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10 kinogeroi, which should not be


On the Internet circulates a lot of related kinogeroi, admire, wish to emulate and imitate. Many statements have been dismantled for quotes, but the fashionable images are still in trend. Someone of the characters were written off the books, and someone with real historical persons.

However, not every kinogeroya carries a positive message to the people and deserves to be remembered. Of course, there are antiheroine that cause at best conflicted and at worst rejection and antipathy.

About 10 of these ambiguous female characters in film today and we'll talk.

10. Masha Startseva

This character seems to be charming and attractive, but carries a cautionary lesson. You need to understand that too good girls fall in love with everyone in the neighborhood, including the bullies are future millionaires.

However, to love does not mean to be together, because at school age wild child prefer to "hang out" with the same crazy girls who are hiding a cigarette behind the school.

And in the future favorite bully still growing up and selects to wife the stupid painted doll, not you, honest. Perhaps it's because you are too unapproachable and closed, and occasionally "breaking my balls" elect. Who endure – it is better to do on the doll to get married.

9. Scarlett O'hara

The favorite of many girls and men are a handful, but adorable Scarlett, alas, is not a role model. Such a beautiful novel with the wise who know the life, patient and extremely loving man Butler... And how could you be so epic to ruin everything?

It seems to be smart, pretty, and hard worker, but still has a entrepreneurial spirit, but to deal with their own emotions was not.

Even the circumstances did not help a young girl to grow up and stop hurt to blow the sponge on every occasion. And this favorite thing to postpone all decisions for tomorrow. And remain all alone, all pull on the fragile shoulders, but with a hat.

8. Anastasia Yaguzhinskaya

Kinogeroya anything is not good teaching, is that the right way to go and flirt. It is enough to show in the display window velvet shoulder to a brave knight with a beautiful mustache appeared under the window.

It remains to hear the promises of marriage, luxury and travel. Listening to tales and naive blinking you will find yourself in the sad home on the marshland. Although there Nastya quickly found, again putting the shoulder in the box for the Midshipman.

The heroine is a destructive influence on young girls, showing how to use beauty to manipulate men. In the end, the whole youth and the best years can be spent on that which has not touched the soul.

7. Milady De Winter

Ah, this treacherous Milady, beautiful, but so treacherous. White lies for the sake of intrigue, malicious manipulation of a woman's heart and men's greed to body, murder.

My lady does not hesitate to move up the career ladder in the courtyard, taking in how the men from her swoon. Lady ruler of the destinies of the Royal person without a single emotion on her face, only pulling the charming curls.

Their machinations were branded with a tattoo of a Lily, indicating promiscuous fallen woman. And, of course, all ends not optimistic penalty.

6. Vivian

The didactic film is definitely worth attention, but learn from the main character in any case not worth it. Despite the happy ending, in life such a scenario turns for the worse.

You can't be licentious prostitute with a tearful, but a weak story, and then suddenly become first lady of a beautiful millionaire.

And it's not that you don't know how to behave in high society. And that just trying to eat a free lunch, not work, not improving the self, and certainly not trying to help the man she loves.

What makes Vivian in the film – only a problem to the guy, and even splitting it with a partner.

5. Nadia

Sweetheart Brylska of "twist of fate" played a great naive Nadia, which, however, is the real traitor. The question is, why to build relationships with biscuit Hippolytus so many years, if the soul needs romance and happiness?

Yes, and whom she chose interesting bridegroom, a drunken wino who lives with my mother for so many years? So what that he is a promising doctor (who is also killing your body), it does not change – a betrayal is a betrayal.

Very sorry that Nadia was unable to assess the reasonableness of the groom, and proved himself as a typical headstrong woman who doesn't know what he wants from life.

4. Rose

This kinogeroya will teach only the bad. For the sake of love, as it turned out, you can throw everything you lived for so many years: a labor of love, an excellent education, a good education and position in society.

True love really can exist in any environment, but will not force you to sacrifice something that is so close. Do not fall for deceptive romance – love does not tolerate victims!

And especially don't drop everything for a man who can not live without chanson, bundles semok and questionable turns of speech. So then let the chosen one is committed to the highest level to be with a decent woman.

3. Jane Eyre

Dreamy beauty has strong character and well-trained principles who, unfortunately, already outdated. And therefore it is necessary to send away Mr. Rochester with his unstable girlfriend. No, the last feeling quite confident. And here you are, young and fragile Jane, you patiently listen to her tantrums, while a legitimate spouse and the us will not lead.

2. The Princess from "Ordinary miracle"

The actress, who argues, quite pretty and looks like a real baby. Such Princess in life are a real headache daddy, which he seeks in haste to get rid of, giving the heiress married.

What to do when on hand eccentric daughter claims to be an enchanted bear? Princess, dying for love, ready doomed to similar sad existence and her chosen.

Peace of throwing, threats, shoots – all of this should accompany nastajia bright feelings? Or just the Princess – a little selfish?

1. Carrie Bradshaw

How many teenagers would get stuck at the screen, watching the show with an adult called "Sex in the city". The main character is in love with the man of her dreams, but he can't get his attention.

During the breaks she's hanging out with other holders, regularly buys designer clothes, a lot of drinking with friends in a cafe and talks about quite boring and immoral topics. And 40 kopecks wants to apply for a successful and self-confident "the man of her dreams". The question is, why is it him?

Look at kinogeroi – please. Learn from them – in any case, because in fact, the filmmakers exactly mirror images of frustrated women with a weak psyche and neuroses. Learn from the mistakes of others to avoid their own.

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