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10 oldest buildings in the world


The most ancient buildings on Earth, serve for the modern man the memory of those who erected many centuries ago.

Most of the buildings built of huge stone slabs, many of them located in areas which to date are not populated. Despite persistent research, they also determined only approximately.

Modern people looking at these buildings, only to wonder how in ancient times without the available tools it was possible to create such things.

Next, the article presents a list of the 10 most ancient buildings in the world, which help to know what life was like for people thousands of years ago.

10. Royal Grave (Sweden)

Royal Grave in Sweden, was discovered by archaeologist named Hallstrom Gustav during the excavations that were conducted since 1931. The structure is located 320 metres from the shores of the East coast of skåne.

The researchers suggest that the structure was erected in the bronze age, 3,000 years ago. After the discovery of the Royal tombs and the recovery of domestic space on its walls was seen a variety of images, for example, ships, birds, animals and fish.

9. Naveta des Tudons (Spain)

The tomb is located in the city of Minorca, which is located in Spain. Scientists believe that it is aged more than 3200 years. Used the structure for its intended purpose in the period between 1200 and 750 BC

Its quite interesting, apparently it looks like an inverted boat, the material for its construction was of stone blocks. Found the burial place was in 1975, century, it was discovered the remains of hundreds of people and their belongings, for example, bronze bracelets, buttons of ceramic.

Today the tomb can visit anyone, it is open and is one of the main attractions of Minorca.

8. The Treasury Of Atreus (Greece)

This place has another name – "Tomb of Agamemnon", it is located in the city of Mycenae in Greece. It is believed that the Treasury built more than 3250 years ago in the bronze age. It is one of the most impressive monuments of ancient architecture, has monumental dimensions. Earlier, the Treasury also had the biggest and widest dome among the greatest buildings in the world.

7. Karal (Peru)

Caral represents the oldest settlement in Peru. Its area was about 60 acres, it was built a large number of pyramids. People have inhabited the city for more than 4600 years ago.

During archaeological excavations, scientists have found a variety of musical instruments, ornaments of stone, everyday objects, but found no weapons. Because of this, the researchers felt that the city's population that lived there in the period from 2600 BC to 2000 BC was quite peaceful and was engaged in trade, not waging wars.

6. The Pyramid Of Djoser (Egypt)

The pyramid is the oldest surviving structure in the world of stone. She was built by Imhotep for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser around 2650 BC, the Height of buildings more than 60 meters, and the dimensions of 125*115 meters.

The pyramid is a six-building, which is perfectly preserved to our days, only slightly buried in the sand. It was the first pyramid in Ancient Egypt and served as a prototype for other buildings.

The core of the building consists of limestone blocks. The tomb was erected not only for Pharaoh, but for all of his family members, archaeologists discovered the burial chambers 11, the body of Djoser was found. The tomb was subjected to numerous robberies in ancient times.

5. Hulbjerg Jættestue (Denmark)

The tomb is located on the island of Langeland in Denmark. The building was erected more than 5,000 years ago, 13 stone blocks, which fit snugly to each other. During archaeological excavations in the tomb were found the remains of at least 400 people.

The interest of scientists caused the teeth of one of the buried, they were clearly treated. The level of the ancient "dentists" struck modern scholars as a filling in the tooth was stuck very well.

4. Newgrange (Ireland)

Newgrange is a corridor tomb, located in Ireland. Scholars date its origins in 2500 BC, Is the construction of approximately 40-45 km from Dublin. The construction height is over 13 metres and a diameter of about 85 meters. The burial chamber leads to a corridor with a length of 19 meters.

Inside the tomb was a ritual bowl, its walls were pierced with niches that are carved in stone, all that remained to our days. The structure was discovered in 1699, but his full-scale research began in 1962.

3. Monte dAccoddi (Italy)

The ancient temple is located on the territory of Sardinia, was built over 5,000 years ago. To the bronze age structure was abandoned, before that period, it served as a venue for religious rites.

During the Second World war the Church was severely damaged, with the 1950s he began to restored is currently the attraction that tourists can visit.

2. Knap of Howar (Scotland)

House of stone is in Scotland, his age is not less than 5500 years old, the building belongs to the Neolithic era. Considered one of the oldest stone houses in Northern Europe, which survived until our days.

The building was a farm, which consisted of two buildings adjacent to each other, he had low doorways, Windows, there was no light penetrated into the house through the smoke hole on the roof. To date from the stone manor house left wall, furniture stone, such as ovens, beds, and shelves for belongings.

1. Megalithic temples of Malta

The Maltese temples were erected not less than a thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids were built. Most monolithic stone slabs that make up the structure weighed more than 50 tons.

Researchers have still not solved the mystery of how it was built without special equipment. In the world of similar buildings never has been discovered, so scientists are unable to figure out what civilization built temples and where she'd gone.

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