible offenses.

These many ghosts (and the legends about them) and tried to bring together the creators of the very "atmospheric" the Prague Museum. It is located in the basement of the building, leading its history back to the XIV century.

Many interactive elements (lights, sounds, strange shadows, etc.) create in the Museum is a truly mystical and eerie surroundings, and the stories that will tell you the guides that will make you nervous and start to experience a feeling of cold "shivers" running down the skin.

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