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10 examples of how changing standards of female beauty over the past 100 years


Fashion ... Everyone treats her differently. Someone is trying to keep up with her, each season renews closet, corrects hair and learning new ways to apply makeup.

Others ignore the advice of styling and wearing the clothes that I bought a couple of years ago, their hair also remains unchanged, similar is the case with makeup.

That's only true fashionistas have to work hard to stay in trend. At least every decade, changing not only fashion clothes but also on the shape and even facial features. If yesterday was a popular girl with the parameters of "90-60-90", today they are already out of fashion.

Below is a ranking of how changing standards of female beauty over the past 100 years.

10. 1910: Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish

At the beginning of the last century were in fashion for tall women. The figure, which sought to each woman, "hourglass". Lush Breasts, slim waist and wide hips was an accomplishment for all women. Those whom nature has not given these forms, save the corset. But all was not so simple. For example, were considered pretty long neck, what did the winner of the short is unknown. Most likely, the last words cursed heredity.

Hairstyles wore lush, curled hair, pinned chignons. The most beautiful women in the world considered Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish. All the women wanted at least a bit like these Actresses.

9. 1920s: Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford

In the first few years of this decade, women are still "cool" curls, Quinceanera hairstyles was still popular. Big eyes also remained at the peak of popularity. However, at this time, fashion became a lot easier – the makeup has become an integral part of the image. Girls were not shy and enjoyed the shadows of unimaginable shades, bright lipsticks.

But the requirements for the female figure has changed dramatically. Now considered fashionable women with boyish shapes. Girl starved herself, tightened the chest to get closer to the standards of beauty. In the last few years of this decade, women's hairstyles have become more like men. In Vogue short haircuts.

8. 1930: Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow

Femininity is still defended their positions. Replaced the boyish figures came a feminine shape. But corsets were gradually losing their positions, women were refused them. They just wore tight outfits. Makeup was still popular, but has become a bit subtler, more restrained. Bright shadow replaced the eyeliner and red lipstick pink.

New trend eyebrows-strings that drew with a pencil, your eyebrows shaved women. Short haircuts were no longer relevant, fashion has returned to Hollywood waves. The ideal woman was Marlene Dietrich.

7. 1940s: Rita Hayworth and Ingrid Berman

The war has left its mark even on fashion. At that time, few people paid attention to it, and still had their standards of beauty. It was considered a beautiful woman with a strong sports figure. The way combat friends included natural hair (it was not stacking up), pink blush and lush lashes. This effect was achieved with makeup, without it could not do any woman, that is at least a little interested in fashion.

Spite of the war situation, are still valued elegance. The standards of beauty are considered Rita Hayworth and Ingrid Berman.

6. 1950s: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

Girls could again pay more attention to their appearance, after the war ended. Curvy has once again regained its position. Back into fashion styling, curls, updo. A real sex symbol of that time was Marilyn Monroe. Thanks to her, the pharmacy made a fortune by selling hydrogen peroxide.

Most women wanted to be blondes, but not everyone could risk discoloring your hair. So, women, tend not to experiment with your looks, followed the style of Audrey Hepburn. Ladies are not out on the street without makeup. Porcelain skin, bright lips, lush lashes – "signs" well-groomed woman of 50 years. Women to adorn themselves with painted flies, at that time it was considered wildly sexual.

5. 1960's: Twiggy and Elizabeth Taylor

British supermodel Twiggy was the idol for all women in the world. Standards of beauty are different. Now the ideal woman was supposed to be like a teenager, no more feminine forms. Girls showed off their thin arms and legs, in Vogue short dresses and skirts.

Beauties which nature has endowed curvaceous, had to sit on diets, but Twiggy it was far. According to the model, many girls began to choose short haircuts. Elizabeth Taylor also became the standard of beauty. She started to do makeup "cat's eye". In the purses of fashionistas appeared black pencils, and lipsticks, many of them began to refuse.

4. 1970: Jane Fonda and Debbie Harry

Fortunately, the obsession with thinness was soon replaced by a passion for sports patanatomy body. Girls become active in sports. At this time I first heard about aerobics. Of course, this does not mean that women ceased to care for themselves. On the contrary, they became more attentive to their health.

Cosmetics manufacturers responded to the new demands of women, in sale cream with sun filters. The most important standard 70's think natural. Beautiful body, simple styling, minimal make – up women did not put on yourself experiments, but looked fine.

3. 1980: Madonna and Princess Diana

In the 80 years of the cult of sports continued. Women also go crazy for aerobics. Weight has become a negative phenomenon. Girls honed their forms, and then happily showed them. The fashion was leggings, short skirts. Makeup was reminiscent of war paint: the shadows of unimaginable colors and shades, bright lipstick, blush. Hairstyles also amazed by their extravagance, a huge popular fleece.

The standard of beauty is Madonna. Even in the 80s not all blindly follow fashion. Some women chose to have a different ideal of beauty – Princess Diana. They look modest, but elegant.

2. 1990: Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer

In the 90-ies of the thinness again turned the minds of millions of girls. Everyone wanted to become a fashion supermodels such as Linda and Naomi. Girl again starving, again showed thin arms and legs. Lucky ladies made it to the podium, the rest could only dream of something like this and scare others with his strange appearance.

In Vogue negligence, "heroin chic". Frightening thinness, pale skin, missing the old striving fashionista 90s.

1. 2000: Gisele Bundchen and Britney Spears

In the 2000s, the girls rushed again to sports clubs. Fashion has returned to fit figure, every girl has dreamed of a beautiful press. Fashionable women wore short tops and low pants maximum, so the fat on the abdomen was considered bad form.

A lot of time devoted to sport, so the makeup is no one thought. Maximum – mascara and lip gloss. The standard of beauty became Gisele Bundchen. The youth was fond of the songs of Britney Spears. Of course, every fashionable girl tried to copy the image of a star.

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