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10 funny stories from the life of actors, they love to tell their fans


Most of all we love actors and Actresses for their charismatic characters in our favorite movies with their participation. But they love us and as an independent personality, apart from art.

We follow the lives of actors, like their appearance and character, watch interviews with your favorite actors and constantly discovering many interesting facts about this or that idol.

They are pages in social networks, upload good photos, and they love to tell their fans with anecdotes from his own life. After all, they, like all people, often stuck in funny stories and share them with your fans.

10. Martin Freeman

Martin more than anything likes to eat chips. And the actor fears more than anything else to choke. According to Freeman, chips it absorbs so fast, that even no time to properly chew.

And then one day, Martin, as usual, devoured the chips with incredible power, as suddenly they are stuck in his throat. The actor began to gasp for air and frantically grasping for his throat. And all around were laughing and thought that Martin just kidding.

Barely he reached for the beer and drank it, and only stopped panting. After that, would be worth a stop to absorb the chips so fast, but the actor is still incredible greed consumes them.

9. Matt Damon

Matt loves to recall a funny incident from the zero years. Once he and his wife were walking through a deserted Park with a newborn daughter. In addition, the Park was only one married couple.

The man began to approach Matt, and Damon whispered to his wife: "These fans can't leave me." The man didn't speak English, he just began to give Matt the camera and gestures to ask for pictures.

Matt nodded, walked over to wife of a stranger, hugged him, and waited. Both in shock, stared at him. It turns out that none of them knew about Matt Damon and they just wanted to ask him to take a picture of the couple together in the Park.

The wife of Matt still jeering at him for the accident.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Reese was very surprised when on one of the talk shows learned that the speech of her character from legally Blonde got their hands on Sam Donald trump.

Fans of Reese edited the movie, where her character tells an inspiring speech, and parallel to trump says the same words to the graduates of the University.

It seems that the current US President was so fond of the movie that just borrowed out the words and put them in his parting words to the students. For Reese it was a big surprise!

7. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler loves to tell the fans stories from his childhood. Relationships Adam Sandler with his father in childhood was not very easy. Mom and the actor always got along, but dad sometimes had problems.

Parent future actor sometimes acted weird. For example, the father got a dog and named her, too, Adam. The actor recalls with a laugh that is often heard: Adam, here! and ran into the living room. But there is a disgruntled father told him: I called you, and a dog.

6. Maggie Smith

Maggie always recalls with pleasure the time when she played in the Saga of Harry Potter. Many fans still consider this role and the main landmark in the career of the actress. And strangers on the streets still call out to her, "Professor McGonagall!"

The actress loves to talk with his fans and take pictures with young fans of Harry Potter. It is very touched by the fact that many fans of Harry Potter come to her already with their children.

The funniest case was when Maggie came in the store a little and asked, "are you really a cat?"

5. Hugh Jackman

Almost 20 years Hugh Jackman regularly attended a gym and ate only right to look athletically in the role of Wolverine. But now the era of X-Men is over for Jackman, and all around excitedly ask, will it continue to keep themselves in the same form.

Happy Hugh said that did not miss the training and the boiled chicken. He's glad he can now relax and allow yourself to have everything that he wants. According to him, he never misses an athletic body.

But even more than Hugh, and his new way of life happy with his wife. She told the actor: Your conjugal duties as my husband is a disgusting look to be chubby and unhappy. So go do your duty and eat as many delicious and harmful.

4. Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield

One day when Reynolds was nominated for a Golden globe, he was sitting in the hall together with his wife Blake lively and Andrew Garfield. Andrew whispered to the actor: "If I win the nomination, all the cameras will hit you. Kiss me, everyone will be in shock!"

The award went not Reynolds but Gosling. But Garfield said, "don't worry, you can still kiss me!" And the laughter of lively actors kissed, which caused in the hall a real splash!

3. Emilia Clarke

Emilia is known for its reverent attitude and love for her fans. But most of all she loves her main fan own mother.

It seems that the mother of the actress too proud of the successes of his daughter, because once she put the daughter in an awkward and ridiculous position. Kat-that time Emilia had to go to contract to use her image for the merch product of Star wars.

The actress brought her mom and left her in the hallway of the building. When the girl left, mom seemed Emilia suspiciously silent and mysterious. A few days later, Clark arrived at the home to his parents, and saw that he was all filled up with pillows with her own image.

It turns out that while the daughter had signed the contract, mom ordered a bunch of pillows with her picture to give to all your relatives and friends. And Emilia is a proud mother handed on linen with Star wars, so now Clark is sleeping on the blanket with a huge image of his own face.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan ironically tells how dad and mom were forced to sell the cellophane. One day the whole family found an abandoned car full of cellophane, and then decided to capitalize on this. They dragged everything into the garage and told Ryan the next day to sell cellophane in school.

The parents had to sell cellophane ashamed, so they turned to his son. Ryan at first tried to hide the cellophane, but then resigned and began to convince classmates that the cellophane is a very good gift for parents and friends on any occasion. But somehow, nothing happened, and the cellophane is still kept from the parents of the actor in the garage.

1. Jude law and Robert Downey Jr.

Jude likes to tell fans the story of the time of the filming of the first Sherlock Holmes. Then he and Robert went everywhere together. Downey Jr., with an incredible sense of humor, constantly making fun of everyone.

Once they entered the room that housed the props for filming. Right in the center of the room a huge pile lying mannequins, which were intended for the role of corpses in the film.

Robert said that the mannequins do not like him and he's going to trample on them. He stepped on the hand of the dummy with all his strength, and he heard a terrible scream. It turns out that under a pile of rags asleep one of the doubles, and Downey Jr. nearly broke his hand.

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