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10 best movies with Michael Caine


Sir Michael Caine, the famous British actor, a record of which about 100 films. In the cinema he came in the late 50-ies and successfully removed today.

A handsome, charismatic English gentleman was nominated for the prestigious Oscar every decade since the 60s.

And let the films with his participation were not always successful, but his acting has always been a role model for all young artists.

We present 10 of the best films with the participation of Michael Caine.

10. The illusion of deception2016

These aren't your ordinary magicians. They are something much more, something that at first defy cold analysis or logical explanation.

The group, which includes four seemingly ordinary folks, not just entertains the crowd, and runs absolutely incredible and not very legal tricks.

They can in just a few seconds to pierce space and time to steal from the Paris Bank a few million. What is the secret of their unique capabilities? Mystery

9. Batman Begins2005

The film reveals the story of the heroic work of the renowned Batman. In the eyes of the young Bruce Wayne killed his parents.

For a long time, the future superhero felt guilty for their death, but to let him do it he never did. It was then that Bruce decided to devote his life to fighting criminals.

After a while the guy decides to travel to gain experience and understand how to restore justice in this cruel world

8. Kingsman: the Secret service2014

The Central character of the film, a young man named Eggsy. He has been serving in the marine corps. This is a very smart and erudite man who could achieve great heights, using their intellectual data in good intentions. But he decided to notice them a little differently and was on the path of crime.

Eggsy randomly encounters a man named Harry HART. Once Eggsy's father saved the life of Harry himself. Now he wants to firmly hold the Eggs. He decides to re-educate rogue and make him a genuinely decent person

7. The cider house rules1999

The film is set in USA during the Second world war. Homer from an early age lives in an orphanage. It has been adopted twice, but each time was returned back.

The Director of the orphanage, Dr. Wilbur Larch was practically for the boy called his father and saw him as a decent change himself. However, Larch abused and sometimes did illegal abortions, with great warmth and love for children without parental care.

Homer never finished high school, but learned the Director of the orphanage valuable midwifery skills and learned how to do abortions. However, the desire Larch to make a smart guy as his successor did not coincide with the desire of Homer to leave the orphanage and see the world

6. The beginning of2010

Dominic Cobb is a man with the ability not only to get into someone else's dream and learn all the secrets to sleeping, but to convince a person any idea. This is what the implementer wants a Japanese businessman, Saito, to destroy the Empire rival, which passed by inheritance to the management of his son.

Cobb gathers a team of assistants and organizes the thin multi-pass game in the subconscious of Robert Fischer, and the main threat in dreams for Cobb is his wife Like

5. Youth2015

Two old friend Fred and Mick spend the summer in a luxury hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred was once a popular composer and conductor, but now he's left his musical career in the past.

Mike is a well – known filmmaker. At the moment he's trying to finish the script for the film, which has become a kind of summary of all his creations.

Old age become heroes for a period of observation and reflection, when they finally had the chance leisurely to rethink their art, to speculate on the meaning of life.The characters are torn as well as their adult children, entangled in their problems.

His incredible energy Mick inspires aspiring screenwriters and Hollywood actor, who is also living in the hotel for new achievements. Unlike other's, Fred does not feel the boiling energy in his veins and did not seek to return to their profession. However, Her Majesty the Queen of England wishes just once to see him on the podium

4. Children of men2006

The film is set in the middle of the XXl century. Humanity is mired in anarchy, which arose as a result of total infertility. Over the planet under threat of complete human extinction.

Devoid of illusions bureaucrat becomes a champion race for survival in London, where there are continuous clan wars. This man is taken to protect the last hope of humanity, the pregnant woman must be transported to a safe place under the supervision of physicians...

3. The prestige2006

Robert and Alfred — magicians, who were fierce rivals. Over the years, their comic friendly competition turned into tough opposition. They were willing to do anything to find out each other secrets of incredible tricks to ensure the failure of a competitor.

The war for professional reasons broke out between two fanatics of the business, begins to threaten the lives of not only themselves but also to others

2. Game through1972

A successful author of detective novels sir Andrew Wyke invited me to visit Milo Tindle, his wife's lover. He comes to the luxurious mansion of the writer, where he received a very unexpected proposal.

Sir Andrew knows all about their affair, but he is willing to give freedom to his wife. But since she used to live in no way lacking, poor deceiver need to stage a robbery of the house Wikov.

Sir Andrew in this case can expect to receive large sums as insurance, and Milo sell the stolen goods and thus can provide a mistress worthy content. And writer, and a guest start to play clever games, each of which must necessarily lead to the victims

1. Interstellar2014

The world has become one big natural disaster, people have lost confidence in the future and their own security. The plan gradually begins to dominate the drought, which may cause a total food crisis. And if in the near future to find some solutions very soon humanity will be extinct.

In a difficult situation, the government begins a program to search for a safe environment. Scientists have developed a plan almost mad a very dangerous operation to rescue people

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